Friday, 1 November 2013

Scary Every Day

It sometimes surprises folks that I'm not much of a costume person. I am, however, generally festive, and also scary every day. 

hat: no label, Burlington Coat Factory, worn here
scarf: Charming Charlie, worn here
sweater: Nurture, Dillard's, worn here
blue glass bead necklace: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), worn here
vintage floral dress: Nu-Mode Toronto Canada, Netty Vintage $5 dress rack
blue ankle-strap wedges: Melissa Toffee Apple, ebay, worn here

antique orange amber bracelet: a gift from my mother, worn here
the chocolate milk bangle: Netty Vintage, thought I wore it here and here
but apparently not - though I should have!
go see: the awesome way Megan Mae recently styled up these same shoes

The best of this dress's many excellent features are its puffed sleeves, a.k.a. "weener fenders" (h/t Man Repeller, language NSFW) - their rather tremendous amplitude created by secret stuffed shoulder ruffles underneath the gathers. Brilliant! I've already worn it with orange suede shoes as well, but these jelly wedges rock for rainy days. 

I didn't mean to take such a long blogging break - many, many thanks for not kicking me off your blogrolls in the meantime, and for all the kind comments and messages checking in. I've got a bunch of other outfits photographed, but by way of saying hello, what I had on yesterday hit the most blog-link-up-Bingo squares: 

I will see you at Style Crone for Hat Attack, Spy Girl for 52 Pick-up: Paint It Black, Mis Papelicos for Share-in-Style: Orange / Halloween, and Not Dead Yet Style for the upcoming Visible Monday. Hooray! 

If you somehow didn't get enough Halloween action, my FAVOURITE-favourite costumes are Val's Old Bat and Pearl's Princess & the Pea; there is even more mayhem and hilarity, and probably candy, at Ally's Halloween Party

Together with this "hello" post comes a farewell: the beloved Netty Vintage has closed its storefront as its proprietor, dear Jacqueline, prepares to welcome her baby this month. 

Besides creating a uniquely beautiful shopping destination in an area where such things are scarce, and being an amazing supportive presence in the community and building connections among other local businesses and organizations, Jacqueline let me prance around her shop in my favourite white feather dandelion-pouf hat while layering batwing jackets over batwing dresses and developing a special march for times of wearing gauchos. 

Fortunately, Netty Vintage lives on via etsy, facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - and I have a stockpile of Netty treasures yet to post here. Congratulations and best wishes to Jacqueline, Will and their little one! 


  1. Nice to see you back, all fab and flouncy in your puffed sleeves and jelly shoes. I am so sorry to hear that Netty Vintage (at least the store part) is no more - I would have loved to have paid a visit as you found so many wonderful things there.

    I am not a huge fan of Halloween either (yesterday's costume came from an all too rare spark of inspiration) and people are surprised at that, because I enjoy dressing up on a daily basis. They don't understand that it's not the same thing, and I have been turned off of Halloween by all the 20-somethings in their "sexy kitty/pirate/cop/witch/nurse etc." outfits. Val's "Old Bat" outfit is genius!

  2. You are not even a teensy eensy weensy bit scary.

    you always have the best shoes in the world, and the most beautiful attires.
    Thank you soooooooooooooo much for joining.

  4. Amber! So nice to see you again! And thank you for the lovely link and compliment. I forgot about Ally's party - I wonder if I'm too late to send a pic.

    You are not scary - unless you want to be. But I think the only scary thing about you is how unfailing you are in putting together wonderful textures, colors and patterns (and remembering that you have all these things somewhere in your bottomless closet)!

  5. Beautiful and colorful!! So happy to see you. XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. I love the blue accents in this, and had a huge laugh at the ruffles under the puffed shoulders - I've had tops like that! Lovely to see you - gorgeous as always!

  7. It's so great to see you again! and looking fabulously colorful and gorgeous. I have to admit, I don't know what "weener fenders" means so I'm going to the Urban Dictionary : >

    1. Thanks, Patti!!! I don't think it's a term in wide usage (yet) though I can't fathom why - try the Man Repeller link, it's from a couple of years back but so vivid that I recall having to lie on the floor with cracking up, I was crying and couldn't breathe:

  8. Hurray! So great to see you back again. I always enjoy seeing your unique take on style.

  9. Hurray! So great to see you back again. I always enjoy seeing your unique take on style.

  10. Yes, there's definitely candy at my party! Thanks for the mention. And you made me laugh out loud at your intro. (I actually laughed, so you deserve that phrase being spelled out and not truncated.)

    You're looking good here. I worry about you when you're absent for a long stretch.

  11. Aww I for one will never kick you off my blog roll ha ha! I think we all have times when we really can't fit in as many blog duties as we would like. I am very honoured to be in your top picks, I do love a costume but have managed to work Halloween outfits from my regular clothes two years running now. Will stop by Val and Ally now xx

  12. Very cool outfit. I love that hat.

  13. Amber! I am SOOOO delighted to see you!
    Yeah, I considered kicking you off my blog roll, but you're so bloody scary, I didn't dare...
    Ha, as IF!
    Orange and pink are a favourite combination of mine, so I am loving that flouncy floozie of a frock with its bold shoulders. They don't scare me either! The hat is adorable, the amber bracelet is stunning, and you look quite, quite beautiful.
    What a shame about Netty Vintage, but at least they have shut up shop for a good and happy reason.
    Did I mention I am glad you're back? Well, I AM! xxxx

  14. Wow, the dress is amazing, and it was $5, a bargain. I would love to see it with the orange shoes. I am glad you are back, I wish I could see you in the " white feather dandelion-pouf hat while layering batwing jackets over batwing dresses and developing a special march for times of wearing gauchos". :-)

  15. Wow, the dress is amazing, and it was $5, a bargain. I would love to see it with the orange shoes. I am glad you are back, I wish I could see you in the " white feather dandelion-pouf hat while layering batwing jackets over batwing dresses and developing a special march for times of wearing gauchos". :-)

  16. Hello Amber! So good to hear from you! As soon as I found your comments sitting in my inbox I rushed over here hoping you had posted something. LOVE the dress! Wonderful floral print and bold blue accents and I love that hat on you. I hope you are well - I too didn't mean to take such a long break but I'm just in one of those phases where I have so much going on it is impossible to get online at all some days. Glad to see you back xx

  17. I'm not much of a costume person either.

  18. O, I love this outfit! It's the dashes of turquoise that really do it for me!
    I don;t do costume much, but I do love it. G's family were always into dressing up for fancy dress do's, but mine never was...I've grown to love it under G's influence! I just need to make a few more costumes!!!
    So happy to see you again!

  19. These pictures make me happy! It is so good to SEE you. Your description of your sleeves made me giggle, but you look quite lovely and relatively

    You should also know I am insanely jealous of peeps who can go into Burlington Coat Factory, or any store, and buy hats. However, I do adore my hat-wearing friends :)

    Much love,

  20. Amber--I really love your background in your photos! And of course ,your outfits too~
    I'm really drawn to those shoes.....xoxo

  21. There is black and then there is black with color -- great interpretation of my theme! Thanks for linking up!

  22. You look own the room! Love those blue shoes...and the hat!

  23. Estoy impresionado, eres realmente maravillosa, me encanta el estampado, el corte del vestido, los accesorios, el sombrero y sobretodo los tacos. Que buen look. Gracias por compartir. Te dejo muchos abrazos desde

  24. So happy to see you out and about. You look quite fetching and not at all scary. Lovely accents, as always. Sad that your friend has closed her brick and morter, but good that she'll be on line for you.
    Have a cozy, healthy week, Amber. I'd be so happy if you stopped by!

  25. So so glad to see you back!! And happy to see the jelly shoes styled in a new way! They are surprisingly lovely for rainy days. I also lovelovelove your hat. I keep meaning to become more of a hat person, but hats, like scarves, serve almost only as weather protection for me.

  26. So happy to see you again. Oh I do like this outfit. Brilliant with the sweater, hat and scarf. Feels like the rest of the world can flow by, you are your own person and you own this style. I adore your unique and refined style Amber!

    blue hue wonderland

  27. I was so excited to see your gorgeous face with hat pop up on Hat Attack. Thank you for linking up.

    I'm also thrilled to see you back in blog land. It's just not the same here without you and your clever, stylish ways. Your vintage floral dress with beautiful blue wedges announce that "Amber's in the house!" Applause!

  28. Shall we waltz around the barn - I am so happy to see you again. I noticed the shoe synchronicity with Megan Mae immediately. Jelly feet. Dreamy. I'm scary too. Always, all ways. I'm sorry to say you don't look scary, rather, very magnificent. It's a good thing we don't wear our hearts on our weener fenders or people would know what we're talking about. You've probably seen Helga's Hell-oween tribute, be sure you do if you haven't.

  29. The color mash-up works so well, yet one would think baby blue, orange, black and friends would not look as chic as it does. I love the blue jelly shoes and the playful print. I am impressed that one ensemble can link up to so many great blog events!

  30. Amazing from head to toe!

  31. You look fabulous in that dress with the aqua and orange blingage!!

  32. That first photo is great, the whole outfit makes it look like you've just come from a different decade :D

  33. You look wonderfully festive, but not at all scary my dear! That dress is beautiful and you look marvellous in that jaunty hat.


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- Amber