Saturday, 16 March 2013

Travel Capsule in Action part 2 of 2

Regular outfits will return following these two features on my recent travels to Texas. 

Saying a pre-dawn goodbye to my parents at the airport, 
prior to that darn eye-mist blurring everything: 

Yesterday's post showed three of the four pieces that my travel capsule organized itself around: grey-and-black striped maxi skirt, giant Thai fisherman pants, and the large-print maxi dress. Together with the patterned skirt below, all of the pieces layered well with t-shirts and / or tank tops, the button-front shirt, long cardigan, and / or grey motorcycle jacket. They also played nicely with all of the accessories, and if necessary could be worn with any of my three pairs of footwear - the dreaded flip flops or sneakers, and these green Fidji shoes: 

giant crushable ribbon hat: Sun 'N' Sand, Tuesday Morning
sunglasses: Ray Ban, worn here
necklaces: seen in yesterday's post
button-front shirt: Reitman's, worn here
shark-bite hem tank top: Bellina, Winners, worn here
red leather obi belt: Elizabeth Kelly London, etsy, last worn here
patterned skirt: Max Studio, Marshalls, last worn here
shoes: Fidji, last worn here

Two weeks is a nice amount of time to develop a bit of routine while away, and I started my days with sunrise over the Gulf before going to the gym, between which fell the waiting-to-see-if-there-would-be-internet interlude. This was my outfit for that process, which involved precise triangulation of laptop and balcony doors, hence the screen-shading hat: 

3/4 sleeve scoop-neck top: Zellers
enormous pint glass of start-me-up:
Gevalia Morning Roast
yoga pants: can't recall
sneakers: Nike Free

When I visit my parents, my mom and I enjoy to do almost all manner of window shopping, and the decline in regular retail / new clothing quality from last year to this was dramatic. A more substantial proportion of garments were disintegrating on the hangers, and designers previously associated with classic looks and quality construction were un-appealingly "on-trend" with dated-out-of-the-gate stuff. 

handsome fellows ready to light up your life, loved and left, consignment store

What didn't disappoint were thrift and consignment stores, where I picked up the rectangular ring and wool skirt already shown in this post. Despite the generally sad state of things, I somehow managed to find nice items all over the place which overcame my powers of resistance. 

I was pleased with the going-home travel outfit created by piling the bulkiest and the most fragile things on my person, but still had to check my bag, darn it! Practise makes perfect, and we'll see if I can both bring less and buy less next year. 

straw hat: Charming Charlie
green flower: Dillard's, clearance (99 cents)
P.O.'d expression: courtesy of the 4-hour delay to accommodate my suitcase's unplanned side trip to DFW rather than DTW 
green scarf: a gift from my mother
leaf-print jacket: I.C. by Connie K., Becky's, South Padre Island
blue beaded necklace and bracelet: Gabii's, Progreso, Texas
olive cowl-neck jersey dress: Signature by Robbie Bee,

More gorgeous island architecture, and images from a day trip across the border to Mexico, below the jump. It's back to the snow-bound barn from here - thanks for coming along!

beautiful building, South Padre Island


  1. I've really enjoyed your travel pics, Amber. You may feel casually dressed sometimes but you look fantastic. I bet you were the most stylish, gorgeous woman in the entire airport. Your family looks so warm and happy. I'm glad you had a good time. And got some sunshine!

  2. How fabulous to meet with your parents.
    I love your attires and above all your hats.

  3. Looking seriously gorgeous in your stylish travel wardrobe! That heavenly hat! The photographs are so evocative and beautiful.

  4. I think I almost bought that leaf-print jacket at Uko last time I was in San Francisco.

    1. My mom would have totally talked you into it! I'm so glad she did for me.

  5. Love your travel outfit - and I do that too - I wear what I can from my travel-shopping. Your photos are wonderful and evocative of the island life!

  6. HATS! You wear hats so well, Amber, and it looks as though you are building a fine collection.
    I have enjoyed coming along on your trip, that amazing island building and your excursion to Mexico look fabulous. And the photo of you and your parents at the airport is a delight, despite the imminent onset of eye-mist. How great that you and your mum like to peruse the shops together - I can imagine you both, tsk-ing over the poor quality, laughing at the strange (man lamps!), exclaiming over the treasures you unearthed! I bet you chat and laugh the whole time. And I bet you and your parents adore the time you spend with each other. xxxx

    1. The time together is the best! Man-lamps! Somehow we didn't turn them on. ;)

  7. Loved the fact that you had such a lovely time: seeing your delightful parents, and finding bargains and seeing unusual sights. It's all good! My tip for travel packing (especially if I suspect I may find something to buy--- when wouldn't that be?) is to wear and pack my most worn-out and unloved pieces when I leave home. When I find wonderful new things -- the oldies go in the bin. I was a bit sorry to ditch a pair of leather boots on my last trip to France, but I had to admit that they would have cost more to repair than the new boots cost to buy. No contest!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  8. I'm in love with that leaf-print peplum jacket - divine!

  9. It would be such fun to go thrifting with you and your Mom! Thanks for posting the travel pics, and I think your "travel home" outfit is just gorgeous, especially with the hat. You are amassing a pretty enviable hat collection ;)

  10. Ahhh, reduced to mirror photos...and you still look good Ms. Amber! What fun it looks like you had with Mom and Dad. And your outfits look great for hanging out and thrift shopping. Too bad about the luggage though. I go from taking way too much, to not at all enough. I don't know which is worse.

  11. It looks like you had an amazing and always stylish time. I'm still stuck on your hats. I'd love to walk into Charming Charlies and buy a straw hat that fit, but that will never happen. It's kind of like being a girl with size 13

  12. I am SO unimpressed with myself for missing this post!!!
    That home on South Padre Island is my DREAM home!!!! I am so in love with it!
    Love your little outfit collages!

    Now, what the hell else have I missed?!


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- Amber