Saturday, 17 August 2013

Two Left Feet

I've been wearing my blue glass bead necklace and bracelet a lot this summer, often along with these Melissa Toffee Apple wedges. Here are a couple of outfits from back in June which also feature shorts.

blue glass and wood necklace and bracelet: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), worn here
tunic: TRF T-Shirt Collection, thrifted, worn here
together with same tank top: Smart Set and silk obi belt: ebay
cargo shorts: BC Clothing, "borrowed" from Beary
blue ankle-strap wedges: Melissa Toffee Apple, ebay

Acquiring these shoes was a bit of a hilarious process - I initially received a left shoe in the correct size (UK 8) and a right shoe which was comically smaller (UK 4). Fortunately, the very responsive seller had good in-stock availability and offered to send me both corresponding shoes.

Because I had a feeling, this is what I said: "Thanks for your response. I look forward to receiving the other shoe(s) as soon as possible - I ask that care be taken to send the correct 'other' as despite what some may say about me, I don't literally have two left feet. :) I appreciate your taking quick action to address the situation." They assured me that they could see from my photos it was a RIGHT shoe I needed - but I bet you can guess what happened, can't you.

Luckily, they kept being really nice about the whole thing and were able to send two rights in my size, so I ended up with a backup and a wee pair to send to my friend Megan Mae. Yay! (Check out her awesome wedge stylings here and here.) Our contrasting shoe sizes are pretty sweet, eh?

sleeveless trench coat dress thingy: Cynthia Rowley, Marshall's, worn here (with pics showing all of its previous outfits)
gear-print top: Snazzie, defunct local shop, worn here
red shorts: Reitman's, thrifted, worn here
goes-with-everything striped scarf: Lupita's (Harlingen, TX), worn here

I finally got around to wearing the sleeveless trench coat dress thingy with more colour, red in particular, which made me happy. The Melissa wedges made it a perfect outfit for a mild rainy day - speaking of things that make me happy, dry feet and un-wrecked shoes are on the list too.

I just noticed that August 14 was my one-year blog-o-versary - thank you all so much for reading and becoming friends! With post #100 also imminent, I'm soon due to rustle up a little retrospective in celebration. An extra thank-you to folks who've been along the whole time, and to those who recently went over to read my tobacco farming poems and see old family photos at Numéro Cinq - your extra time and generous feedback means so much to me. 

I'm very glad to be feeling better than I was during my time-of-feeling-lousier-than-usual when I took these outfit photos. Because life is such that we are sometimes visibly beyond tired, I'll be joining the crew over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. See y'all there!


  1. those blue shoes really are amazing

  2. The word charming comes to mind. This post feels light and chatty, with funny stories and colorful clothes. It's a pleasure to join you as you share pretty things: blue jewelry, lovely prints, amazing bracelets, and great shoes, plus seeing how you style shorts adds a delightful note of insouciance.

    Lovely to feel you feeling better!! XXOO

  3. Oh, I love the blue set of jewelry and shoes so much! Just lovely. What a hilariously inept handling of your shoe purchase, but glad it worked out to everyone's benefit in the end.

    The sleeveless coat outfit is my favourite - the red and blue are amazing with it.

  4. Melissa Toffee Apple Wedges is so much fun to say. Not to mention that they are very cute and have a good story to go with them. Obi? oh Boy! Looking fab as usual. So happy you're feeling better.

  5. That shoe story is hilarious! Good thing you finally got them in the right size and combination of left and right! They are very funky shoes. I love the obi belt on your top - from the close up of that gorgeous print it looks like genuine kimino silk. Love the way you've reworked the armless trench coat.

  6. Very special and pretty shoes. The belt is adorable and I want to take this opportunity to write to you seems like such a genuinely kind person.

  7. I love the colors of your closet palette so much.

    May I ask the search terms you used to find your obi? I just acquired a kimono so I am in the market! :D

    1. Hi Aya - I just searched for "obi belt" and did a-lot-a-lot of scrolling - HTH!

  8. What fun outfits. The red shorts are terrific. You put together interesting ensembles that stretch my (fashion) mind.

  9. The shoes are really really cool!
    I'm happy you have the right shoes now :-)
    And I bet Megan is happy with the shoes too.


  10. The jewellery is so pretty but it's that INCREDIBLE obi belt that has got me so excited! Wow it's such a gorgeous belt! You look wonderful in shorts dear Amber.

  11. Amber, you have such a unique way of styling clothes. Very delightful to see you, your choices and your amazing zapatos. :-) xoxoxo

  12. Love the shoe story! Your feeling proved true, but everyone hung in there is a most cordial manner : > Your obi belt is simply splendid and I like the look of you in shorts! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  13. Those wedges and obi belt are making my morning!!!
    Can't believe they managed to send you two right feet!!! All's well that ends well, however!
    Shorts! Perfectly Summery!

  14. I adore my pair of wedges and am so grateful for them!! I only wish I could deploy them more often. Your outfits have definitely opened my eyes to different ways to wear them, I hope I can get a couple more wears in before it gets too chilly.

  15. The blue shoes have the most amazing peep toe and well worth the wait to receive the correct size for both feet. And a pair for Megan too! They perfectly ground your creative ensembles. The silk obi belt is a stunner and I love that you borrowed Beary's shorts for this post. Doesn't get better than that.

    Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary! Your voice and your style inspire and delight with each and every post!

  16. What a funny story about the shoes, they were worth it i guess!
    Love your styling!
    Happy 1!


  17. The wedges are awesome, but I'm really swooning over that tunic and obi belt combo!!!

  18. The shoes are fab and I like the color. The sleeveless tunic is super cool, I want that in my closet! Great mix with the shorts and I like the red, blue, neutral combination. This is one spirited and happy post. Have a great week!

    blue hue wonderland

  19. ARGH ordering shoes online is a pain. I had a tribulation recently when ordering some sneakers on behalf of a friend... I had to send them back twice before we managed to get the correct size- the problem being that they have weird manufacturer sizes that don't make much sense... Anyway, all of that was worth it because the shoes are great, love that powder blue! I have them in velvet green and they're pretty comfy!
    I also love the obi belt- how pretty is that pattern?
    Congrats on your blogversary!

  20. I am enjoying seeing you enjoying so much wonderful COLOUR, Amber! Reds and blues, funky shoes, a beautiful obi, cool shorts, beautiful beads, love love love!
    How funny about the shoes - your patience was rewarded in the end, and how sweet to give the spare teeny pair to Megan.
    Congratulations on your first blogging anniversary - may there be many more.
    Loved your photos and writing (forgot to say...) I had no idea you had such an illustrious writing career running alongside everything else you do! Superwoman, that's you! xxxxx

  21. Happy Blogiversary!!
    Those shoes are so amazing they NEEDED shorts to show them off!! i love both of your outfit--this is how to wear shorts--

  22. Happy Blogging Birthday! I can't believe it's only been a year, as it seems like I've known you for longer than that. It's been such a pleasure having you in my blog life, and real life too.

    I don't wear shorts very often primarily because I can't seem to style them very well. These outfits are both very inspiring, with cool layering, especially the sleeveless trench over the red shorts. I remember the story about the shoes, and I'm glad that it ended with having an extra pair for Megan. I wish I could wear some of the other Melissa styles besides the heart flipflop sandal.

  23. All wonderful, all amazing as usual, but I'm quite taken with your very beautiful trench-vest ... great with your shorts! I'm so longing for Asian patterns this year and see so few. Your blouse and obi are super together. And mustn't leave out the very stylish rain-wedges. Or rain-platforms? Congratulations on your blog-o-versary! It's been a treat to meet you and the posts have been inspirational without exception.
    Sorry to hear you are still sometimes feeling less than great. Hope you have a complete recovery very soon.

  24. I LOVE the blue shoes. Funny about the size mishap! I got some shoes from eBay earlier this year and they came with two left shoes! It would be perfect for a bad dancer with two left feet. The seller couldn't find the missing right, so he refunded my money and told me to just throw the shoes out!

  25. I love those Mel shoes. :) You look lovely


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- Amber