Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Always Greener

Hi ho, hi ho … or after the last couple posts, I should maybe say ho hum, ho hum with this regular work outfit. But it's perfectly comfortable and serviceable, it'll do!

green scarf: Lupita's (Harlingen, TX), worn here
corduroy blazer: Urban Behaviour, thrifted for ~$2, couple of years ago
black leather obi belt: Elizabeth Kelly London, etsy, worn here
shark-bite hem tank top: Bellini, Winners, and
black / ivory sofa-print skirt: Triangle, Winners (7+ years ago) also worn together here (3rd outfit, with red obi)

In the early 2000s, the Winners dressing room was my natural habitat. I thought the Winners store built last spring in the next town over could be a trap, so I avoided it for months. The one time I went there (in my ongoing search for a new office wall clock) was so dismal that it laid my worry to rest. Same as the vast majority of regular retail these days - low quality, high homogeneity, zero interest. 

jointed leaf necklace: Tradewinds (local shop), worn here
all the lint: blogger's own
green Slap watch: Cactus Flower
silver OM bracelet: Lollapalooza vendor, early '90s
leather and silver "hands" bracelet: AGO, precious gift 1994, replaced 2005
rubber O-ring
green-soled shoes:
Arche Gayal, worn here for twirling and a goodbye to a sweet hen

Fortunately, the clothes I already have will last me a long, long, long time.
And now, to the grindstone! Which is always, always the paperwork and never, ever the people. Perhaps it's good that I have neither windows nor clock to watch.


  1. Very beautiful and specially with the green scarf and clock... - theleaf-necklace and the silver OM-bracelet are my absolute favorites.

  2. I am so with you on the paperwork being the dreaded aspect! You outfit is anything but ho-hum, though and the grass-green scarf is a yummy addition. Love the Arche booties too. xo

  3. I love how that sweater looks with the obi belt, and creates the angled line over the skirt. Those Arche shoes are fabulous too.

  4. To you it may be comfortable and serviceable, but you still look sooo much more stylish than 90% of the other working stiffs ;) I used to get excited about going to Winners, but haven't found anything there in ages, except the odd thing in the gourmet food section. The stuff is all the same, and so much cheap polyester; I would rather go to Value Village.

  5. Lovely outfit, ver elegant!
    I really like the green soles on the shoes, it's one of those unexpected details that works really well <3

  6. I love those shoes! I used to be a huge fan of Winners, but it's so boring now. I still have a few things from my past shopping trip (a couple of Calvin Klein dresses, a pair or two of shoes), but you're right, it's all the same plastic mall crap.

    Hope you are doing well, Amber! Great to see you. A very happy holidays to you and Beary and all the hens.

  7. Your "drab" work outfit just blows me away. I love the elegant layering and draping!

  8. O, yes, regular retail never fails to disappoint! I can't remember the last time I looked at anything but underwear in a new retail enviroment.....
    Now, you may consider this a drab outfit, but it's totally classy! Dressing for work is frequently a chore, I find. I try to be organised, but some days it's just the tried and true, and that's all that makes it feel drab, I think!

  9. Love the outfit, Amber, it's not in the least ho hum! Look how neatly you have topped and tailed it with green scarf/green heels, and linked up a leaf necklace with a green watch. So effortlessly stylish, you are! (Don't know why I cam over a bit Yoda there...)
    Winners? Is that like a TKMaxx-type of shop? We have the latter here, but I must confess that apart from occasionally looking for gifts, I rarely go in.
    Grindstones... I'm not convinced they are good for the soul, Amber. Paperwork, ugh! xxxx

  10. Gorgeous outfit.
    The green details on your shoes and accessories are really cute.


  11. This is not the kind of comfortable and serviceable outfit I usually associate with that phrase - anything but. You look fantastic, as always, love your flair. I see you're wearing a slap watch and rubber. Hm. I think for Christmas you need a reciprocating saw so you can cut a window or skylight in your office. That's just inhumane!! And an industrial-strength paper shredder. And lots of booze for beforehand so you can tell the judge, "I'm innocent, Your Honour. I was too drunk to know what I was doing at the time." Failing all that, perhaps an articulated periscope so you can at least direct your gaze to the outdoors indirectly.

  12. Yeah, like Melanie said!! After the beginning verbiage I was expecting something really bland. Instead I saw a wonderful black/white print accented with green, one of my most favorite combinations ever!! Plus those shoes?!! Green trim?! Puhleeze. :-) I AM sorry about the drudgery of paperwork. That sounds like an assignment in hell, sort of Sysiphusian, if there is such a word. You know what I mean though. I love all your arm candy as usual, too. XXXXXOOOOO

  13. You couldn't possibly be 'ho hum!' Your ensemble is very elegant, and love the touches of green. I'm lusting after your shoes, as usual.

    I remember the days of endless paperwork. And the people - grand. As you so eloquently state.

  14. Amber, your outfits are never ho hum!

  15. Ah! Winners! i go for the shoes, thights, socks - The rest ya! boring-
    You don't look ho hum - you are very elegant in this outfit -


  16. I just love this outfit - a delicious mix of gothic and baroque! Just marvelling also at the dramatic photos of the destruction of your plum tree by the weight of ice - strangely beautiful images. I hope it does spring new shoots to come back. Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year x


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- Amber