Friday, 29 November 2013

Level Best

Here I go, hurrying to catch up my backlog of outfit photos to the actual weather with more layers! I've had this beautifully-made vintage vest-dress since last spring and I'm still figuring out just the right things to wear with it. 

brown vintage blouse: handmade, Netty Vintage
blue vintage vest-dress: Monteselli Original by Primrose of Toronto / Reflets de Couture Francaise, Netty Vintage
brown midi skirt: Worthington, thrifted
blue shoes: Fluevog Prepare Guide, worn here

watch: Swiss Army Cavalry, beloved gift (1994)
the chocolate milk bangle: Netty Vintage, worn here
rectangular ring: consignment, worn here
long blue vintage handbag: Netty Vintage

I think I'd need a mini skirt and little square-heeled loafers for a more historically accurate look. Or, you know, wear it buttoned all the way and never sit down or bend over. And even though I started with the outfit rather than the movie, I'm calling this outfit good enough to link up with Sacramento's Share-in-Style at Mis Papelicos because it reminds me of the ensembles in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

With that inspiration, and given how challenging it is to hold a loooong handbag level for outfit photos, I'm sure I can fit more hypnosis, tantrums, musical numbers, and past lives into my day. The Share-in-Style theme is Movies, and I bow deeply to the awesomeness already there - you must go see the Travelling Yellow Skirt have a Snow White adventure and remember Some Kind of Wonderful! And! And! And! The incomparable Desiree does Little Edie!!!

I will also see y'all over at Spy Girl for 52 Pick-me-up, where we're doing the Blue Hues. No fudging there, unless you count having some delicious chocolate brown in the mix. Mmm! Wishing everyone full bellies, and only the excellent kind of blues.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

And On This Farm

Brr, how the weather's changed! The hens awoke to January-ish temps of -12 C / 10 F with a wind chill of -18 C / 0 F and are huddled together with their feather suits poofed to basketball-size for maximum warmth. Though I don't have a feather suit myself, nowadays I'd be wearing this stylized-feather-and-floral print dress with a sweater or jacket. I figured it was high time to post some outfits so Butane Anvil can at least sort of stay in season. 

If you're curious what kinds of care chickens need in winter, see Terry Golson of HenCam's post here. Terry also just did a 10-post series on her collection of vintage aprons - gorgeous! I could almost reconsider my default at-home gear of old concert t-shirts and ratty pajamas.

dress: Leota, My Habit
wrap belt: 
thrifted at the The Kitty Cat Store, worn here
old shorty cowboy boots: WalM*rt men's section clearance, worn here

Further to time marching on, I realize I haven't shown you the chickens since they were teeny-tiny day-old peepers, here. And now they are grown-up ladies: 

If y'all would like to meet them, I'll introduce you below the jump, and tell about the latest addition to the farm. Keep cosy, everyone!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Scary Every Day

It sometimes surprises folks that I'm not much of a costume person. I am, however, generally festive, and also scary every day. 

hat: no label, Burlington Coat Factory, worn here
scarf: Charming Charlie, worn here
sweater: Nurture, Dillard's, worn here
blue glass bead necklace: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), worn here
vintage floral dress: Nu-Mode Toronto Canada, Netty Vintage $5 dress rack
blue ankle-strap wedges: Melissa Toffee Apple, ebay, worn here

antique orange amber bracelet: a gift from my mother, worn here
the chocolate milk bangle: Netty Vintage, thought I wore it here and here
but apparently not - though I should have!
go see: the awesome way Megan Mae recently styled up these same shoes

The best of this dress's many excellent features are its puffed sleeves, a.k.a. "weener fenders" (h/t Man Repeller, language NSFW) - their rather tremendous amplitude created by secret stuffed shoulder ruffles underneath the gathers. Brilliant! I've already worn it with orange suede shoes as well, but these jelly wedges rock for rainy days. 

I didn't mean to take such a long blogging break - many, many thanks for not kicking me off your blogrolls in the meantime, and for all the kind comments and messages checking in. I've got a bunch of other outfits photographed, but by way of saying hello, what I had on yesterday hit the most blog-link-up-Bingo squares: 

I will see you at Style Crone for Hat Attack, Spy Girl for 52 Pick-up: Paint It Black, Mis Papelicos for Share-in-Style: Orange / Halloween, and Not Dead Yet Style for the upcoming Visible Monday. Hooray! 

If you somehow didn't get enough Halloween action, my FAVOURITE-favourite costumes are Val's Old Bat and Pearl's Princess & the Pea; there is even more mayhem and hilarity, and probably candy, at Ally's Halloween Party

Together with this "hello" post comes a farewell: the beloved Netty Vintage has closed its storefront as its proprietor, dear Jacqueline, prepares to welcome her baby this month. 

Besides creating a uniquely beautiful shopping destination in an area where such things are scarce, and being an amazing supportive presence in the community and building connections among other local businesses and organizations, Jacqueline let me prance around her shop in my favourite white feather dandelion-pouf hat while layering batwing jackets over batwing dresses and developing a special march for times of wearing gauchos. 

Fortunately, Netty Vintage lives on via etsy, facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest - and I have a stockpile of Netty treasures yet to post here. Congratulations and best wishes to Jacqueline, Will and their little one!