Sunday, 11 August 2013


Fruitane Bananvil here, deeking in last-minute to Tutti Frutti week of 52 Pick-me-up over at Anne's Spy Girl. I've never played slots (just learned they're also called "fruit machines") but generating this post called up embedded imagery from cultural consciousness. I'd likely be more inclined to have a go if one could win a jackpot of accessories:

vintage oversized silver beads: a gift from my mother, worn here
red belt with giant grommets: thrifted, worn here
super yellow clogs of tremendous fug: Fluevog Ask Response
faux coral necklace: a gift from my mother, Lupita's (Harlingen, TX), worn here
red leather belt with silver conchos: Netty Vintage
toy-like red clogs of tremendous fug:
Swedish Hasbeens Strong Lady T-Strap

I'm already working out my next combo for this dress - these blue clogs, belt TBD, and borrowing my mom's big necklace of little fruits that she just showed me yesterday. With even my internal organs sporting decorative bits, no wonder I'm driven to accessorize like I mean it. Inside and out, through-and-through - I was made this way, can't help it! 

ultra-vivid floral dress: Leota New York, My Habit
(L) black-edged blue silk scarf: Netty Vintage
(R) turquoise rose scarf: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), worn here
vintage crinoline: Netty Vintage

The dress is even brighter than it appeared online, it is way-comfy and has kept me and everyone else in the building alert on a few long work days already. Overall of quite nice quality, it doesn't gape, and has enough fabric in the skirt to allow for a crinoline (with the red clogs outfit on the right) but a wonky hem, grr. Part of the gamble of steep-discount internet shopping.

one-armed bandit: the blogger pretending

For years I've had a heck of a time finding walkable sandals - anything I've seen in person is grotty, and since my giant feet are apparently oddly-shaped for sandal footbeds, or makers just don't translate sandals into larger sizes very well, I hesitate to order online. I love my Canada, but we really need some free-shipping-free-returns action here, I'm not paying just to try things on. Besides almost everything d'Orsay cut, my fit issues seem to be with sandals only - as y'all have seen, I don't have nearly enough trouble fitting into all kinds of other shoes and boots. But it's clogs to the rescue!

With both these pairs, I applied my usual strategy of waiting several seasons a.k.a. forever for last-pair and clearance pricing. Since I do not care one iota about things being "this year's" or "the latest" or "on-trend" (shudder!!!), well worth it - right out of the box into perfect comfort for over-long days, hooray! A FAVOURITE-favourite surprise feature of the red ones, which, unfortunately, I don't believe will persist beyond breaking-in, is sound. I'm going around looking deceptively cheerful, all the while accompanied by a fabulously ominous soundtrack:

I was just saying to Megan that I'm sometimes grateful for my odd combinations of long bits, short bits, and giant feet, because if more clothes and shoes fit acceptably, my closet would burst even more dramatically than it already is. Ka-blam! I am also taking my eye-searingly visible, creepily creaky, and extremely wakeful self over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday!


  1. Amber, you look so beautiful in all that color! And those yellow clogs, WOW! I want them. :-)

  2. Ha! You could use your creaking clogs as a SCARY CREAKING sound effect! I've been eying some sale clogs too, but it's the same company that made my torture clogs, so I need to go try them on at a local shop. Which means the purchase probably won't happen, because the shop is on Abbot Kinney in Venice, a HOTBED of hipsters and difficult parking. Your red clogs are great! Exactly the sort of thing I seek!
    I saw your headline under your then still loading link on Visible Monday and was hoping you'd join us fruitarians over at 52 Pick-me-up. And lo, my inbox indicated that, yes indeed you did! Yay! Thanks!

  3. I love your red shoes. Love the necklace, and enjoy seeing you all colorful and cheery. Xxoo

  4. the yellow *and* the reds are both divine, and I love the crinolined dress. I also adore the idea of a slot machine that pays in accessories -- we'd have a following for that one : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  5. Love the vibrancy of the colours in this print - you look so pretty in this stunner of a dress and all your wonderful accessories!
    Loved your poetry by the way - will be revisiting to read more of your fascinating family history. My great grandmother grew tabacco crops - something I know very little about, so your poetry was moving in more ways to me than just the evocative imagery your words conveyed.

