Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fun With Fun Fur

Thanks for your kind responses to my last post - I'm finally feeling better, but slow to get back up to speed. In addition to kindness, lately I am the grateful recipient of so much patience and good humour. 

vintage grey leather coat: Derbers Voco Leather-Fashions, Netty Vintage, worn here
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction, shown here
vintage brown fun fur maxi skirt: handmade / no label, Netty Vintage
shoes: Fluevog Pindown Farrah

watch and bracelets: details here
burnout velvet scarf: gift from my best friend, Wales

I initially left this skirt behind in the shop, because how many places can you wear a brown fun fur maxi skirt? Turns out it's entirely practical - my office is cold, this outfit was also excellent on a long day with lots of car travel time (no bunching, yay!), plus it's one of those fantastically funny garments that secretly crack me up the whole time I'm wearing them. Perfect.

I'm glad it waited for me after all. How can the world not be a good place when there has been a person in it who made this skirt? 

I am also very glad to find people going about personal style in similar ways - the hilarious WendyB and her crazy-legs boots, Mrs. D and her new "totally inappropriate looks for the office" series, and Sheila, who just might be as klutzy as me but doesn't let that stop her from being fabulous. 

In my most recent mishap, another highly public episode though fortunately not involving blood or fire, I upset a shelf in the pet store - the one displaying stacked containers of 500 live mealworms. Being a magnet for that kind of thing sometimes has me moving through the world very carefully, which of course makes it worse. For the tightrope-walking days, this get-up works well with these boots too.

rectangular ring: consignment, worn here

Without others' kindness and patience and humour, rather than just cringing a bit, I'd surely be incapacitated by my desperate awkwardness. This week as I've travelled outside my areas of expertise and greatest competence, I have a particular appreciation for the encouragement of highly accomplished people who have retained their generosity toward the still-learning. 

leather and silver teardrops necklace: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), detail here

Sometimes one must simply zip on a fun fur maxi skirt and give'r, eh? I'm off to have a go at linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, ideally without tripping, spilling, or breaking anything on the way.

P.S. too late - just smashed a glass into the dishwater, lol.
*tiptoes through rest of day*

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Holey Holey Holey

Oh my god, you guys. I can't remember the last time I've been so dramatically, wretchedly, miserably ill - just a cold, but an especially humbling one with a long, long valley more resembling an abyss.  

merino wool turtleneck: Italtempo, Winners, worn here
holey cropped bell-sleeved hoodie: Double Zero, passed along by a dear friend
skirt: Joe Fresh, worn here with similar "eh, just threw on black clothes" outfit
thermal leggings: Elita
shorty cowboy boots: WalM*rt men's section clearance, worn here

antique pin: a gift from my father, worn here

How is it that on single-task days, like Having Bath or Doing One Load Laundry (which is still sitting in the dryer from Wednesday), when preparing or otherwise acquiring food isn't an option because that's another task so it's dry taco shells and baby carrots for dinner, there are still so many dirty dishes? Why does everything have so many steps?

I'm coming around a little now but being even more desperately behind on life amplifies the general despair. I'm channelling Gary Oldman in Immortal Beloved when the carriage gets stuck in the mud. Bring me Kahlua chocolates.

These photos are from two weeks ago, well prior to onset of the plague. This ensemble would have greatly pleased 15-year-old-me, which is something at least, she sure didn't get much satisfaction at the time. It's even a spring outfit because there is a flower.

To spare you further details of my abject suffering, make up a little for my radio silence, and take me away from all the grotty phlegm, boogers, dishes, and paperwork, here is some enhanced content: 

I was stoked to be included in the Digital Catwalk series created by Anne of Spy Girl - what a generous gift! By which I mean Anne's super talent, her fantastic artwork, and also the stupendous legs she has so kindly bestowed upon me. Thanks, Anne! Check out her whole series here. 

Pictures of our new chicks, though the brooder heat lamp doesn't make for great photo conditions. Here on March 25 they were one day old, still small as eggs. My favourite is when they pass out sprawled, feet everywhere. And also when they run around peeping.

We have two each of Columbian Rock Cross, Black Sex Link, and Barred Rock. No names yet, but we really should stop calling one Barred Rock "String Bum" (because she arrived with a piece of lint really stuck to her) and the other "Poo Bum" (because you can guess why).

vintage handmade snakeskin-print rain cape: Black Market Clothing (Toronto, early '80s)
The Travelling Yellow Skirt: Joe Fresh with hand-customizations, from Melanie by way most recently of Tami
pointy buckle boots: shop on Queen West I can't recall (Toronto, early '80s)

Yesterday I managed to lurch outdoors to test a Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show idea. Related to a conversation last weekend and today's outfit post, it included actual artifacts of my 15-year-old self. 

What would your younger selves think of what you're wearing now? Of what you're doing with your life? How do you honour your past's promise, pain, or wishes, if those are things that hold meaning for you? 

I'll be joining up with Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style, come and see us there!  

Monday, 8 April 2013

Just Like the Other One

Okay, here is my White Swan version of this outfit. Reminiscent of last post's vintage plaid wool circle skirt situation, I already had a black shirtdress of eerily similar material, fit, and sleeve length but couldn't help it - had to have this grey one too. 

scarf: Charming Charlie, worn here
grey shirtdress: Miss H, thrifted
blue beaded necklace and bracelet:
Gabii's (Progreso, TX), worn here
obi belt: Elizabeth Kelly London, etsy, worn here
skirt: Joe Fresh, worn here
rubber cowboy rain boots: Yippy Natural Rose Skull, Nomad Footwear, worn here

all the other wrist business: detailed here
amber ring: a gift from my mother, detail here
silver water ring: some booth or other ~20 yrs. ago, detail here

I also have the exact same obi belt and same Joe Fresh skirt in black. Hmm. May I just say that I've somehow managed to avoid buying the same shoes or boots in all the colours, because my other patterned rubber cowboy rain boots are shorties - totally different.  

Apparently, I like what I like. Speaking of, a new-ish blog I highly recommend is Ann Wood's Blue Hue Wonderland, gorgeous and amazing.  

I'm heading over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style to catch up with all y'all gorgeous and amazing people at Visible Monday. My blog-commenting remains sparse for the super-busy time being, but know that I'm keeping tabs on my blogroll and sending you as much love as ever.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bring Me Another One

First up, a bunch of heartfelt thank-yous - the brilliant Veshoevius honoured me with the Versatile Blogger Award, and the tremendous Helga included my meet-up with the Forest City Fashionista in her initial instalment of Friday's Five. So nice! With the upcoming demise of Google Friend Connect, I'm also appreciating how many folks have switched over to follow Butane Anvil on Bloglovin' - thank you for reading and staying connected through times of sparser posts. 

paisley pashmina scarf: a gift from my mother
amber necklace: a gift from my mother, detail here
hooded cardigan: Majora, Colours, worn here
plaid wool skirt: Madam Rene,  thrifted
tulle underskirt for extra swing and floof: no label, ebay, worn here
boots: Vivienne Westwood, My Habit, worn here

I'm also grateful to the friends who noticed my absence and stayed in touch by email. I am okay! Time and energy suddenly got wicked scarce (even more than usual) as other areas of life have become temporarily way more demanding. I've been missing visiting blogs and leaving comments. 

Do you also struggle with wanting to do too many things, and find yourself not giving anything the attention you'd like? How do you ever choose what to let go of when you're in love with everything?

vintage grey leather coat: Derbers Voco Leather-Fashions, Netty Vintage, worn here
watch and bracelets: details here

The situation is paralleled in my closet - though I'd just picked up a vintage wool circle skirt, I was somehow unable to leave this one behind. I'm linking up with Visible Monday at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, where there is always lots to love. See you there!