Sunday, 12 January 2014

Toughen Up

All this dress needed was for me to roll up its sleeves and find the right stuff to wear under, over, and with it. There!

floral shirtdress: Boden, worn here
twist-front pullover sweater: European Culture Knitwear, Yoox

olive green "snakeskin" elastic belt: Charming Charlie, worn here
proper vintage crinoline, hooray: Netty Vintage, worn here, here, and here
olive green suede wedge sneakers: Gianni Bini, Dillard's 75% off sale (a.k.a. Shoepocalypse), worn here

horseshoe nail necklace: The Occult Shop (Toronto, early '90s), worn here

For my fellow bloggers, I've been reading along faithfully but without brainpower to comment much - various logistics issues rippling out from winter storm / bitter cold reschedulings, a sick hen, and car repairs, together with extreme workload crunch have entirely used it up. Gone! Has equilibrium always been this tenuous? But know I'm sending love and appreciation, as always.

Fortunately, everything is reasonably okay at the moment, and I'm mining my trusty backlog of recent outfit photos so I can see y'all over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. I'm also hooking up with Spy Girl's 52 Pick-me-up: Pantone Party due to my wee bits of Cerulean and Blue Iris. Plus it's time for Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud

Big Henrietta is hanging in there like the champion she is, poor critter - she's come through egg yolk peritonitis before, and seems to have turned a good corner on her way out of the woods. Here she is being majestically affectionate last fall:

Think we have similar hairdos? You should see our handwriting.

I leave you with some fun chicken facts:
Go here for more of Big Hen and to meet our other ladies (and one gent). Our very best to your furred and feathered and scaled and spined beasties too! 


  1. What a fun way to style a floral dress! That twist front pullover is lovely and the wedge sneakers are a playful choice for footwear.

  2. We should all be as resilient as Henrietta - she's an Amazon goddess! And with all that crazy extreme weather in your part of the world, you're forgiven for putting blogging on a back burner. It's good to see you, though, with that beautiful dress. Blue roses! Stunning. I'm a little confused how you get into that twisted sweater...

    Oh, duh, over the head! Here I was thinking of it like a cardi.

  3. Oh what a fantastic dress....the roses are beautiful, you look amazing in it sweet.
    Happy happy new's always crazy this life thing, sometimes. Sorry I am the same, I have been reading but little commenting.
    But sending much love and hoping little miss hen is v

  4. Oh dear - hope your hen gets better! You look wonderful! I love this fifties style dress on you with its blue cabbage roses print. And the high heeled studded trainers toughen it up nicely. Know what you mean about comments - I've had to cut back on spending so much time on the internet out of necessity so my commenting is falling behind. Keep warm!

  5. Lovely dress, dear Amber. I love the pic with the chicken.
    Always glorious.
    Love and sunshine.

  6. What a great dress! I adore this olive sweater, such a interesting design. I haven't seen anything like this before. So cool with your shoes and colored tights. Hope your feather friend makes a full recovery.

    blue hue wonderland

  7. Eek, just did a big old comment which has gone... who knows where? (If it's gone to you, and this is a duplicate, then delete one for me, would you? Thanks, love!)
    Oh poor Miss Henrietta, I am wishing her a speedy recovery. And poor you, snowed under literally and figuratively. I feel your presence in the blogosphere, Amber (I really do!) but I like it even better when you have the space, energy and time to post and comment.
    Gorgeous big blowsy rosy frock with extra oomph from the petticoat, and who knew it would work so well with the wedge-heeled trainers? You did - clever thing! And the necklace is amazing. You have amazing jewellery. I may have said that before...
    Much love to you! xxxxx

  8. Love the dress, and the pic of you with Henrietta. So glad she's turning a corner toward health! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xoxo.

  9. Beautiful dress and although I'm not normally a fan of wedge sneakers, I do love those! What a cool cardi!

  10. What a unique sweater! Love the necklace, too.

  11. A style all of your own. I love to stop by to see your individuality. Each time I am left with a smile on my face. You have great style.
    Have a wonderful week,

  12. Oh, I love the print and color of this dress. I'd steal it from your closet if I knew where you lived. Aren't you glad you never told me?!

  13. Hahaha, similar hairdo's AND handwriting?!
    O, poor chook! I send healing vibes!
    I love love LOVE that frock, darling! It's totally glorious!

  14. I'm sending love and appreciation for those wedge sneakers! And for you too! Sometimes life puts us in a crunch, and it becomes difficult to do all that we want to accomplish. I'm in one of those spaces myself.

    Hoping that Henrietta soon returns to perfect health. And adore your dress with crinoline. Reminds me that spring will be here soon, I hope.

  15. I have missed your blogging presence, but my posts have been rather sparse as well, due to weather, dark and stormy conditions in my brain, and a stupid cold, so you have my sympathy, and my understanding. I didn't know that chickens were prone to so many illnesses - poor Henrietta! I hope the rest of January is kinder to both of you.

    Egads, I love everything about this outfit - the colours, the shapes, and even the wedges, which work incredibly well with the dress. I have felt very uninspired with regard to my outfits lately, so it's nice to see that some people are still pushing the creative envelope.

  16. I hope Henrietta's feeling better soon. Love how you've styled the dress...and that sweater is wonderful!

  17. Poor Henrietta, but she's lucky to have such a caring mom. And pretty one ... this is one of my favorite dresses on you! What a beauty. You and the dress! I envy how well your tiny figure takes to retro skirts.
    Hang in there ... everyone is just happy to see you in good health and in great form.

  18. Eee! Hello Henrietta!! Love your chickens.

    Also love your dress.

    I've been in the same boat with not-commenting. Still reading, but slow commenting.

  19. another fantastic dress! You have quite the collection!!!
    Love the little chickie!!! <3

  20. Hello dear one!! Yes, having the time and mental capacity to comment is a challenge! Hopefully we're all grownups here and totally get it. I love the '50's silhouette of this lovely dress; you wear it so well! Then of course, you turn it upside down with amazing spiky wedge sneakers and an extraordinary necklace. I hope this week has gone more smoothly for you, and that your lovely hen has rebounded, as well as your car.

    Love you much!! XXOO

  21. I just typed a comment only to have it disappear (I think). That's when the time and brainpower to comment really get stretched! Argh.

    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and I love you much!! There! XXOO

  22. love how you wear your dress with that petticoat extra swirl, such a pretty shape!, and love that subtle color combo, and your olive sneakers are perfectly matching!

  23. Your ensemble is worth a 3-fer. I love the color and print of the dress- with the added boon of that genius sweater wrappy thing. Added warmth without the bulk, a plus in my book. And the shoes! Sneaker wedges- yeah, you knew I'd love those right? Thank you for sharing and shining - YOU are a STAR.

  24. I really love looking at different fashion blogs online, but yours stands out! for one thing, the subdued colors of the background are easy on my eyes and, more importantly, your style is so individual and simply gorgeous!! you are a nonpareil!

  25. Thank you so much for your comment!
    I think you are a fabulous fashion diva as well!


  26. That`s a very pretty outfit.
    Love you happy outfit pictures.



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  28. Here's hoping that Henrietta is doing better by the time you read this. I just want to say that your amaze-ball dress with wedge sneakers makes me so happy. It's been tough-going lately, and it feels good to get out and say hello to some wonderful friends. You brighten my day, Amber.

  29. Hey lovely, how's Henrietta? (and how's you?)

  30. Missing you Amber! Hope all is well.

  31. Long time no hear, Amber. Hope all is okay with you.


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber