Sunday, 4 August 2013

You're Giving Me A Hat Attack

Better late than never to everything: together with some of my favourite bloggers, I'm so glad to be part of Judith's inaugural Hat Attack link-up at Style Crone. (Now I will be able to stop singing Olivia Newton-John with a Boston accent - right?) In other hat news, in the city of Utrecht, Dutch artists adorned surveillance cameras with party hats to celebrate George Orwell's 110th birthday. All of the above is as awesome as it sounds.

grey felt hat: Fair Weather Accessories, Burlington Coat Factory
polka dot scarf: local discount store, worn reverse side out here
blue glass and wood necklace and bracelet: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), worn here
grey-brown t-shirt: WalM*rt, worn here
grey striped vest: Dynamite, thrifted, worn here

rectangular ring: consignment, worn here
vintage brown polyester pleated maxi skirt: La Dear Canada, Netty Vintage
grey motorcycle boots: Zodiac, Dillard's (75% off sale a.k.a. Shoepocalypse), worn here

I was relieved for the spell of cooler weather we had back in June, which meant I could pile on all the accessories at once to give folks lots to look at other than my raw blotchy self. Though at the time it was dramatically sad in person, the situation is mercifully barely visible in photos. Amid all of the medical poking and prodding, I was reminded of the fun fact that even my insides like to be decorated: I am the proud host of an accessory spleen

A quick search of spleen symbolism reveals associations with snake (consuming prey larger than oneself - such an accurate reflection of my appetite), yin, earth, stable substrate, getting everything done while doing nothing (well, one can hope), fluid balance using ditches rather than dams, and the processes of transformation and transportation. 

On the other hand, spleen is also connected to melancholy, fear, agony, malaise, moral degradation, destruction of the spirit, and ill-temper. A ticket straight to grouchy-pants-town, a place I was clearly headed on a different day I wore this skirt in June: 

black heart flip flops: Vivienne Westwood + Melissa, ebay

Further to themes of accessories, guts, and celebration - but sticking firmly to the brighter side - I'm also going over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday!


  1. Amber, your grey felt hat with the added felt applique is priceless. Loved visiting the surveillance camera hat party, yes, it was hilarious.

  2. I love that grey pleated skirt and love all the shades, textures and prints in grey you've worn with it. Was reading on your wikipedia about your accessory spleen - is that what causes the blotchiness? I've heard similiar things about these related moods with that of the spleen. Have you ever been to a see a Chinese doctor? - they are big into the symbolism of the spleen.

    1. Thanks for your kindness, V! As far as we know, my accessory spleen is just sitting there looking fancy, as they do unless there's a specific spleen issue. :) You're right though that TCM could be a useful approach to get my organs and systems playing as a team again, the trick is finding a practitioner that I both can work well with and have the capacity to travel to.

  3. Beautiful pleated skirt and your accessories give these outfit such flair! I especially like your heart sandals.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. I LOVE how that pleated maxi skirt looks on you, Amber - and that you have worn it with grey and black. I wouldn't have done thought to do that (which just goes to show how little I know about anything...)
    Your hat is a gorgeous example, I love the flower detail. I always love the details in your outfits, that collage has me smiling and drooling at the same time (not pretty.)
    Oh spleens, pesky buggers. Splenetic - ill-tempered and irritable. That describes me perfectly, but I would hazard a guess that it isn't you at all. You are clearly managing your accessory spleen with great style and aplomb. Of course you are!
    So happy you are blogging again, Amber; wishing you well, my dear. xxxxx

  5. An accessory spleen? Did the first one commit a crime? If it's any consolation, I have a redundant and tortuous colon. I think the only thing that symbolizes is the need for fiber.

    Moving on, I love the vest - collars like that are so swag! And the necklace makes a perfect statement in that neckline, holding its own against the lovely scarf. And I didn't even mention the hat! Wonderful little surprise at the back.

  6. Pleat-sisters! You look lovely, and all your *fashion* accessories are fabulous - I cannot comment on the accessory spleen, although I am sorry if it's giving you any grief. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday. xox

  7. Fascinating. Reading that list was like reading any of my zodiacs (earth snake, earth sign capricorn). Wonder what my own spleen is up to. Of course, I'm usually more concerned with chemical balance in my brain.

    You're looking lovely as always, that skirt is so gorgeous. It reminds me of japanese hakama or some sort of sharp armor skirting.

  8. I love this skirt and hat! Actually, the whole outfit! Nice to see you Amber. xo

  9. A beautiful hat, Amber! Thank you for the close up, which really did give me a Hat Attack. Thank you so much for linking up and for sharing the surveillance cameras with party hats, which put a smile on my face. Hats in any way, shape or form tend to do that.

    Gorgeous ensemble! Love the flow of the pleated maxi skirt and I adore the black heart flip flops by Vivienne Westwood.

    I hope that your accessory spleen keeps quiet and that you continue to feel better. I have missed your creativity and spirit!

  10. I had to research accessory spleens right away. So glad you mention above that it's only there for show and occasional transportation to Grouchy Pants Town (laugh). I hope you got a return ticket back from there. You look so splendid in the June photo that I'd never have suspected you'd been away.
    I love your hat and this outfit. You remind me of a gangster moll with room for a heater under that tremendous accordion pleat. (Wanna hear some music wise guys? Amber growled.)The wood and beads together are wonderful.
    I think the party hats on cameras is brilliant. When I was at art school someone mounted mirrors just above all the cameras and monitors in the school's public areas.

  11. "I wouldn't have done thought"? Who wrote that? I must have been taken over by a Southern drawl for a moment there... xxx

  12. Love the outfit--The skirt is FANTASTIC and the hat is adorable!!

    hoping your accessory spllen behaves itself and you heal up quickly!!

    I've moved here from wordpress:

  13. So glad you were able to make it to the party! There's a bunch of us wearing black hats - we could start a "Black Hat Society" which I think would be way more fun than red hats as it sounds like an excuse for bad behaviour;) Love the surprise detail at the back of your hat, and all your fab jewellery. I had never heard of an "Accessory Spleen", but I guess if anyone was going to have one, it would be you, the accessory queen!

    I think the surveillance cameras should be outfitted with hats appropriate to every holiday,

  14. I don't think I can adequately express how much I love your color combinations and the lines of your outfit. I'm so glad that you're returned, and thanks for teaching me that other things, such as organs, can be "accessory."

    A few sports injuries taught me I have accessory naviculars, ossicles floating around my heels, and a missing cervical vertebrae. (none of which were connected to the injuries.) I feel like my body is a special limited edition with little details just for me.

  15. Clearly, you demonstrate we are not just the sum of our organs. Now, I DO think of you in conjunction with the *accessory* part. You certainly have a flair for those, and the lovely hat is no exception.
    Pleats ... lots of pleats to be seen on Vis Mon this week!
    Hope your health continues to improve, and you look lovely even with your extra bit of spleen.

  16. Love the menswear vest with the statement necklace.

  17. Grey and turquoise is an unsung hero color combo. You look spleen-did!

  18. What a fabulous hat, and I love that pleated skirt on you. Showing much grit and humour in the face of that pesky accessory spleen. Onwards and upwards (and happy 110th birthday to George Orwell!), be kind to your recuperating self.

  19. Hello Dear One! I wish we could perambulate together. Your outfit reminds me a little of the early 20th century. We could stroll arm in arm as the occasional "machine" rolls by. I love stylistic nods to that era. Your accessorizing is sublime as always. I hope the splenetic one doen't cause you any discomfort. Seeing you makes me happy. :-)

  20. Hello Dear One! I wish we could perambulate together. Your outfit reminds me a little of the early 20th century. We could stroll arm in arm as the occasional "machine" rolls by. I love stylistic nods to that era. Your accessorizing is sublime as always. I hope the splenetic one doen't cause you any discomfort. Seeing you makes me happy. :-)

  21. You look like a Time Traveler, which is amaze-balls in my book :)

    Love ya,


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