Saturday, 4 May 2013

Super Shag

Well, that ought to up the already-substantial entertainment value of my search terms, but what I mean is this here hairdo. I'd already left it a week past my usual bi-weekly mowing when I had a clipper-malfunction. Typical, but luckily immediately apparent rather than occurring partway through. See? Things can always be worse. 

For instance, at the time of the knocking-over-500-packs-of-live-mealworms-incident, while I didn't happen to have a handy-dandy chicken on my person or waiting in the car to help with clean-up (unlike the morning I was stranded at the bar with my hen Maryjane), not as many of the containers opened as could have. 

vintage plastic bangle: Netty Vintage
Swiss Army watch and usual black-and-silver bits: detailed info here
wood bangle: mall store, can't recall, worn here

Everything is back to rights and I am freshly shorn again, but looking at these pics from Monday I'm thinking that it wouldn't take me long at all to develop some giant 80's hair. It really does grow straight up in the front - volume has never been an issue. On the other hand, the main advantage of self-haircuts, besides not needing to leave the house, is having more money for shoes.

Further to search terms, I've accumulated a bunch of fresh favourites, and 85 posts / 55 000 pageviews seems like a good time to celebrate by sharing the fun with y'all. Thanks everyone for visiting! (Except the ongoing multiple hits from a random hotel promotion. I suspect they are not all that interested in my outfits.)

paisley pashmina scarf: gift from dear friend, worn here
grey top: Ricki's, thrifted, worn here
jeans: UB jeans, thrifted, worn here
brown suede cowboy boots: BCBGeneration, Dillard's, worn here

older style can opener - how old are the cans you're opening? Playing with fire, my friend. 
wide flower loose pants - sound awesome! I want some too!
big grey bird with red head florida - red-headed stork, lucky duck. Great outfits on those birds, gorgeous palette.  
mullet and oakleys - You are fabulous. Call me. 
bondage wide belt - okay, there is liking, and then there is LIKE-liking. 
gray haired woman wearing yellow gold earrings - wonderful if you're a gold-wearer, go for it!
40 birthday presents women - oh, I so hope you got her something excellent. HBD!
scarf bondage - huh. I realize 58 of 85 posts is a lot of scarves, but it's for my office's temperature variability and I CAN STOP ANY TIME I WANT. 
cruller donut gewy - delicious, but through the screen maybe not so 'gewy'? 

cow lick hair - also delicious, warm and salty. Perhaps a bit on the slimy side. 
bondage earrings ow?
grandma rubber boots - dry-footed grannies are the best kind, aren't you sweet. 
how do you kill a dust bunny - tell me if you find out, I am overrun. 
my petticoat is showing right on! 
lady mohair bondage photos just how tight and itchy do you really want your sweaters? 
plus size women in cowboy booties with skirts - make me feel like dancing! You?
outfits mit rubberboots - a tutu and a chicken will complete your ensemble nicely. 
where does amber from butane anvil - where do I what? WHERE DO I WHAT???????

rectangular ring: consignment, worn here

fluevog original swordfish - Divine. Two of my three pairs are here and here.
picture beautiful girl hand scarf bondage - gee, thanks! (I think.)
red obi belt pencil skirt green blouse - sounds like a festive combo!
mom in a trench coat - is so cool, I love her. 
champion hens - aww, in my heart, they all are. 
gaucho pants - are the pants of champions. And hens. 
mardi gras high socks I bet you had a fantastic time! 
middle aged motorcycle jacket - perfectly worn in, of course. 
older and older look skirt blouse - older and older is where it's at, man. 
comfortable shoes for grandmas - if you mean comfortable AND way-funky, let's talk. 
smart nomad clothes - I'm actually more of a homebody, but not averse to adventure, and getting better at packing light. Yay! 

You naughty folk with all of your longings have my sympathy. I'll chalk it up to stray sparks from the Beltane fires and offer up a song: 


  1. hi amber , i just am back from the barbers with freshly shaved sides . i love your bangles. here's to lots more posts love lucy

  2. I do get a kick out of the search terms. I've been doing this so long, most of mine are actually for me (with variations of spelling Sheila and Ephemera), but I get a lot for leather pants!

    I love your fun, spiky hair!

  3. Lol! Search terms can lead to some good laughs. Mine haven't been so interesting lately.

    I love your cool grey sweater! So chic. I'm getting to the 'mushroom' head stage, all the shape has grown out of my hair and it moves in clumps. I'm in need of a trim, but just negotiated a new pair of vintage Vogs off the fluemarket so the haircut continues on the back burner.

    Any advice to trimming my own hair? We have clippers with a guard. I'm just not sure about doing it myself. I'm much happier to spend my money on new shoes!

  4. Hey, so nice to see you! I haven't had any interesting search terms lately, but I love the comments you've added to yours, especially cow lick hair and lady mohair bondage (which might be an awesome drag queen name). I just had a fresh haircut this week, so my sides are about as short as yours; bit more on top though.

    I'm glad to hear that not ALL the packs of mealworms opened, but it may be a good idea to take a chicken with you the next time you go to that store. Congrats on the new followers!

  5. I love this casual easy look topped with fabulous jewelry!

  6. These terms just made me love your blog more, if that is possible. Pure entertainment. And your hair is so perfect!

  7. So many searches for bondage. Does that say something about your blog or about people in general?

    I think your hair looks nice with that extra .01267cm growth, and I love that top!

  8. Amber, you reek chic no matter what you put on! This simple outfit is stunning on you. Your hair has the volume I have always dreamed of.
    As for your search terms, they crack me up. I wonder if they are targeted to a specific blogger or if they are part of searching in general. I'm not sure how that works. But they are fun on the whole.
    Yes, that hotel, do they think that by view bombing I'm going to like them? Au contraire!!! I

  9. This is the first time I see you in jeans. They are perfect!

  10. Great title! Hair is looking lovely my dear and don't you look great in jeans, so effortlessly stylish. Happy Beltane - an email is on its way shortly!

  11. Great boots. And pretty bangles. I envy your ability to wear bangles like these -- my hands are so big I can rarely fit one onto my wrist.

  12. Hi Amber, your hair is looking lovely, such freedom. Love the idea of saving the money and spending it on shoes. I know you look great in hats, have you ever tried a wig? This is something I have always wanted to do! You are looking sweet and casual in your boots and jeans.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. Amber, you don't wear jeans often on th' blog, but when you do, you rock them! I like the drama of your long scarf against the simple tee, although I am trying to recall where you told us how to use our scarves for, um, fun and games behind closed doors. Was that even you? lol

  14. Thank you for my dose of humor this morning!! Knowing the research, I feel my life expectancy lengthening every time you post these. I love your pictures too. Your hair and accessories compliment a cool T and perfectly-fitted jeans, and I love every single piece. The best part though, is seeing your beautiful face close up!!

    Have a wonderful week!! Hope the chickies are thriving. :-)

  15. Hmmmm....did my previous comment go through? I think I'll wait to see before I get blisters on my fingertips from typing. XXOO

  16. Amber--I am dying here at the search terms. There are some seriously WEIRD folks out there Googling.....
    I recently was found through googling "20's women peeing on pictures"..WHAT??

    "Velvet Midnight Taco" is my fav search term....

  17. My weirdest search term was Ace Frehley Naked. EW!

    I'm well past due for a haircut too. I hate this time of year when the humidity starts and my hair gets all fuzzy.

  18. Oh the fun to be had from bonkers search terms... I am sure that whoever found you, however they searched, they were pleased they did, Amber!
    You are an effortlessly gorgeous woman, look how great you look in simple pieces, put together with panache. Of course, it helps that your bum looks fantastic in jeans!
    The hair is looking mighty fine, your jewellery is always the cause of a wee stab of envy, and hurray for more shoes! xxxxx

  19. Cutting your hair by yourself and it looks this fabulous! You are a true talent in so many areas. Such as putting together this understated outfit, perfectly accessorized. And making me laugh out loud. And creating a blog that I absolutely love to visit, time after time.

  20. Rolling in the aisles here. You do have the best search terms. And make the best use of them too! Way to go Amber.


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- Amber