Friday, 8 February 2013

Feathers, Flares, and Fleece

Okay, I so love talking and talking to y'all, but I have to shush because this morning I caught myself repeating an outfit I'd already blogged on purpose so I wouldn't have to do outfit photos and thus contribute to my blog backlog. 

The day I wore this was bitterly cold but I was fantastically warm inside and out, the top half of this ensemble being gifts from a special aunt, my sister, and a friend. Plus: feathered toque, mohair, velvet, and polar fleece! 

crochet cap with feather ornamentation: Aldo, gift from Auntie D
purple-red-black burnout velvet scarf:
gift from my sister, ~10 years ago
mohair / wool sweater with flared sleeves and pin closure: Esprit, passed along by friend, ~6 years ago
polar fleece skirt: Theory, Winners, early 2000s
wicked-pointy cowboy boots: Brown's I.D., Holt Renfrew, 2005, last worn here,
legend here

This sweater is so light and soft and warm, and way better suited to dramatic gestures than to buffet dining. Overall, I felt a bit fancy for work, but at least my toque and polar fleece weren't like everyone else's. Really, it might as well be fun. 

My amazing friend Jean of Dross Into Gold is wearing a similar (but more wonderfully flared!) skirt in her post here. Mine, bunch slightly unbecomingly around the hips though it may, is a mitten for my legs, and so I forgive it everything. 

I'm not so much piling on the all-black on purpose, or in relation to  a rumoured resurgence in popularity (the horror!), just that these warmest winter clothes last forever and I came by them during my Dark Ages. 

I often joke that every age I've experienced has been "that awkward age," but here I see the edges of the rather grand old lady I might yet become.


  1. I love your feathered cap and the dramatic silhouette of this outfit! It's wonderful! You could almost have stepped out of another era but the modern touches anchor this look to the present. I love that the skirt looks almost Edwardian but is made of fleece!

  2. You will definitely be a "grand old lady", Amber! I love the shape of this outfit, from your bum (yes, I said it - your bum looks amazing in this skirt!) to your sassy feathered headdress.

    Wonderful look!

  3. Ah, the edges of the grand old lady - how that thought makes me happy today. For you, for me, for all of us who have felt awkward or unsure at some time, the G.O.L. awaits!

    Love this all-black, cozy look and the hat! is wonderful.

  4. I'm sorry, but I LOVE all that black. Not being able to empty my "concert black" closet, even though I'm not playing any longer, will attest to that! Now...I need your help...PRONTO! What should I wear to this performance tonight? My beloved yoga teacher is the tree, and choreographer for this piece. Keep in mind, it's freezing cold here. Thanks in advance for your help, esteemed Amber. P.S. Reading and viewing your blog is a high light of my day <3

  5. Gosh what a gorgeous post Amber, you look stunning in that wonderful outfit! I love the toque, and it goes perfectly with the graceful lines of your sweater and skirt, very 1930s cafe society! Plus toasty warm I bet. Mittens for the legs are what we all need right now in these cold climes, love the phrase.

  6. I think that those fabulous feathers have gone to your head, Amber... Your gorgeously angled poses in this post seem very Society Lady of the early 20th century! Mohair and velvet have clear credentials in terms of old-world elegance, but polar fleece? Who knew a fleece skirt (or mittens for your legs - great phrase!) could look so glamorous?! Your black-on-black ensemble is both warm and stylish, and I think the hat is leading the way!
    Oh yes, so many "awkward ages" to go through, but how fabulous to be working our way towards Grand Old Lady-ship!
    Have a great weekend, my elegant feathered friend! xxxxxx

  7. That sweater looks gloriously soft! The hat really clinches the outfit together with a beautiful elegance. I think you're a Grand Lady already, but with your wonderful energy and life, I can't imagine you'll ever be old! I wish I had half the elegance you carry yourself with.

  8. My goodness, why are you so amazing at layering?!! You look gorgeous. And the poses are the best.

    Happy Weekend, Amber!


  9. You look fabulous!!!I love the toque!!!

  10. G.O.L - I love it, by golly! That skirt looks wonderful, and fleece is so easy to care for. And

    I love that pose with your profile - reminds me of the painting of Madame X by John Singer Sargent. Only you could wear that hat. You have such flair!

  11. looks so comfy! the feathered hat is my favourite bit :D

  12. Amber, you really know how to create the most incredible silhouettes! So elegant and dramatic, and very inspiring. I love all the different textures, and the great feather decoration. All together a gorgeous outfit!

  13. I can't believe I almost missed this glorious outfit! (and thank you for the shout out). The only thing I don't like about all black outfits is that they're hard to photograph. Otherwise, my heart will always belong to black. Your silhoutte is so elegant here, romantic yet practical. LOVE IT. I'm viewing this on my phone and I can't wait to get home to see all the details. xxoo

  14. Beautiful! Hope you met a lot of people in that outfit.

  15. The elegance that you portray! The outfit with hat - sublime.

  16. I like it when bloggers repeat versions of prior published outfits. It makes them seem like real women with normal budgets who can't buy this season's entire J. Crew catalog the second it hits the internet ;P

    You are always so elegant. I love the long flow of the all black, and I really would be completed if I could just pet your sweater.

  17. I don't know how I missed this! I love it! Just fabulous. I would wear it all in a minute - although I might have trouble keeping the hat on. A fleece skirt - what a great idea. I want one now. hmmm.

  18. Gasp! You look stunning! I love it!! I agree -- your poses, the fit of the skirt, the feather -- all fabulous!!


    Oh, big PS -- was thinking about you. My sweet mom started a blog, and she has lots of chickens. I thought about your chickens. Her blog is in case you want to see her chickies!


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- Amber