Monday, 1 April 2013

Bring Me Another One

First up, a bunch of heartfelt thank-yous - the brilliant Veshoevius honoured me with the Versatile Blogger Award, and the tremendous Helga included my meet-up with the Forest City Fashionista in her initial instalment of Friday's Five. So nice! With the upcoming demise of Google Friend Connect, I'm also appreciating how many folks have switched over to follow Butane Anvil on Bloglovin' - thank you for reading and staying connected through times of sparser posts. 

paisley pashmina scarf: a gift from my mother
amber necklace: a gift from my mother, detail here
hooded cardigan: Majora, Colours, worn here
plaid wool skirt: Madam Rene,  thrifted
tulle underskirt for extra swing and floof: no label, ebay, worn here
boots: Vivienne Westwood, My Habit, worn here

I'm also grateful to the friends who noticed my absence and stayed in touch by email. I am okay! Time and energy suddenly got wicked scarce (even more than usual) as other areas of life have become temporarily way more demanding. I've been missing visiting blogs and leaving comments. 

Do you also struggle with wanting to do too many things, and find yourself not giving anything the attention you'd like? How do you ever choose what to let go of when you're in love with everything?

vintage grey leather coat: Derbers Voco Leather-Fashions, Netty Vintage, worn here
watch and bracelets: details here

The situation is paralleled in my closet - though I'd just picked up a vintage wool circle skirt, I was somehow unable to leave this one behind. I'm linking up with Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, where there is always lots to love. See you there!


  1. So happy to see you all gray/blue/plaid-y! Hope things are settling down a bit. I heard you when you asked how do you choose when you love it alL! Blogging certainly takes time, too.

    Wishing you a joy filled week and some time to catch your breath. xxxxoooo!!

  2. P.s. I adore the way the straps on those amazing booty echo the black line of the plaid.

    1. I never could type. Let's try BOOTS!!! not booty. :-)

    2. :D Not that kind of blog! Though you'd never know it from the naughty search terms that bring folks here! xoxo or I should say xxx


  3. I've missed you! and life does get in the way of blogging, doesn't it? One cannot have enough vintage circle skirts, imo. This one is fantastic! Thanks for linking up.

  4. Missed you, Amber! Love the circle skirt - I adore the soft blues and greys of this look.

  5. The boots! The skirt! Oh dearie me, I am in love. Your outfit almost makes me wish for colder weather again (ALMOST).

    I'm frequently overbooking myself. Lately, far too much. I usually start with what things are most dire and in need of caring for, then filter everything down from there. I also try to spread my time between everything. It does drive me bonkers to leave things unattended, especially in the way of blog reading or book reading or things that I love. I often sacrifice my full attention to multi-task so I can get everything done. I also attempt not to commit to anything if I can help it. Terrible! But it keeps me from over-committing to social functions, school work, work-work, and blog work. I often say "I'll do my best" and enjoy what I am able to do.

  6. Twirl-o-rama circle skirt, especially with that undercover tulle booster. Yes, life can spin pretty fast. Then trying to step off of it is a jolt too. But I am happy to see you again. Absences are all of course understandable. I culled my closet big time too, but the remaining pieces got so full of themselves that there's still no room... Ahh. The battle continues. Like you, I hope it's win-win. By the way, did I say how gorgeous you still are?

  7. Hey glad to see you back and looking fab as usual! Congratulations of the award, you deserve it. Beautiful skirt mixed with the texture of the scarf and interesting boots. Love seeing women in plaid, makes me dream of simpler times when life was slower.

  8. There you are! I have missed your posts and your always thoughtful comments, Amber!
    I have no idea how anyone juggles all their commitments and gives everything proper attention. I have fewer things demanding my time than many people do, and I still have trouble. I hope the recent demands on your time and energy have been oh-well-just-one-of-those-things, and neither unhappy nor stressful.
    So you are back looking delicious! Love that checked skirt in all its woolly circular beauty - you are allowed more than one, it's not a crime! I am a devotee of little ballerina-style tie cardigans like that, I like the nipped-in-ness of them without the formality of a jacket. And the boots are awesome. But then your boots are always awesome!
    Good to have you back, my dear friend. xxxx

  9. What a gorgeous skirt! It really makes the outfit.

    Blogging is a funny thing, isn't it? Sometimes I think it's so weird and vain. Then a day later I can't wait to create a post, read other posts, see what's going on. You are always inspiring - and Versatile!

  10. I get quite panicky when I can't get to everything that's important to me! Then I have a little spaz, and realise there's only SO much I can do in a day!
    I was so happy to see you pop up, your absence has been felt!
    You look like a ballet dancer, and I've just realised that you must have done ballet?! Beautiful posture. I love LOVE that skirt, I am feeling the need for plaid for the upcoming cooler months, when they finally arrive!
    Yep, I've connected with you via Bloglovin, still not too sure how this Google Reader demise will affect things, but I know who I want and need to stay connected with, so she'll be right, as we say down here! XXX

  11. I couldn't take my eyes off of that gorgeous skirt and those BOOTS!!! Love the outfit!!
    Due to health issues (Fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue) I've HAD to learn to prioritize and keep my tasks in small manageable bites. And i still get over-whelmed!!!

  12. I couldn't have left that gorgeous circle skirt behind either. I'll be switching my dying Google RSS to BlogLovin, too - so see you there! I have way more creative imaginings than time to make them real. But I'm trying hard to focus on things that bring me or my family joy, pending the BMT for the Teen, and I have a special project I hope to share on the ol' blog soon.

    No matter how often you post, your posts are always worth waiting for.

    Love you lots,

  13. Dear Amber, So happy to see you back! Your entire outfit makes me swoon. Your post resonates, as I find myself in the same situation, loving so many things in my life and having only so many hours in the day. Perhaps it's a good thing that our lives are rich and full! Thank you for the beauty that you brought to my life this morning!

  14. Nice to see you back! Wonderful outfit! I like the dash of punk the tartan circle and Westwood pirate boots give it. I think Vivienne herself would love this outfit!
    And to your question "Do you also struggle with wanting to do too many things, and find yourself not giving anything the attention you'd like?"
    All the time!! Have had to just try and forgive myself for having to stop some things and concentrate on others at times.

  15. amber welcome back. i too find time is short. i do my blogging while watching tv at night.
    your outfit is lovely , very calm colours. love lucyx

  16. Hey, nice to see you again, in your fiercely full plaid skirt and funky strapped boots! I definitely understand the time crunch - it had been a week between my last two posts, which was ages in blogtime, but sometimes you just can't keep all the balls in the air, and I think it's ok to admit that. Time does go by faster as you get older, and the days just fly, especially when you are working full time and sometimes there is no energy or inspiration left at the end of the day. Although, sometimes it works the opposite where I get my energy and inspiration from blogging, so it goes...

  17. Coolest boot in the universe. Greatest skirt, and the entire outfit evokes very romantic, space-cowboy adventures in the future in the Scottish Highlands. And a space ship.
    Seriously, lovely you. And so glad you're well, happy and back.
    Do what you love best, when you can.
    Just glad to see you.

  18. Welcome back my dear! What a gloriously romantic outfit, you look as if you're about to dance a lovely highland jig in that beautiful skirt! And the boots, the boots! Seriously gorgeous on you.

  19. You do look great in the ensemble you've put together today, Amber. And it's good to see you at Visible Monday. When you go for more than a week without appearing in the bloghood, I have withdrawal symptoms, I must admit.

  20. glad you're back!!, love how your skirt and scarf textures work together, delightful!!, and also love that grayish shades, they're so evocative and pretty!, fabulous boots too!
    welcome, dear lady & besos

  21. Hello there! I popped across from Patti's link as you stood out as beautifully visible in this wonderful outfit! That skirt is AWESOME (and even more so with the poofy petticoat! I almost wore a short red one with my short blue dress I wore yesterday and then didn't as I worried it was OTT (as SO bright)- wish I had done now!!!). What an amazing find! You look lovely and I love the whole combo! Tis great to 'meet' you!!!
    Re the letting go of things when you love so many things- this is something I have struggled with all my life! I love so many things and I have spent most of my life manically busy! Even as a teenager,I was having instrument lessons in flute, viola, recorder, piano, singing whilst playing in 2 orchestras, a band, a jazz band, 2 choirs and a recorder ensemble alongside practising, working 2 evenings a week in a chip-shop, doing 5 A'levels (it was customary to do 3 in my school), playhing in all the school groups AND somehow finding time to do homework (esp history essays- 4 a week!) and have a social life. Not sure how I did it in retrospect!
    Nowadays, I try to do a little of what I love, even if I am busy because I don't want work to be my all but I am a lot more ruthless at saying no!!xx

  22. Fabulous as always! That is such a perfect skirt with the boots xx

  23. Ok so Im either repeating a comment or my comment vanished! Such a lovely skirt and the colour is perfect with those boots. Ive hardly had time for blogging of later either such is life xx

  24. I covet your boots so hard. If we were the same size I'd rent a car and come steal them! ;). Having just moved and put my stuff in storage I can honestly say I am overly attached to all of my clothing and shoes.

  25. Hey Amber, nice to see you back! I've missed your posts and comments!
    I know exactly what you mean about not having time... I was talking about it with Curtise yesterday as well. I have been struggling a lot with keeping tabs on everyone I like reading :(
    Anyway, Your skirt is really nice and I like the little cache coeur too!
    Hope you're feeling great and with renewed energy to restart blogging.

  26. What a lovely skirt. Cool and classy in one!


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber