Sunday, 10 March 2013


I had the most marvellous day with Shelley, the Forest City Fashionista, who in person is even cooler, wonderfully elegant and willowy, so kind and funny, and altogether luminous. She recounts our adventures here.  

photo courtesy of Heather

Over the tremendous swooshing and flapping sound of us walking, punctuated by the clatter of rings, we commiserated over closet space, talked textures and coats, art and belting, labels and buttons and vintage construction, and, of course, got into matters TOP SEEKRIT which will be revealed in time. 

we appear to be Up To Something, pic courtesy of Heather

Shelley wore amazing boots and jewelry, and an utterly fabulous jumpsuit, the details of which had to be seen to be believed. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't get more photos, darn it - bad blogger!

vintage hat: Madelon, Netty Vintage
vintage grey leather coat:
Derbers Voco Leather-Fashions, Netty Vintage
grey felt bag:
Merona, passed along by friend
Gianni Bini, Dillard's, last worn here 

In addition to being touched by the warmth with which Shelley is greeted everywhere she goes, being rooted in community and activism as she is, I so admired her ever-ready style-spotting skills - check out the gloriously-attired young person she encountered while we were shopping. Wow!

Another great fun aspect of visiting the Forest City itself was its outgoing citizens and their enjoyment to connect - at every turn, it was "Awesome hat!," "Are you two sisters?" and "I remember you from the '80's!"

scarf: Charming Charlie, last worn here
grey knit top: Ricki's, thrifted, last worn here
plaid wool skirt: Kasper for J.L. Sport, Ltd., thrifted

As Shelley highlights as well, one of the greatest side-effects of blogging is the friendships. Having a chance to meet in person is the icing gravy accessories - essentially, the best ever.

rectangular ring: consignment
buttonflowers: Megan Mae Designs

Further to connecting, decreasing isolation, and celebrating excellent style, I'm joining up with the Visible Monday crew over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Come join us!


  1. I saw you over at Shelly's earlier this evening!! How fabulous a time you must have had together. You both look utterly glorious. I love your hat with the artistic tendrils and the chic coat.

    Thank you for taking us along! I'm putting London on my must-visit list.

  2. You both look great, but your outfit is just amazing! I love the hat and coat, and that skirt is divine! So glad you had a great time together!

  3. I frigging LOVE your skirt and am MOST disgruntled you two got together!!!!
    I would LOVE to be the meat in that sandwich!!!!

  4. Oh, you got to meet someone! That's so cool - you guys DO look like sisters. Heh, I thought that the curly feathers on the hat were your hair!

    LOVE that leather coat (drool) - you look spectacular, Amber!

  5. Beyond fabulous coat and hat! The grey is lovely on you. Makes me think twice, maybe some vintage shopping in my future? The hat so sweet and delicate. No one makes pieces like that any more, sadly. Two inspiring ladies!

  6. Looks like you both had a fab time! I love your little feathered hat, the fabulous grey leather jacket and the plaid skirt.

  7. You guys looked great and I'm not surprised that people asked if you were sisters :)
    My favourite item is without a doubt your hat!
    Hope you have a great week xx

  8. You both look fabulous! (and yes, related!) And now you've teased us with secrets . . . . Love your leather coat (I thought of Sheila and her love of such things). Thank you for sharing all the glorious goings-on with Visible Monday.

  9. Fun, fabulous, fantastic. A meeting of like minded women, both kind, brilliant and stunning! How wonderful that you live close together and met because of blogging, that wonderful and magical connector.

    Amber, the hat is a work of art! Breathtaking!

  10. We did have a wonderful day, and will most certainly do it again. I was very happy to be able to show you some of my favourite places (and people) and be mistaken for sisters!

  11. Wow! Two stylish ladies! So glad you got to meet up and enjoy each other's company. You both look very happy.

  12. Oh how wonderful you both looked.What a fun day you must've had!!

  13. You both look stunning and glorious to me- I drink you up like a thirsty woman slurping on water. Or tequila. Whatever. The fact is I'm such a big fan of Shelley and you- and you two do look like kindred spirits- thank you both for sharing eachother with me. I can not wait to find the top secret stuff- I hope its a big blogger collab! xo! Bella Q

  14. Two VERY cool ladies and it seeme like you had such great meeting!

  15. So jealous of your meeting. So much fabulousness in one space should be illegal! ;)

    Looking forward to seeing what shenanigans you two got up to.

  16. Sounds like too much fun was had by all. I'm going over to "here" as soon as I'm finished. You look grand in all your neutrals and the hat is just fabulous. A bit of Dr. Seuss even. Just a delight. And teasing us with secrets. tsk tsk. You know just how to get a girl going.

  17. I am so in love with how your hat plays with your hair. Gorgeous! And what a fabulous duo you two make. You're both so fashionably dressed, I bet you turned lots of heads. Hope you had a great time!

  18. you both look so fabulous and love so much your style than it's just delightful watching your posts!
    Your hat drives me crazy, indeed!

  19. Love seeing you stylish ladies together!

  20. You are both adorable, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  21. What a great post! The thing I noticed, besides the obvious amount of fun the two of you were having, is how great your skin looked. I mean, for both of you. Fabulous, fabulous. Is it the cold weather?

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  22. Yes! Luminous, the both of you. Happy travels, Amber!

  23. Oh my goodness, I can't take the awesomeness of you two together! I am having the VAPORS! Where is my fainting couch?

    At first I thought the feathers on your cap were medusa tendrils of hair. As I scrolled down, I saw the error of my vision. It's a good concept though, right?

    Btw, I keep thinking about that photo of you with the mermaid hair. Such a lovely young thing! Me, I had Morticia hair. Ah, youth.

  24. I think you and Shelley are both luminous - you radiate style, fierce intelligence and good humour, and I am not in the least surprised you got on wonderfully well and had some Top Secret plans to attend to!
    As much as I love seeing two of my favourite bloggers together, I will confess to a peep of jealousy - I wanna play too!
    I had to double check, but yes, I see that amazing trench coat is in fact leather (I knew Sheila would love it!) and it looks spectacular with the beautifully delicate hat (which I also knew Judith would particularly appreciate).
    Blogger meet ups are good for the soul. And the belly, there should always be good food involved as well, and plenty of belly laughs too! xxxxx

  25. You both look great! What a wonderful outfit Amber, such a soft grey and gorgeous floaty skirt, plus I'm in awe of that amazing hat! So glad you had a inspirational time with a fellow blogger.

  26. I am so jealous that you guys got to hang out together - I would have loved to be there. You both look smashing. What a great vibe you both have. Do tell your matters top seekrit!

  27. You guys look crazy beautiful together; I know you had fun. So far, I've met Megan Mae and Ally, and may meet Dylan this spring. I keep hoping one day one of us will figure out a central place to meet - that fits some modest travel budgets :)


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