Sunday, 29 March 2015

Vote vote vote for little Amber

Who's that knocking at the door? If it's (YOU GUYS)
Let 'em in and sit 'em on a pin (SORRY SORRY), and we won't vote for Amber anymore
Shut the door forty-four, you're out! 

Okay but if you haven't yet, please go check out the shortlist for Arc Poetry Magazine's 2015 Poem of the Year where you can see my poem, "By the time he hit the floor" and vote for your pick to win the Readers' Choice Award. (Voting now closed—thanks everyone!!)

Okay, now the outfit talk: 

brown wool hat: Parkhurst Basque beret, from beloved Netty Vintage, worn here
plaid flannel shirt: Finley, Dillard's, 75% off sale (a.k.a. "Shoepocalypse")
sort-of obi / wrap belt: no-name, ebay
brown midi skirt: Worthington, thrifted, worn here
scarf: local discount / overstock store, worn here other-patterned-side out
red skipping shoes: Fluevog Modvogs Jen

And now we can totally see some awesome Grandmas with a jump rope:

Vecchie bastarde!
Signore di una certa età e a una certa maniera saltano con la corda.
Posted by Paolo Ruffini on Tuesday, 29 July 2014


I'll be taking my beret over to Judith's Style Crone for April's Hat Attack! And I'm done being bossy, promise. I have moved on to the deep ponderings of the universe: Why don't skipping / jump rope / clapping songs make much sense, Miss Mary Mack? And why don't I have any brown shoes? 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Horse I Rode In On

"Smell you later" indeed. So things have been kind of awful, thanks for asking. And you? It's so good to see you! I'm definitely ready to talk about outfits.

And also static cling situations. 

Before we do, some really fantastic news: my poem honouring my dad's telling of his dad's passing has been shortlisted for Arc Poetry Magazine's 2015 Poem of the Year (grand prize $5000, eep!) "By the time he hit the floor" is also about tobacco farming and bee-keeping, and there's a love story too. See it together with the other contenders—and vote for the Readers' Choice Award until March 30. Voting now closed. Thanks, all!

ridiculously '80s-tastic horse jacket: Crazy Cowgirl (Made in India), thrifted
burgundy enamel necklace: Tuleste, My Habit
black drawstring-waist midi dress: Joe Fresh, same one in olive green here
stretch-suede cowboy boots: Donald J. Pliner Soni, My Habit

Family photos of my poem's subjects are below the jump. I'm especially grateful to my father for his generous permission to write about his life. 

Coming up: more excellent-news updates on the Writings and Such page, and a page of Fragrance Free resources. (ETA: done and done!)

In the meantime, I'll see you over at Sheila's for Shoe Shine. Tell me everything I've missed!