Saturday, 8 March 2014

And I Quote

Well, if one had to choose any month to skip entirely, February 2014 would do. To quote the incredible Captain Awkward upon re-entry, 

Wendy Brandes posted about puffer coats today and was so awesome as to include my old favourite - I've spent ages and ages encased in this one or that one and I do I love them all but I am so tired of winter right now I can hardly bear to look at them. Oops, didn't take long for the whining to start, see what I have spared you during all this time away. As for words to be emphasized by air quotes, I think WendyB's swear rings would fit just right. 

vintage hat: Steiger's Importers, Netty Vintage
air quote mittens: Kate Spade, ebay
floral-quilted puffer coat with giant pointy collar: Mexx, retail c. 2002
green batwing sweater and necklace with finger-trap dingle-dangles: worn together here

The good news is that I'm in time to participate in Gracey's Literary Stylings at Fashion for Giants! The book my outfit references is The Punctuation Field by my very dear friend Elizabeth Zetlin. Liz - poet, artist, singer, gardener, film-maker, powerful witness / advocate for environment and social justice and arts, innovative thinker and wise woman who lives too far away from me. She was the inaugural Poet Laureate of Owen Sound and, for 9 years, Artistic Director of the annual Words Aloud festival. 

The Punctuation Field captures Liz's brilliance, sly humour, and depth commitment to multi-modal explorations of a concept. It documents her several-year process of transforming the abandoned rocky hayfield outside her writing studio into a living "punctuation field" earthworks with arrangements of symbols and marks initially cut into the grass then grown standing out of the earth using drought-resistant plantings. The physical, emotional, and mindful engagements with nature are followed by poems addressing "The Usual Suspects" and marks "New, Used, and Invented" - playful, emphatic, affectionate, weighty, unexpected, mysterious. Liz's entrance into so many of these works are evocative of dance: 

"& My buxom pretzel, twisted gift / of conjunction & connection, bum ..." 
"* You used to have seven arms, / seven tear drops shooting from the centre ..." 
": O double pinhead / dagger of colonization ..."

Beyond clever, always sure-footed, Liz leads us through and out with exquisite rhythm. Among my favourites are the dingbats, her waltzing tilde, and short prose piece "Grammar Lessons."

I am right down to the last hour to take my accent circonflexe / chapeau like so ô to Style Crone for Hat Attack. It came with a great lovely piece of veil and I must wear it again soon to share other angles and details. I've tucked the rest of the moaning about what's kept me away - so grim! so bleak! - below the jump like a grown-up, but there are also chickens, kitty, and skating to liven things up. Hope to be back to outfits before too long - thanks for reading! See you at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday