Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hive Mind

Thanks for always being so kind - I'm still not 100%, the hives situation is tedious (more dietary restrictions) and draining (wishing I was able to be more present in Bloglandia) but getting sorted. Keeping things in perspective, my thoughts are with Lynne's daughter as she and her family prepare for the next steps in her fight to cure sickle cell anemia

The first wear of this dress (early May, pre-hives - how I miss you, non-rashy skin!) caused a minor shoe-mergency. As I hollered to Beary, how is it possible that I don't have shoes that work? His response - "I guess you DO need more shoes!" - is one more of the many reasons he is a keeper. Here are just a few of the footwear options which do not go with it: suede shorty cowboy bootscool green Fidji shoesFrye boots, and taupe clogs. Here's what I ended up with, which was a lot better in theory than in practise: 

green silk honeycomb-and-floral dress: Nylon by Dex, Netty Vintage
brown wrap belt: no label, Netty Vintage
scarf: Charming Charlie, worn here
pirate boots: Vivienne Westwood, My Habit, worn here

I felt kind of Comic Con-ready, and not in a good way. Oops! Ah well, can't win 'em all.

necklace: random jewelry booth ~20 years ago, worn here
usual wrist business: Swiss Army Cavalry watch (beloved gift 1994), silver OM bracelet (Lollapalooza vendor, early '90s), leather and silver "hands" bracelet (AGO, precious gift, early '90s replaced 2005), rubber O-ring
silver and amber bracelet: gift to self 2008, Pages (very dear local shop, now closed)

But wait! I'm not sure how I overlooked these shoes last time - they are a great improvement (photos are from last week, post hive-action, on a day dim enough to downplay the poofy face and blotchy chest):

shoes: Fluevog Pindown Farrah, worn here

Hmm, guess all the shoes in the world that are for sale will remain safe from me for a bit yet. The air conditioning is on at the office, and, as usual, I layered up for the fluctuations:

sweater: Nurture, Dillard's, worn here

I'm headed over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday (her 100th!) with my outfit un-fail!


  1. dear lady, sorry that you've been ill and glad you're feeling better. Best wishes!
    and you look stylish and elegant anyway, that subtle print is amazing and love how you sport your dresses with obi belts, so cool!. Also love your bijouterie, that steampunk vibe is fabulous!
    besos & salud

  2. Oh dear, ongoing poofy-blotchy-rashy nastiness, I'm so sorry you've felt rough, Amber. But on the positive side, you have a partner who gets your shoe thing, and you have that gorgeous dress with its delightful print, and you have fine VW boots and excellent wedges, AND you are beautiful! So that's all good!
    I just read Lynne's post after posting myself, and felt thoroughly frivolous and superficial in the light of her daughter's situation and the challenges faced by the whole family. My heart goes out to them all. A timely reminder about perspective...
    Happy to see you back, my dear! xxxx

  3. ooo no! hope the rashy and poofy sorts itself out soon and you look so amazingly beautiful! so sorry to hear about Lynne's daughter, life really sucks sometimes. x

  4. The Farrahs are perfect with this gorgeous dress! I love how the ends of the obi hang way down. Just lovely.

    Sending you good vibes over the hives - I just got over my own hive-tastic episode (I'm apparently allergic to beer!).

  5. I adore this dress with the belt!!! The print is gorgeous and your look so beautiful in it...great job...right down to the shoes!!

  6. What a fabulous look you have pulled together. I am in awe. I am learning so much from fashionable women as yourself. Thoughts sent for your friends daughter, hoping for success.

    Barbara @

  7. That is a gorgeous dress, and the Farrahs play so nicely with it, especially when you add the scarf that matches them. I am sooo sorry you are still fighting the hives - stay strong, and am sending positive hive-destroying vibes to you via the interweb.

  8. Ah Amber you have another home run. Loving this dress, I think the addition of the sweater with the stripe is unexpected and interesting. Hope you feel better soon.

    blue hue wonderland

  9. Phooey on the continuation of the hives - here's to their swift end, and you feeling much better. You do look ravishing in this dress and both pairs of shoes look grand (but Beary is right of course). Thanks so much for linking up!

  10. I love that second pair of shoes with the dress, and the fabric of the dress is so cool! I hope the hives are soon a distant memory.

  11. What a magical dress. I adore the print. Sorry about the hives. I'm still continuing with the dry socket and all that bullshit. I guess I can be happy the only outward sign of my pain is the sleepy eyes from pain meds.

    I like both pairs of shoes with the dress, however, any excuse to go shoe shopping amirite?

    Also OH EM GEE at that huge jeweled bracelet. Downright magical, lady!

  12. We all could use more shoes. Hope you're feeling better.

  13. Sorry to hear about the hives. I would say, "A pox on the hives" but that seems redundant. I hope they're clearing already and that you'll feel better with all the entertainment available in the new VOGOFF.

    That dress is beautiful, and looks lovely with the obi. I think some purple shoes/booties would be fab. If you don't own any, that shopping trip is still on.

  14. I do like the boots and I also like the shoes. I guess it would depend on the weather. The dress is lovely, with that soft print in grays and greens. I have an amber bracelet startlingly similar to the one you're wearing. I need to get the clasp fixed however. I've been afraid to wear it because it's fallen off twice. Yours is extraordinary. XXOO

  15. I've had a rash for the past few months too - it started as a reaction to an arthritis drug. Now it flares up when I eat gluten and other unknown allergens. So you have my sympathy.

  16. Glad you're slowly recovering ok Amber, get well soon. That is a glorious dress, I love the subtle colours and intricate pattern, it looks gorgeous on you! I love both sets of boots with it.

  17. You have a very unique style! I love the rustic back ground so much!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  18. Hives be gone and hope you're back to 100% soon. You look like a million bucks despite the bothersome rash, with your lovely silk dress and the drape of your scarf. Your 'wrist business' is never usual!

    Beary truly is a dear with his front and center shoe empathy!

  19. That's a beautiful dress. The boots are awesome but maybe not the best choice for that dress. Glad you found the Pin-ups!

  20. What a very cool outfit. I love all your accessories.

  21. that is a beautiful dress. It looks comfy and chic.

  22. Would love for you to share this at my link up where we pin all those who join to our party pin board

  23. Poor girl ... hives on top of all the misery of your winter-spring colds/flu? And hives are maddening, I know. Hope they go away fast. Clearly you deserve new shoes, and Beary is quite right. Good man. Beautiful soft and spring-ready dress with your obi.
    We all join you in wishing the absolute, penultimate best outcome for KeeCee, Lynn and their whole family. Thank you for the link.
    Hope all is better for you soon.

  24. What is it with offices and air-conditioning anyway?!
    Hives or no hives you still look swell. I like the shoes better but since Beary thinks you need more, you definitely need more. The dress fabric looks like it would feel dreamy on. Swishy lovely. And the leather belt is a fantastic addition.
    I hope your throat has learnt to behave itself. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better at least. If you sold shares in your arm business you'd be a billionaire.

  25. What a fabulous attire, dear Amber.
    I am glad you are feeling better.

  26. Glad you are a bit less "mottled" these day!!
    love the dress and I do believe the shoes are much better than the boots--shows off your legs!!

  27. Nice to "see you" again, especially in a dress like that!

  28. Thank you my gorgeous friend. it will be a way to work with all of you and new friends.

  29. What a dress! I love the shape, the colour and the pattern. Maybe I'm colour blind but it looks sage-y green with chocolate brown - made me think of mint choc ice cream (my favourite flavour!). You always have great shoes - I love the buckled wedges. Sending you healing vibes to kick your hives!

  30. Bless Beary! That's exactly what G would say!!!
    Love this frock, but am bummed you have hives?! Ugh. The joys of Summer, I guess!
    Take care, my sweet!XXX

  31. Amber, you are so amazing - thank you for mentioning KeeCee's upcoming bone marrow transplant again. We are scared but oh so hopeful for a cure. The mantra will be, "Grow, cells, grow" after the new baby stem cells are introduced.

    Beary is a man who gets that one can never have too many shoes. You are a lucky lady :) I love the second pair of shoes because they let the dress shine and show off your beautiful ankles.

    Sending much love and healing wishes,

  32. Dear Amber,

    I am so sorry to hear about the hives!! Yikes! I have been out of town again, and I feel I am forever playing blog catchup these days! Now, I sure understand about shoe dilemmas, and it is the reason we ALL DO need more shoes! (Keep that man!) It's amazing what a difference the second set of footwear made with the outfit!!


    PS -- I hope you are all better soon and that is doesn't happen again!


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber