Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Object of My Affliction

I want to thank everyone for all your tremendous responses to my recent plea for fresh earworms and Travelling Yellow Skirt action-adventure! I just love the lot of you. 

turquoise rose-patterned scarf: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), worn here
off-the-shoulder t-shirt: Joe Fresh
tank top: Smart Set
orange brocade wrap skirt: Alchemy (Toronto ~10+ years ago), worn here
shoes: Cydwoq Instinct, ebay

I've been off-grid due to a mysterious cause-yet-undetermined allergic reaction necessitating a hospital visit, lots of missed work, and ongoing antihistamine haze - I thought I was behind on everything in life even before this new wrinkle, dammit. I have sorely missed being able to keep up with correspondence, respond to the wonderfully funny bits and utter gems in your comments here, and leave comments in return.

Or I suppose I could have left comments, but they'd have been way discomfort-preoccupied and not actually in response to your incredible sartorial ensembles, divine wisdoms, and life happenings - sort of all, "I have hives on my eyelids, " or, "When did the sides of my throat start to squish against each other so friendly-like? Huh." and such. Before folks so kindly say I don't look all that bad here, the upside of having plenty of photo backlog is a few documented outfits from early May - taken well-prior to this latest (and, sadly, kind of hideous) season of pox upon my house. 

horseshoe nail necklace for luck: Old Clothing Show and Sale (Toronto, early 90s), worn here, shown in 1994 long-ripply-hair photo here (scroll down)

watch: Stuhrling Tuskegee Skylancer
antique orange amber bracelet: a gift from my mother, worn here
usual wrist wear: rubber O-ring, silver OM bracelet (Lollapalooza vendor, early 90s), leather and silver "hands" bracelet (AGO, precious gift, early 90s, replaced 2005)

While I'm off meditating on how one might attain brain-in-a-jar-dom while retaining the excellent outfits which occasionally seem to be the only main benefit of not being a brain-in-a-jar, and alas, possibly sometimes consoling myself with more shoes between futile attempts to restore every darn thing to any slight semblance of the glorious order I once knew, here are just a few amazing bloggers to visit who've been especially on my mind since I fell off the face of the earth: Emalina, Pao, Judith, Curtise, Jean, Lynne, my scritchy-sister Sheila, Gracey, and look! Look who's back, it's Terri!

Closing with a reader query, Val of late blooming sparkle asked, "... I am wondering if you added your own mark to the yellow skirt (or did Starr add a mark)." Hee! The answer is both - but not to worry, it was all my doing on our behalf rather than a direct deposit by Starr - my idea came after the photos and post were finished. Here is the white wing I added and how it interacts with the other customizations accumulated along the skirt's journey so far:

Though I may be a scarce and spotty (ha) presence for a bit yet, I surely will be seeing you over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday! Thanks again for visiting, and much love.

Edited to add: also linking up at The Citizen Rosebud for Bella's new monthly feature: Shoe Shine


  1. Oh, poor you! Best wishes for a henceforth speedy recovery. What a shame that these lovely pictures are not the indication I initially supposed them to be, that it is all now behind you. Wishing you well.

  2. I love your jewelry, especially that wonderful necklace.

  3. So sorry to hear of your ailment! I hope you are on the mend now - the allergies as you describe them sound so terrible. I know what you mean about "falling behind" on one's usual tasks and organization. For me, when I am sick, it adds a layer of stress that's so unwelcome.
    You look wonderful in your textured skirt and most glorious jewelry. Thanks for linking up at Visible Monday. I'm sending healing thoughts to you today xoxoxo

  4. So sorry to hear about you being under the weather!!! Hoping you heal quickly!!

    Love the outfit!1
    I LOVe your chicken wing on the yellow skirt--gorgeous!!

  5. Oh no, poor you, the allergic reaction to the unknown thing sounds awful! I have been thinking about you too, and assumed you were just busy with life, but in a good way, not an antihistamine-hazy way...
    You look beautiful here, of course (before all The Badness, which I hope is clearing) - your brocade skirt is gorgeous, and that amber bracelet is a wonder. And doesn't the necklace kinda look like two trapeze artists, one upside down holding the other? No? Just me then. I am offering this up as a metaphor for blog friendship; we've got you, Amber, you're in safe hands!
    I love your addition of the white wing on the TYS, it's perfect. I am considering what my embellishment might be when the skirt heads my way...
    Sending tons of love and wishes for a speedy recovery, Amber. I've missed you. xxxxx

  6. Eee! The magical awesome shoes of goodness!!

    I'm sorry to hear about the spots. If you ever do figure out the brain-in-jar thing, let me know. I'm rather tired of pain in my face.

    I too wondered what you added to the skirt!! How perfect your mark was.

    Sending healing thoughts your way.

  7. Great idea, the wing. So you! Your whole outfit is exotic and time-travel tailored at the same time... completely unique. How you manage to look so modern and referential at the same time always pleases and amazes.
    Sorry for your ills ... the climate here has told every tree that makes lots of pollen to make much more than usual! We're having just garden variety allergies. I hope you feel better very soon.

  8. Oh Sweetie!! I'm so sorry about the yuck!! I thought you were immersed in the usual, you know? But at least you've been able to raise your head long enough to catch a blog-breath. I'm glad. Megan is right;those shoes are sooooo good!! I love cydwoqs. The colors here are beautiful and your wrist is laden with inspiration. Thank you for mentioning me. I've been thinking of you too!!! XXOO

  9. You poor thing. I hope you're feeling better. We would not criticize you for commenting in your antihistamine haze. I once typed a garbled message on Facebook that basically said, The Ambien is starting to work.

    That necklace is just amazing - so creative and beautiful. And I'm glad you answered my question, and also left an appropriate signature on the traveling yellow skirt. A white wing is absolutely perfect to represent your chickens, and also the travels of the skirt! Just brilliant!!!

  10. Oh, I hope you're feeling like yourself again soon. Admiring the horseshoe nail necklace quite a lot. And the wing you have added to the glorious skirt. It is good to be back blogging, though I am being deliberately cautious and slow about it. Thank you for the warm welcome.

  11. I love your white wing on the skirt - so pretty, and reminds me of all your dear chickens. Thank you for the shout-out! I have been so busy lately, it feels like I am a little lost.

  12. I hope you kick this affliction soon! It sounds very uncomfortable - I'm a chronic sufferer of hay fever so can sympathise with the symptoms you describe though you sound much worse! Get better soon dear Amber. Your skirt reminded me instantly of the traditional woven "mut mee" cloth used to make sarongs worn in Thailand. It looks so lovely with the simple tee and those wonderful red shoes!

  13. Been having allergy hell too -- feel better soon!

  14. Oh Dear Amber. So sorry to hear of your affliction and so happy to see images of you dancing in your usual inspirational attire. Loving the burst of vivid turquoise, the horseshoe nail necklace and of course your shoes. And the arm wear! So that takes me to everything that adorns you today.

    Feel better soon and have missed you. Thank you for the kind mention and sending love your way.

  15. I've had the running nose, frog-in-throat and coughing allergy syptoms lately, but no hives, thank goodness. I am so sorry you are going through this horrible time, and I hope that you find some relief soon. I've missed your posts and your comments. I love all the shades of "Amber" in this post - your skirt, the bracelet, and those fabulous shoes!!

  16. Oh you poor love to have suffered what sounds like a horrible and scary allergic reaction! I've been missing you and wondering if you were ok. Sounds like work demands and all attempts to get that brain in a jar need to be put on hold for a little while you build up your strength again.

    You look wonderful in this beautiful outfit, I would never have guessed you'd been ill (hives on your eyelids and a dodgy throat? Poor you!). As stated above, that 'amber' brocade skirt is just your colour, I love it with the turquoise. Get well soon my dear!
    p.s. thanks so much for thinking of me.

  17. p.s. I've reread your post more thoroughly and just realised of course these are your pre-allergy photos. You hang in there and get well soon sweetheart.

  18. Wishing you return to good health soon. Being sick is the worst, everything stops. But hey, you have some mighty sweet shoes in red! They are looking great with your beautiful skirt.

    blue hue wonderland

  19. Hope your health continues to improve and you are able to feel at peace, and can let go of "catching up", if that is what you need. Sometimes it helps to "start over" - you're not behind if you've only just begun.

  20. I would have thought your big honking jewellery would be super-powered taliswomen against the Evil Forces of hives and whatnot. Gah. I'm glad you're not a brain in a jar though because we all so love your outfits. This one just makes me go, hm, I love it because I do. The colours? The boldness? Don't know. Don't care. You are fabulous. Of course the sides of your throat love each other, but can't they have the decency to stop that friendly action? Incestuous throat.
    Love those wings!!!

  21. Beautiful Amber- I am sorry to hear you've been struggling with health issues and hives on one's eyelids sounds like no fun at all. However I see you here blooming with style and beauty- and like you I am fed by our wonderful style sisters of a community. Thank you for sharing your kicks (but not hives) with June's Shoe Shine!

  22. Oh, Amber, bless your heart! I hope you are feeling much better by the time you get this comment. And thank you so much for mentioning me - I love you so much!

    I've been out of the loop due to a 5-day notice of KeeCee's Make-A-Wish trip, and then the start of the bone marrow transplant process at Duke Medical Center. Sketchy Internetz everywhere, so sometimes I left long blog comments which weren't accepted, and I pretty much gave up and concentrated on getting lost at our new hospital.

    Also, I DO feel your pain. About two weeks ago, I ended a period of antibiotics right about the time I boarded the plane for SF. At the end of the red-eye, I got out of my seat, and my seatmate asked me if those were my rings on the floor. In addition to my wedding rings, I was wearing stacked rings. This has never happened before, but our guess is I got so dehydrated, my fingers shrunk and all my rings dropped off without me even noticing. My tongue was swollen, too. It got worse as the week progressed, and when I finally saw the doctor this week, I learned I had my first case of thrush. Ugh. A pox is on my tongue and throat :(


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber