Monday, 20 May 2013

The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show

It's here, it's here! The Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show's in town! Well, not town exactly - but having been hatched by my idol Melanie of Bag and a Beret, it soared to Sarah of Misfits Vintage, winged its way to Helga von Trollop-licious from whom it flew-flew-flew to Edie Pop of Homesick Blues, and most recently alighted over by Tami of Thrift Shop Commando before touching down for a spell in the country at Butane Anvil. 

I asked a feathered friend along - you met Starr Ethel Steele last summer at the bottom of my most popular post. I did have to wait a while so she could lay her egg first, and took way too many pictures while the sun cranked its volume. 

vintage handmade snakeskin-print rain cape (on tree limb): Black Market Clothing (Toronto), early 80s, previewed here

t-shirt: Denver Hayes, Mark's Work Wearhouse
obi belt with leaf-pattern topstitching: Good Times Barcelona, etsy, worn here (Aww! Bring me Kahlua chocolates!)
our meanest (alpha) hen: Starr Ethel Steele, TSC ~ 2 yrs ago
Travelling Yellow Skirt: Joe Fresh with hand-customizations, via the Sisterhood, wee video here

Madame Royale fleur-de-lis necklace: Wendy Brandes
deer and Colossus of Rhodes necklace: vintage shop on Montréal's rue St-Denis, early 80s

It took time to figure out how I could best honour the Travelling Yellow Skirt, particularly because this blog is about outfits I actually wear as I go about real life. However, I have lately been working with symbols, and thinking on concepts of metaxy and the liminal. I decided I needed to reach back across my life for the earliest similarly iconic pieces that I have worn, and complete the ensemble with a smattering of more recent bits and pieces, some from the present, all integrative-like. 

I acquired the vintage vinyl snakeskin cape when I was 14 or 15 and used it as a raincoat all through high school. Like my vintage fun fur maxi skirt, it's a handmade piece whose existence I take to be evidence of the world being at least in part a good place. Or at very least a humorous one. Though the cape is a facet of my Yellow Skirt outfit, this wasn't a rainy day, and knowing ahead how chickens feel about poufy tulle ballerina skirts and therefore being somewhat able to surmise their thoughts on tremendously billowy yellow skirts and flapping snakeskin capes, it mostly stayed perched in the plum tree. 

I'm wearing my Wendy Brandes Madame Royale fleur-de-lis pendant for the first time. Fleur is one of my middle names - I translate into yellow flower. The larger necklace is another treasured artifact, and probably the most excellent piece of costume jewelry I have ever seen. It's reserved for special occasions because the silvery coating has been flaking off its fringe-y dingle-dangles for decades. I've tucked a picture below the jump of 15-year-old me wearing it (with stupendously enormous 80s hair). 

I vividly remember spotting the necklace in the case and being unable to hand over my moolah fast enough, and how the shopkeeper went all abrupt. My friend said they'd probably expected me to haggle over price, which at that age would never have occurred to me, plus $18 seemed entirely reasonable for such a fabulously mythological objet. I still find it to be brimming with secrets and implications. 

The boots, the boots, the legendary boots, what to say? As is clear by their wear, back in the day I tromped many, many satisfyingly jingly miles in them.

black satin half-slip: Linda, Sears ~ 7 years ago
perfect tights: Ralph Lauren, Winners ~10 years ago 

(loved so much, went back for multiples)
pointy buckle boots: shop on Queen West I can't recall (Toronto), early 80s, 

previewed here
plum blossom confetti: Mother Nature

silver water ring: some booth or other ~20 years ago, and 
silver and onyx dragon ring: Courage My Love (Kensington Market, Toronto), mid 80s
worn together here 

and check out that sweet button-closure on the cape

Overall a fair assemblage for transcending time, space, and dimension, yeah? A white bird, the light's gone liquid, and life is extraordinary in its audible crackling.

But for truly transcendent expertise, I defer to Melanie's extraordinary post today: How to wear a place of mind dingle-ball style. You must go! There are dingle-balls! Also, have you seen her interview with Roz at The Citizen Rosebud? And that's only Part One!

For anyone who's come back and / or is still here, what's on my mind and wants to fit here too is a follow-up to the tulle-and-teacup phenomenon, which was also inspired by Melanie: I did photos last September (surprise! I took way too many) and made some "virtual party" appearances but never formulated a stand-alone post. I've collected a few images after my 80s hair below the jump. Starr won't mind returning the favour and letting MJ-the-hen visit the fluffy bottom of her post - they are flock animals after all. 

Stay tuned for the next landing of the Travelling Yellow Skirt, which is presently in migration to the Forest City Fashionista. In the meantime, join us for a fly-by over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. A very special thank you to my Travelling Yellow Skirt Sisters! 

Safe journeys, all. 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Moonlight Madness

Wow, a way-back overdressed-for-work outfit from early April - I've worn this dress a few times without getting photos, and in these here ones I seem to be having a moment. I don't even remember what it was about now, but in my face and posture I read defeat and feeling small. Aww! So good that these things pass! 

Labradorite teardrop earrings: Gabii's (Progreso, TX)
silver necklace with amber pendant: Lando's (Progreso, Mexico), worn here with dentist-frozen face, another "aww!"
Riviera Shirt Dress: Boden
obi belt: Megan Mae Designs, gift from dear friend, worn here with the #1 most fabulous ankle boots the world has ever seen

Though I love the dress's colours and print, I agree with the reviews that this version of it fits large relative to the measurements / size chart, plus I totally need a proper crinoline. Taking the half of my clothes that need it to my alterations lady could be a temporary closet space solution, I am a genius.

olive wool cape: Dem Hats by Lou, a gift from my mother ~15 years ago, worn here layered over fun fur
tulle underskirt: no label, ebay, worn on its own here
purple tights: Joe Fresh
bizarrely awesome blue shoes: Fluevog Prepare Guide, worn here with an exceptionally awesome but not very bizarre outfit

I rarely switch out my earrings - find I feel over-decorated - but teardrop shapes are my favourite, and the blue of these Labradorite stones knows my name. But oh man, let's take a break from sad-face there for something uplifting! This is the bouquet I gathered last Sunday from around my place for my amazing Mom on Mother's Day, it matches: 

That's better. 

And I have this song on repeat in my head: 

Thanks for keeping me company! Hope your moments have long passed as well. Leave me some new earworms in the comments, eh?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Layer Player

Squeezing in a couple of quick posts this week - I must shush so I can clear my photo backlog and get on with a few projects that people are waiting on (hate to be the roadblock, sorry!!!). These pics were from a colder and darker and rainier era a couple of weeks back. 

Unlike last post's simple casual look, there is quite a lot going on in this outfit, which potentially represents the pinnacle of my functional layering achievements. Though I still wouldn't call it "bondage," I was serious about my scarf habit and my workplace's temperature variability: we put on and take off our clothes all day long. (Hi there, naughty-search-term peeps! That is not what I mean!) 

scarf: Becky's (South Padre Island, TX), worn here for farewell-my-dear-hen twirling
black / red / multi patchwork cardigan: Myco Anna, gift from Beary ~7 years ago
olive snakeskin-texture belt: Charming Charlie
khaki dress: Fat Beauty, thrifted, worn here
sheer-layered black skirt: Nygard collection, thrifted, worn here
shorty paisley / floral patterned rubber cowboy rain boots: Corky's, worn here

The thing is that all of the layers have to be functional - there's no hiding anything ill-fitting or that can't also be worn on its own, because one must constantly de-layer and re-layer. With this combination I could further strip down to my black tank top and skirt, and because the tights are footless, switch socks and boots for a pair of flip-flops. Which, I know, flip-flops - but they can fit in my giant purse along with my daytimer.

In the other temperature direction, I had on this ruffly trench coat as outerwear, but might also include this olive-green wool cape on its own or on top of the whole thing - including over my head if necessary which it sometimes is, especially on fresh-haircut days. (Aw, man - that last link was my first-ever-goodbye-hen post. But it also has Beary looking adorable in a suit, so go see anyway.) 

How many outfits-in-one is that? I was also happy about the triple-threat pattern-mix. I'm joining up with the multitudes for Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, and wishing everyone temperate comfort, seeing as how it can't always be joy. Joy, though - yes please - whenever, wherever we can.

P.S. EDITED to add: also making an appearance at the Shoe Shine party hosted by Bella of The Citizen Rosebud. Shoes! And boots. :)

P.P.S. Flashing forward to the future for Anne's 52 Pick-me-up: Get Layered linkapalooza at Spy Girl.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Super Shag

Well, that ought to up the already-substantial entertainment value of my search terms, but what I mean is this here hairdo. I'd already left it a week past my usual bi-weekly mowing when I had a clipper-malfunction. Typical, but luckily immediately apparent rather than occurring partway through. See? Things can always be worse. 

For instance, at the time of the knocking-over-500-packs-of-live-mealworms-incident, while I didn't happen to have a handy-dandy chicken on my person or waiting in the car to help with clean-up (unlike the morning I was stranded at the bar with my hen Maryjane), not as many of the containers opened as could have. 

vintage plastic bangle: Netty Vintage
Swiss Army watch and usual black-and-silver bits: detailed info here
wood bangle: mall store, can't recall, worn here

Everything is back to rights and I am freshly shorn again, but looking at these pics from Monday I'm thinking that it wouldn't take me long at all to develop some giant 80's hair. It really does grow straight up in the front - volume has never been an issue. On the other hand, the main advantage of self-haircuts, besides not needing to leave the house, is having more money for shoes.

Further to search terms, I've accumulated a bunch of fresh favourites, and 85 posts / 55 000 pageviews seems like a good time to celebrate by sharing the fun with y'all. Thanks everyone for visiting! (Except the ongoing multiple hits from a random hotel promotion. I suspect they are not all that interested in my outfits.)

paisley pashmina scarf: gift from dear friend, worn here
grey top: Ricki's, thrifted, worn here
jeans: UB jeans, thrifted, worn here
brown suede cowboy boots: BCBGeneration, Dillard's, worn here

older style can opener - how old are the cans you're opening? Playing with fire, my friend. 
wide flower loose pants - sound awesome! I want some too!
big grey bird with red head florida - red-headed stork, lucky duck. Great outfits on those birds, gorgeous palette.  
mullet and oakleys - You are fabulous. Call me. 
bondage wide belt - okay, there is liking, and then there is LIKE-liking. 
gray haired woman wearing yellow gold earrings - wonderful if you're a gold-wearer, go for it!
40 birthday presents women - oh, I so hope you got her something excellent. HBD!
scarf bondage - huh. I realize 58 of 85 posts is a lot of scarves, but it's for my office's temperature variability and I CAN STOP ANY TIME I WANT. 
cruller donut gewy - delicious, but through the screen maybe not so 'gewy'? 

cow lick hair - also delicious, warm and salty. Perhaps a bit on the slimy side. 
bondage earrings ow?
grandma rubber boots - dry-footed grannies are the best kind, aren't you sweet. 
how do you kill a dust bunny - tell me if you find out, I am overrun. 
my petticoat is showing right on! 
lady mohair bondage photos just how tight and itchy do you really want your sweaters? 
plus size women in cowboy booties with skirts - make me feel like dancing! You?
outfits mit rubberboots - a tutu and a chicken will complete your ensemble nicely. 
where does amber from butane anvil - where do I what? WHERE DO I WHAT???????

rectangular ring: consignment, worn here

fluevog original swordfish - Divine. Two of my three pairs are here and here.
picture beautiful girl hand scarf bondage - gee, thanks! (I think.)
red obi belt pencil skirt green blouse - sounds like a festive combo!
mom in a trench coat - is so cool, I love her. 
champion hens - aww, in my heart, they all are. 
gaucho pants - are the pants of champions. And hens. 
mardi gras high socks I bet you had a fantastic time! 
middle aged motorcycle jacket - perfectly worn in, of course. 
older and older look skirt blouse - older and older is where it's at, man. 
comfortable shoes for grandmas - if you mean comfortable AND way-funky, let's talk. 
smart nomad clothes - I'm actually more of a homebody, but not averse to adventure, and getting better at packing light. Yay! 

You naughty folk with all of your longings have my sympathy. I'll chalk it up to stray sparks from the Beltane fires and offer up a song: