Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Easy Being Green

Thank you for all the tremendously kind comments, messages, and well-wishings during this time of being less able to accomplish as much as I'd prefer. I know many of us experience this, when work and self-care (and / or other-care, and / or second-shift-for-the-sick tasks) must necessarily take up larger parts of the pie, and I appreciate not being alone in the particular frustration!

green scarf: a gift from my mother, Lupita's (Harlingen, TX)
sort-of polka dot dress: Connected Apparel, Ross
shoes: Fidji, worn here

So, shoulder pads: I didn't immediately yank them out of this dress, and what an odd sensation after all these years. I kept touching, poking, and squeezing them all day with a sort of affection mixed with unsureness, and never managed to resolve my ambivalence. Reminiscent of puberty.

Have you been noticing more new garments with shoulder pads lately? With either new or not-new stuff, are you taking them out or leaving them at the moment? Might they be starting to look less weird again? Thoughts on whether they work here? 

shoulder pad factor: 5.5 (they were way huger in the 80's)
blotchy rash factor: 4.5 (down from 8.75, yay!)

See, not so glum as all that, just weary!

I am sneaking in at the bottom of Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday, where I understand our gracious hostess and a lot of y'all are also being green-ish.

Upcoming, I'm excited too for Judith the Style Crone's Hat Attack, and Gracey's Literary Stylings at Fashion for Giants - fingers crossed that I may yet master this "shorter posts" business so I can get around a bit more. I miss you guys!


  1. Very pretty dress and I love those shoes so much!

  2. There you are, my lovely friend, how good it is to see you! I am hoping that the rash factor, and the weariness quotient, both continue to reduce, leaving you with more energy and space for blogging. Because to be entirely selfish about it, I've missed you!
    Now, to the dress. Great colours, great print! Love the gathered detail at the front. I don't buy anything new, so I hadn't realised shoulder pads were making a reappearance. I don't mind them actually, I think they can give a really good line, and if you think of them in a 1940s Mildred Pierce sort of way, it diverts the mind from Dallas and Dynasty. In fact, in the long shots, I wouldn't have known the dress had shoulder pads, you can only really tell in the close up. So they are fine with me, and you can prod and squeeze with ambivalent curiosity to your heart's content! Or remove them, your call!
    Always excellent accessories, Amber, love your leaf.
    Take care, my dear. xxxxxx

    1. Thank you, dear Curtise! I don't go into regular retail spaces enough to be able to tell whether something's an anomaly or a"thing" now, lol! xoxoxo

  3. I like a small shoulder pad in a structured garment; I don't think a stretchy dress like this really requires them.

    Lovely dress, however! and even more lovely to see you, Amber!

    1. You know, I think that's exactly what felt so weird! Garment type. Thanks, Sheila!!!

  4. Amber-glad to hear you are feeling better!!
    The dress is adorable and those shes are CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! love the whole outfit.
    I'm mixed on shoulder pads--they can really help sharpen your shoulder line and help tops fall better. BUT-I have narrow shoulders so they end up looking like I'm growing boobs on my upper arms!
    I've moved here:

  5. You really look quite elegant. It is so good to see you. Shoulder pads. Hmmmmm...Really? They're back? This dress looks absolutely perfect. So maybe it's a good thing! I do have memories, though, of shoulder pads migrating around under sweaters forming a third boob. Let's hope this new generation of shoulders stays put.

  6. What a lovely print on you. Ambivalent about the shoes though - can't decide if I love them or not.

    Shoulder pads? I always yank them out otherwise I look like I'm a fullback for the Sacramento Ladies Football League.

  7. Welcome back! (I discovered your blog through Megan Mae's site)

    My mother's often worn shoulder pads in her jackets and suits, but as I'm already broad-shouldered/v-shaped, they make me look like a lineman. Seriously, it makes my family, me included, burst out laughing. :D

    I am not normally into pointed shoes, but I think I love yours. They look classy, interesting with all the straps, and good to the feet. :D

  8. Wonderful to see you, Amber! And happy to hear the rash factor is diminished. This dress is just lovely, and I don't have a strong feeling about shoulder pads like these. I generally yank them out of 80's blouses, but here they are subtle. Thanks for making your way to Visible Monday! Xoxoxoxo

  9. Soooo happy to see you! Green is a beautiful color on you and you look fresh and springlike. I love the strappy shoes too. I like the small shoulderpads in your dress. I don't mind the 40's/80's reference at all. As a short/thickwaisted person, shoulderpads are magical...I'm a huge fan.

    Love you!!!!!! Have a good week. Xxxooo

  10. You look beautiful in green and I love the shoes. I like this 40's/80's reference with the shoulder pads. I've always loved them because I'm short/thickwaisted and they work for my body.

    Have a wonderful week. So happy to see you. Xxxooo

  11. Hello Amber! You've been sorely missed and I hope you are feeling better. You look lovely in these shades of green (love the shoes!). Finding myself drawn to paler shades of green too these days. I like the shoulder pads - they came back a couple of years ago and I suddenly had dresses and jackets with them in again after a decade of not owning anything with them. I'm still pro-pad - it does wonders to create a waistline and a shoulder padded jacket is the business in a male dominated work environment!

  12. Hello sweetheart!!! How splendid to see you!
    I had no idea shoulder pads were making a comeback, but it stands to reason....I didn't really notice them in your frock, they're are quite subtle! I think I would have fondled them all day too....!!! I don't really remember how it felt to have shoulder pads perched upon my shoulders...; I don't think I was wearing much that required them in the 80's! But I am immediately thinking of Joan Collins in Dynasty!
    The frock is really lovely, the front detail especially. It looks cool and comfortable!
    Hurrah for less rash and more fabularse!

    1. There was an occasion in the 80s someone gave me an encouraging pat on the shoulder and recoiled at the prosthetic feel! Less rash and more fabularse is where it's at - as ever, you are so right, Helga!!! xoxoxo

  13. Lovely dress! I'm personally 100% against shoulder pads, but my own shoulders happily 'fill out' the space left when removing them. Adding the pad on top of that makes me look ridiculous.

    Glad to see you back around here!

  14. Hi Amber! Pretty dress in a beautiful color and pattern. Shoulder pads, if it feels right go ahead. I've got a couple of jackets with them. I do love your shoes and necklace. Glad to see you are feeling better.

    blue hue wonderland

  15. It's nice to see you again! I hope you'll be able to defeat the weariness rather than the other way around.

    I love the dress - the almost watercolor pattern looks like rain. And the necklace and shoes are so fun, perfect complements for that dress. I didn't even notice the shoulder pads, but I have seen them in a few things now. I'm very afraid that the 80s are going to return in full force, and I'm not sure I want to live through that again!

  16. Squeezing your shoulder pads? Reminds me of Mr Whipple - Please don't squeeze the Charmin ads. You remember those? I see you secretly giving them a little squeezaroonie. Liking/disliking. Naughty shoulder pads. I rip them out sometimes and keep them in other times. I love this dress and I like to think of you sneaking in a few squeezes through your day, so I'd say leave them.
    Shoulder pads might as well come back now that I am also in mourning for the absolute draining of colour in store windows. Good news is that we'll see all that wouldn't-be-caught-in-colour outfits in thrift shops soon!
    Happy to see you back, Amber, always presenting something beautiful and sometimes brain pinching. I wish I had a little helium to help you through your days. You certainly have given me a lift here with this post.

    1. They DID feel mysteriously naughty! I'm leaving them in - my mending pile has only grown since I started blogging, so if I took them out I'd never get around to putting them back if I decided Iiked it better with. I love your thrift store colour forecast, more for us, hooray! You are more helium than you know, my friend, she squeaked in her uplifted chipmunk voice. ;)

  17. so nice to see you looking so fabulous!, lovely dress and shoes and delightful accessories, that necklace is amazing!
    (I'm against shoulder pads, but your dress is nicely fitted!)

  18. I'm so glad to see you, in your pretty front-knotted dress and funky leaves! Hopefully you will be saying a final "bon voyage" to the rash-ness very soon and your energy supply will increase so we can see more of you.

    I wouldn't have known that the dress had shoulder pads aside from the closeup shot, so I say leave 'em! I had a chuckle picturing you reaching up for a little squeeze throughout the day ;) I kind of like shoulder pads if they are awesomely huge like the ones in my blue leather dress.

  19. So glad you are feeling better, and am sending hopes that your health and energy continue to improve.
    Some light garments just want a little structure at the shoulder to hang properly ... is that the case here? Yes, please, to keeping them. Such a pretty, soft set of colors. I swear there are more identifiable shades of green than of any other color, and they work together happily. So lovely and romantic.

  20. Great to have you back, Amber, been missing you! I hope you're gradually recovering your strength. You look wonderful in that lovely summery green dress.

  21. I tend to avoid shoulder pads in blouses and dresses (though "modern" jackets are fine padded), however they are not out-of place on your dress, so I say keep them, unless they draw too much of your own attention. The dress looks gorgeous on you and I really like the colours and pattern.

    I totally covet those shoes every time I see you in them! :)

    Hope you continue to improve daily - it is always a treasure to read your posts.

  22. So happy to see you back and in green, accompanied by shoulder pads. Just knowing that you are feeling better and back to dancing in your elegant poses makes my day. I too am a fan of the pads, and love the shape that they give to the lovely sort-of polka dot dress!

  23. My take on fashion in my 50th year is that if I'm the least ambivalent or uncomfortable, then it goes. In this case, I wouldn't toss out the dress with the shoulder pads :P

    You are always so easy on th' eyes - such a gift for color, line, and texture!

    Love ya,


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber