Saturday, 18 May 2013

Moonlight Madness

Wow, a way-back overdressed-for-work outfit from early April - I've worn this dress a few times without getting photos, and in these here ones I seem to be having a moment. I don't even remember what it was about now, but in my face and posture I read defeat and feeling small. Aww! So good that these things pass! 

Labradorite teardrop earrings: Gabii's (Progreso, TX)
silver necklace with amber pendant: Lando's (Progreso, Mexico), worn here with dentist-frozen face, another "aww!"
Riviera Shirt Dress: Boden
obi belt: Megan Mae Designs, gift from dear friend, worn here with the #1 most fabulous ankle boots the world has ever seen

Though I love the dress's colours and print, I agree with the reviews that this version of it fits large relative to the measurements / size chart, plus I totally need a proper crinoline. Taking the half of my clothes that need it to my alterations lady could be a temporary closet space solution, I am a genius.

olive wool cape: Dem Hats by Lou, a gift from my mother ~15 years ago, worn here layered over fun fur
tulle underskirt: no label, ebay, worn on its own here
purple tights: Joe Fresh
bizarrely awesome blue shoes: Fluevog Prepare Guide, worn here with an exceptionally awesome but not very bizarre outfit

I rarely switch out my earrings - find I feel over-decorated - but teardrop shapes are my favourite, and the blue of these Labradorite stones knows my name. But oh man, let's take a break from sad-face there for something uplifting! This is the bouquet I gathered last Sunday from around my place for my amazing Mom on Mother's Day, it matches: 

That's better. 

And I have this song on repeat in my head: 

Thanks for keeping me company! Hope your moments have long passed as well. Leave me some new earworms in the comments, eh?


  1. You look very blue-tiful. Lovely lilacs.

  2. I've been away too long. Agree that the flowers are lovely. I could not begin to collect such a bouquet around my place. I wonder if the blue of the dress prompted the expression???

  3. Oh, I do love that abstract rose print! The Fluevogs bring just the right amount of funky. Glad that whatever had you feeling small and defeated has passed and is now barely a memory.

  4. Love the print and the shape, and everything about this dress. Sorry you had a moment, but glad it *was* just a moment. Lovely earrings too. Here's the song that's been in my head all day: "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. A toe-tapper!

  5. Amber, it is so good to see you post, even if this was a set of pictures that you feel ambivalent about. I happen to love that blue floral print--very William Morris-inspired, to my eye, and I am a huge fan of the Craftsman movement. And I always love blues. As always, I have to admit I am coveting your Prepare Guides, still scheming how to get a pair myself.

    I think the inner blue-note is what is hard to see, not the dress? And then there is the fit issue--if one doesn't like how something fits, the rest of it doesn't work no matter how much you like the fabric or print. I had that experience with a skirt I wore yesterday--I have almost given it away 10 times, but I love the print, so I keep it. Yes, time for another trip to the alterations people!

    Happy wishes winging your way from the sunny, hot SW of the U.S.

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  8. Oh, so blue, blue, blue, bluest. I love that dress and your closet winnowing concept is genius! I must try it but that would mean that most of my pieces end up on my own table. Gaaa.
    I'm not seeing the defeat and smallness in your expression. But maybe because I'm distracted from all the wonderfulness around you. And that's a great song to have looping in your head.

  9. I've been missing seeing you in your lovely outfits and this one is a beauty. Gorgeous colors and pattern especially brilliant with your fabulous belt!

    blue hue wonderland

  10. Beautiful dress, and it looks so lovely with that obi belt. I hope you are feeling more powerful, because I see a beautiful woman who looks magical.

  11. What a pretty dress - the print and the shape! The obi is perfect with it. The blue roses are so unusual. I can see what Linda meant about sort of William Morris, but maybe more Mackintosh than Morris.

    I can't think of any good earworms to leave you with - I don't keep up much with new music. I keep having the B-52s songs in my head, though. I just want to dance this mess around in the Love Shack.

  12. Hi Amber,
    i've been admiring your fabulous style for awhile now. was very happy to be introduced to the NewFADS. spent a lovely hour or so soaking up new tunes. Thanks!

    how about

  13. Pretty print and color. Now, just smile!

  14. Despite my unreasonable prejudice against all things Boden (bound up with marketing, class, and quality/value for money, in case you're wondering), I have to admit that the print and colours of your dress are lovely. Yes, a puffy petticoat underneath would look beautiful, even if the fit isn't quite right.
    I'm sorry you were having a small-and-defeated moment, though I wouldn't have known it from the photos, you look as serenely gorgeous as always.
    What a stunning bouquet of flowers you gathered for your mum - is she visiting?
    Songs? I am currently stuck on River Deep Mountain High (thanks to my Littlest loving it - that's my girl!) and The Ballad of Lucy Jordan (see my post - I'm hoping my "moment" passes quickly too.) xxxxx

  15. That is such a pretty dress - I love the shape and the colour, and those shoes are just soooooooo amazing. I am sorry that your mood matched your colours - the important thing is to not get stuck there, and recognize that things are tough right now, but it will pass. That is a glorious bouquet you put together - your Mom is lucky to have such a stylish, and talented daughter ;)

  16. The blue all the way to your shoes is beautifully assembled and I see that your artistry extends to floral design. Sorry to hear that you are blue, but expressing these feelings with the written word and through your outfit represents a space in time and it is a part of life that we all experience. How would we as humans know joy without sadness. Your honesty through self expression is appreciated and I thank you.

  17. My feelings--positive and negative--tend to show through my pictures too, even when I try to put on a big smile and work through it for photos. I agree with Megan, though--you look beautiful, and I see strength too.

    I don't know if her music is up your ally, but I love sharing Zoe Boekbinder with people:

  18. Alley! Alley! I can't stand it when I misspell things in comments, but I suppose I should try to accept that it's bound to happen.

  19. I love your beautiful dress and shoes - the obi is so perfect with it. I'm sorry you are/were sad, Amber. I hope life is giving you some peace and joy lately.

  20. I think we might have been having moments at the same time, but so far I haven't gotten the nerve to put up photos of me in bed with blankies over my head.

    Seriously, you look beautiful as always, maybe somewhat contemplative. Your dress reminds me of moonlight.


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- Amber