Fragrance Free


◊ The Canadian Human Rights Commission Policy on Environmental Sensitivities and Medical Perspective

◊ The Truth About Fragrance Sensitivity

◊ How To Be Fragrance Free 

◊ LISTS of unscented/fragrance free personal care, cosmetic, laundry, and cleaning products  

◊ Model of workplace / community implementation (incl. PowerPoint presentation for increasing awareness): Bow Valley High School in AB is Scent Free

◊ From the Surrey Teachers' Association of the BC Teachers' Federation: 

◊ Accommodating Employees with Environmental Sensitivities: A Guide for the Workplace and Employee Awareness Kit

  • Workplace email signature (sample language for basic-level accommodations): 

***FRAGRANCE-FREE ZONE: Prior to visiting us, please do not use perfume, cologne/body spray, scented body wash, aftershave, fragranced hair products, scented lotions, etc. Thanks for your help with the air we share!***

◊ Respro masks

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