Friday, 5 July 2013

Body of Water

Oh my god, I've forgotten how to work this thing. Been sick and all totally grotty crud rashes and killer fatigue seriously tiresome serious seriousness jaundice poking prodding blah blah blah let's talk about outfits. I'm sailing in under the wire for Gracey's inaugural Literary Stylings gathering at Fashion for Giants

Back in May* I put this get-up together independently of the then-imminent Style Imitating Art round-up using the book Flotsam by David Wiesner as inspiration, but it would have been a perfect fit. At the time I had to finish up with the Travelling Yellow Skirt and things hit the fan so I wasn't able to jump in, but with Gracey's Literary Stylings I get a second chance! 

My friend Pat of Project Minima is stupendously amazing at Style Imitating Art, and her response to the Flotsam challenge was no exception, even including her blog post title. She has been much on my mind as she continues through her own time of high tides

fish milagros necklace with orange glass beads: a gift from my mother and father, Rio Bravo Gallery (Port Isabel, TX), shown in very last photo here

After taking a picture of this necklace while away visiting my parents, I almost immediately regretted leaving it in the shop. I kept thinking about it when I got home, so I called the place - of course it had sold. To my parents, who had gone back to get it and intended to save it for my birthday, but couldn't stand to wait any longer. Very, very dear treasures!

grey plaid scarf and flower pin: a gift from my mother, Dillard's, worn together with same skirt here
grey patterned blouse: Good Times Barcelona, etsy, worn here
silk recycled sari skirt: Alchemy Eco-Fashions, The Circle Game (local shop), worn with same scarf and flower here
big charcoal striped-hem cardigan: Nurture, Dillard's, worn here
old red shoes of legend: Kenneth Cole Reaction, Winners, worn here

Since I always have multiple favourites, my other book for Literary Stylings is one I've been reading for two months since meeting the author and hearing her read from it: Ocean by Sue Goyette. I usually read very quickly, and though poetry can be slower, this is the first book I've ever had to keep putting down because I find it so moving and hilarious I can't bear to continue. It's too much, in all the most awesome ways possible, and as a physical object is so beautifully designed and constructed. For a bit of what I mean, there are reviews with excerpts here and here

The Fish Quill Poetry Boat recently paddled though town as well - the highly-accomplished poet-athletes of the Grand River have launched a unique annual reading tour which reaches their audiences by canoe. Due to the quality of the Fish Quill performance-stops over the years, I ordered the anthology through their crowdfunding campaign right away, but now I want the exceptionally cool poster by illustrator Ian Turner too.

Just in case I didn't have enough links today, advance warning that I will also be showing up over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday! *ETA AND Bella's Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud. Hope things have been going swimmingly with y'all. 

* These are my last "before" photos, taken May 17 prior to my carcass malfunction. I've photographed 6 more outfits in the meantime and think I may now be on the mend. Since my posting timeline is way off I look okay here but my blog-self will appear really tired and poofy for a while yet. 


  1. Hang in there, buddy. Battling physical stuff is tough work. Your necklace here is amazing.

  2. O, sweetie, I'm so sorry you've been so ill!
    It's just not cricket, so I am banishing that illness away RIGHT NOW.
    The necklace is a stunner (bless your parents!) and there's a subtlety to this outfit I rather love! I'm afriad there isn't a lot of poetry that stimulates me... a line or two is usually enough; I can go away and savour a lovely line or phrase quite happily.

  3. Oh Baby Doll. I'm plugging for you. It's so crummy when Stuff happens. I KNOW!!! Feel better soon.

  4. Ah, such energy you have Amber my dear. And welcome back to the hood. Yours is the first blog I have commented on since I went off radar - figured if you could do it, so might I. Love your necklace and it's story. sweet. oxxo

  5. Let's talk fashion, drama, sparkle, colour, high heels, low heels, and tinkling jewels, shall we? Honking huge flowers and fishy necklaces and gifts and sunshine. Yeah! You've got it all here. I've missed seeing you. So happy to be gifted by your thoughts and style once again.
    Did you know that crud spelled backwards is durc? Um. That doesn't help, does it? Wishes for healing coming your way, mega wattage. I love Ms. Goyette's writing and Mr. Turners artwork. Wonderful companions. Hang on. xoxo

  6. Hope the carcass is functioning again now - missed your posts. I like the idea of an art object or a book inspiring an outfit. Your parents are so lovely for getting you the amazing necklace, how thoughtful.

  7. Oh how amazing is that necklace! And how cool that your parents went back for you.

    I'm sorry about the ailments. I think I'm hitting the end of my rope. I feel disconnected from my blog even though I've been posting outfits. I think I need to spend the weekend recouping. Not worrying about clothes - mine OR the shop's, for awhile.

  8. You poor thing to have been so ill, it sounds really tough. Glad you feel on the mend now my dear. How clever were your parents to buy you that lovely necklace, the design is so unique. Get well soon.

  9. I absolutely adore the story of the fish necklace. It has an almost O. Henry feel to it, but much more cheery.
    Sorry about your illness, though, that is a piece of rotten news. I hope you are on the upside now, as being sick is just the pits, period.
    You look fab here, the skirt and top are swoons and so You. xoxoxox

  10. I've been missing your lovely outfits and beautiful mixing of textures. So sorry that times have been rough. Love the accessories, especially the gray flower!

    blue hue wonderland

  11. I hope you are feeling better! I love this outfit - the mix of the geometric and the floral print work wonderfully together and your use of accessories, the silver grey rose, shoes and fish necklace, pulls it all together. So sweet that your parents went back to get the necklace for you!

  12. I so hope this is the end of the plague for you, I've missed your thoughtful and inspirational words and outfits. I like the story of the necklace, and kudos to your parents for knowing it needed to go home with you. Hope to see more of you soon!

  13. The colors and patterns are gorgeous, and the fish necklace is not only beautiful, it's embued with love. So happy to see you. Xxxooo

    1. Let's try IMBUED. And I pride myself on my literacy. Let's just say it was a typo, yeah that's it!

  14. I love that geometric swirl pattern in the blouse, and the necklace too. What thoughtful parents you have! Those red shoes are amazing and look as though they'd be very comfortable.

  15. And I hope you're feeling back to 100% soon.

  16. It's nice to see you again, even if it's not exactly current. Hopefully summer will bring rejuvenation and healing to your over-wracked carcass!

    Such a beautiful necklace, especially with that story. That reminds me that I haven't been looking at those blogs or attempting any artistic challenges. It's nice to have a theme to follow to get the creative juices flowing.

    Take care of yourself!

  17. Oh, I am truly hoping you feel better, Amber! Wow. Lots of feeling yucky! I LOVE this outfit!! I love the gray flower and just the whole look of it! And you must have a mind like a steel trap to be able to remember and pull into your posts so many interesting things. I checked out most of your links! Fun!

    Lynn Dylan

  18. Welcome back! My blogging has also been sporadic as I get into my new routine in TO. This is a lovely, flowy outfit and a very pretty necklace.

  19. I love everything about this outfit. Grey with red...the necklace is so unusual...the flower...the red shoes...and it was so sweet of your parents to return for the necklace. Debbie @

  20. So thrilled to have you feeling better, we have missed your incredbile voice, enegry and artistry. You must have the perfect parent, so intune to your hopes and desires, what a great blessing. Your treasure of a fish necklace is just that, a treasure.
    Thank you dearly for the review on Ocean, there is nothing better than a sitting down to breath in some poetry.

  21. Your pattern matching is exquisite in this outfit. Brava!

  22. Oop, I mean pattern MIXING. La la la, a bit of wine with dinner and my commenting is less than coherent. So glad to see you posting again!

  23. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. And the necklace? Man, your parents are the best. Tell them I said so, m'kay? Also the best? You. I appreciate you joining in, sick carcass and all. I so hope you're feeling better; I miss you!

  24. Amber, I am so happy to see your gorgeous self back up and posting. Hope that you continue to heal and radiate!

    Now for the outfit! The flower pin is one of my favorites and I see that it's a gift from your Mother. Your parents seem to know what looks gorgeous on you, as evidenced by the unique necklace. Love the pattern mixing and your graceful poses!

  25. You wear a giant flower better than "Carrie" on SATC!

  26. Ah amber I hope you are feeling better!!
    LOVE this oufit--i like the grey and red together and the fish necklace is stunning!! How sweet of your parents!!

    I'm off to check out your fabulous links!!

  27. Sorry to learn about your health problems. What a lovely story about the necklace!

  28. Oh Amber, you have been so missed, and it is delightful to see your lovely face and read your excellent writing and see your stylish outfit! I hope you continue to mend and feel better.
    I love the sari skirt, and the cheeky knot in your shirt (going to pinch that trick) and your gorgeous flower. And your parents are wonderful, aren't they? The fishes seem happy, dancing around your neck, where they were always meant to be.
    Keep well, keep posting! xxxx

  29. We've all missed you, Amber, and I'll add my best thoughts for a very quick recovery... and may the crud stay away forever. You look lovely here ... the rose was a pretty surprise. Such a nice (if sneaky!) thing for your parents to do.
    Thanks for the links ... never too many!

  30. Great to see you, Amber - I love that fish necklace. You always are so perfectly put together. Be well, hon.

  31. Your parents rock, Amber; that necklace is brilliant. You are, too, with your beautiful mix of patterns, textures, and color. My mom recently gave me a tiny hinged fish necklace I remember my grandmother wearing when I was a child. I've been wearing it lately for luck, and plan on mixing it up with my lucky IDGAF WendyB necklace, too :P

    I am really sorry to hear you've been under the weather, but am hopeful you are on the mend. Although I think of you as a goddess rather than a carcass :o

    Love, peace & grace,

  32. I'm aware it's been a long time since this last post, just wanted to write to say I'm thinking of you and do hope you're getting better dear Amber.

  33. While I'm pleased that you were feeling well enough to put this post together, I hope most of all that you are putting your energy into overcoming what has been ailing you. As much as I miss your posts, I'd much rather know that you are regaining your strength as a long-term proposition than over-exerting yourself for our benefit (and I'm sure all of your readers feel the same, as evidenced by all of the kind thoughts above).

    So please know that, while I will continue to relish the posts whenever they appear, whenever you are unable to post, I (and many others, without a doubt) am still thinking of you, and sending you warmth, or coolness, love or friendship, and sincere wishes for the peace of improved health.


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber