Sunday, 22 December 2013

Longest Night

Much gratitude for several recent blog mentions - I'm honoured to be linked to by Jean of Dross Into Gold, Suzanne Carillo Style Files, and Sally McGraw's Already Pretty. Thank you kindly! 

green scarf: Lupita's (Harlingen, TX), worn here
blue wool/synthetic blend turtleneck sweater with flared sleeves: Tommy Hilfiger Denim, local discount / overstock store
black tank top: Vanderbilt, Zellers, 7+ yrs. old
silk recycled sari skirt: Alchemy Eco-fashions, The Circle Game, worn here (another favourite outfit)
amazing bottle-green boots: Fluevog Radio Ard

I'm returning the favour by telling about three holiday-themed posts that I found especially moving for their focus on reverent connection rather than consumerism: 

vintage grey leather coat: Derbers Voco Leather-Fashions, Netty Vintage, worn in excellent light here

Apologies for these dark photos as we head into longer days. I felt quite festive in this outfit, exposing the skirt's nearly secret bits of blue and green. I'll say more about this latest celebratory footwear next time - better-lit pics are already lined up!

I wish my fellow North Americans safe passage through the storm. I awoke to a goodbye this morning: our beloved ancient plum tree, featured as it burst into glorious bloom in my own Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show post, collapsed under the weight of the ice.

With its heart cracked open and steaming yet, we wait for spring, harbouring a tiny bit of hope that it may still sprout from the centre and someday spread again.


  1. Lookin' good, buddy. And it's always great to see you blogging. Winter is part of the cycle of life.

  2. Ahh so sorry about your tree, and yes it may come back. We thought we'd lost a wonderful old orange tree in the hurricanes of 2004, but half of it lived and rejuvenated, gold old tree. Your outfit is beautiful, I love the greens. Now the days will get "longer" and the light will be easier. xoxo

  3. That there can be such beauty in such devastation says something, although I know not what. Maybe the nature of all things...
    Meanwhile you look so snuggled up warm and festive at the same time in those rich colors and fabrics. Thank you for the honorable mention too.

  4. Oh what a gorgeous precious different materials, I want to touch it ... real a festive outfit.
    And the workroom in the background is very interesting to me, every time ...
    Mourning the plum tree, yes, these do not live forever. I was wearing in autumn 2012 again very many fruits, such as a special parting gift ... he was not green again in the spring ... and a cherry tree I lost last summer in the storm -
    Have a great time with the holy nights (in german are called "Rauhnächte", don't know how translate - )

  5. And thank you for mentioning / linkig :-)

  6. Oh, your poor tree - it looks like it's bleeding! Sounds like a fierce storm. Hopefully your tree was your only casualty.

    Your outfit is lovely and bright and luscious, and I hope your Christmas will be the same!

  7. Oh, I grieve for your tree! I even see little red bits at its core. I wish you could put this in a cast and sling. And to think it met its demise from water... Soon the criminal will melt away.
    To happier topics, I really love your colours together, especially the vividness that shows up in your collage with all the teeny patterns and the breadth of sheens. There is a wonderful playfulness between the luxuriance of the skirt fabric and the sense of apron functionality I feel with the side tie. Love it all. Hope you have a great break, Amber.

  8. Oh dear, how sad about your lovely tree. So much snow! I do hope it may yet survive and grow again.
    I love all the colours and textures and layers of your outfit, Amber, and I am intrigued by the promise of the story of the fabulous green boots! xxxx

  9. How beautiful and sad. I have hope for your dear tree. And I love your cozy outfit. Your skirt. Your skirt!!!!!

  10. Your writing is so poignant and alive. Hoping that the crack in the heart of your beloved plum tree will let the light in, like happens with our own hearts when they have been broken. And that it will greet you once again in the spring.

    I love the darkened photos, Dear One. You and your lovely layered colors shine through, as the sun does on The Solstice.

  11. I am so sorry about the demise of your beloved tree - we are reminded about the power of Mother Nature when something has been standing strong for so many years can be felled in an instant by frozen water. Hopefully it will rise again in the Spring.

    I love the rich saturated colours of your outfit. The drapey skirt is a dream, and I want to see more of those boots. I'm sending wishes for a warm and happy Christmas to you and Beary!

  12. Oh this tree looks so devastated. How sad, we get this kind of ice here but it's been a while. It's almost worse than high winds.
    You look festive in the lovely outfit. The drape of the skirt is so pretty and worn with the colors feels warm and inviting. I have enjoyed your posts this year and look forward to seeing what you do next year!

    blue hue wonderland

  13. Great look and an inspirational hair. I've bleached my hair too much (it actually Went off) and thinking of a solution ...

  14. I love the wrap a round bit on your skirt, and your lovely chrismassy colours!
    Ooo, that storm was dreadful! We're whinging about continual rain down here, I suppose we should shut it!
    I am always in awe of your amazing Fluevogs...gagging for any story to do with them!
    Your hair is looking rather splendid......
    Happy Holidays, my lovely! XXX

  15. Fabulous and inspiring always, dear Amber.
    Slowly back to normal in our new home. Still so much to do.
    Merry Christmas and the best New year everrrrrrrr

  16. Your boots are supremely gorgeous, but I'm so so sorry about your tree!

  17. I'm savoring this outfit. It seems a little more undone and hippie-ish, in a way. I'm hugely enamoured of too-longish bell sleeves, so you got me there. Then the hip wrap action on the skirt, another fave. The colorfulness, with the added bits from the skirt, add to the bohemian pleasure. The scarf is perfect and I'm saving dessert for last, in the form of boots. May I have seconds please?

    The images of the tree are beautiful, although sad. I hope it's able to find a way to survive. We have a flowering tree that toppled over and ended up rooting from a part of the trunk that touched the ground. It's wonderfully peculiar.

    Much love to you and Beary, plus the rest of your family. Here's to a good New Year for all of us, everywhere. XXXOOO

  18. ohhh, poor dear tree, it's really heartbreaking!, best wishes for a spring reborn!
    Love all the subtle shades and textures and layers you've created, the pretty red brocade, the green scarf and the fabulous boots!, they seem übercomfy!
    besos & feliz año

  19. Oh no! Sorry, Amber, missed this post over the holidays. So sad about your tree, but lovely outfit.


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- Amber