  6. Accessory fruit machines (personally, always called them that, though I don't play at them) should so be a thing, and I think you've definitely got the base for them. I love how you've paired these colourful accessories with the dress. It could have looked over cluttered, but it looks eclectic and beautiful. I especially like the scarf and red shoes.

  7. Gosh, so many possibilities with a dress like that! Isn't it fun how you can change the mood by the belt, shoes and necklace you choose. My favorite is the scarf and oversized silver beads.

    I have two pairs of Clarks sandals that squeak, but I've still worn them almost to death. My most comfortable sandals are Doc Marten's, which I got at Wally Mart, of all places. I'm not sure if Doc still makes sandals, but they've been the most comfortable and longest wearing ones I've ever had. But I always try shoes on. I just can't imagine buying shoes online.

  8. That's my favourite movie of all time (your shoes)! Bananvil? Laugh. You're on a roll here. You touched a nerve here with Canada Post - I think they are solely responsible for our sluggish economy. That's right. I've said it. Grrr. They are why I almost NEVER shop online. You are brave indeed to do so.
    You are gorgeous! I love all your colour. It just makes me happy. Your idea about having slots that dispense prizes other than cash is brilliant.

  9. I love clogs! Have many pairs but not as cute as these sandals! Love the bright dress too and the brighter the better! xoxo

  10. That's a great dress. Color is nature's gift to us.

  11. I too love clogs and often find that sandals rub my feet the wrong way, hence too many flip-flops. Can't believe that the dress is even brighter in person.

  12. So bright for you! I love it and think you look amazing in all this colour. I have a tough time with sandals too; most of them rub me somewhere. I absolutely must try them on first.

  13. that red necklace is so cool, such an adorable outfit

  14. At times I am grateful that my large, bunion-enhanced feet are so hard to fit, or I would have to have a separate room just for my shoes. I am lusting after those red Hasbeens clogs though. Your dress is like a bag of skittles that just exploded - Fruitane Bananvil indeed!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that exuberant gorgeous dress!! and i adore both ways you've styled it!!

    I'm part of the big foot club, too!!

  16. Oh my, I have a soft spot for red shoes and your red clogs are divine!!! Can I steal them off you? I think that red is one of my favourite colours anyway and that may be why I am drawn to all the red accessories in this post - the coral necklace is beautiful...
    You're looking lovely as always!

  17. O, I'd be all over fruit machines if I could win a jackpot of accessories! I'll make do with admiring yours!
    Love the red shoes best, and the frock with the crinoline is scrummy! Indeed, a bright frock does keep all and sundry perky! XXX

  18. I remember wearing crinolines every day when growing up in the 50's. Thanks for the memories!

    A beautiful and colorful dress, and the shoes are divine, as usual. I don't think I've ever seen such amazing clogs. Leave it to you and your 'ominous soundtrack.'

  19. Lol! Creaky clogs! That dress is incredibly amazing. It will lend itself to all sorts of pairings. Congrats on the clog finds!! When I discovered success with Naot, I promptly wound up with four pairs.

  20. You look like you're feeling much better, and that's the best thing. So glad to see it! But that happy dress is a close second, 'cause you're looking lovely in it. Your feet don't look out of proportion, so they're clearly exactly the right size. Looking like a cool evening after a hot summer day.

  21. Oh yes, I like the image of fruit machines spewing forth necklaces and brooches and bangles and earrings and hair flowers, before squeezing out a shoe or two. How fabulous! Almost as fabulous as you in that bright and beautiful frock, and those wonderful red Hasbeens. I need chunky sandals too, can't do narrow and delicate, cos my feet certainly aren't!
    Are you feeling better? You look and sound brighter. Stay well, stay colourfully gorgeous, dear Amber! xxxx

  22. I'm digging the big bold necklaces!

  23. Gosh those necklaces, those shoes and belts, you're a modern day Carmen Miranda with impeccable and such artistic taste! Bright colour suits you beautifully, my dear, it's such a pleasure to see you looking so radiant with colour.

  24. I love the word "grotty" for some reason :o Even if it is grotty.

    Which you never are. I think you are so photogenic and a fashion genius. All your bits look amazing together to me :)

    Much love,

  25. I love all the colors and I covet your clogs!


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