Friday, 15 February 2013

Be Mine

I couldn't help it:

Cementing the total love for style-blogtopia in my dark and linty heart, there have been so many great antidotes to the over-the-top smarmy commercialism of Valentine's Day! Should you also need some sweet-relief, here are just a few of my FAVOURITE-favourites: Ulla-Marie, Curtise, TFB-Megan, and MMD-Megan

turquoise rose-motif scarf: Gabii (Texas), last worn here
black shirtdress: Smart Set, thrifted, last worn here
obi belt: Elizabeth Kelly London, etsy, last worn here
tulle skirt: no label, ebay
rubber cowboy rain boots (with green soles!): Yippy Natural Rose Skull, 

Nomad Footwear 

Thank you everyone for your wonderful stories of garments which have become memory-rich, named, and legendary items. In a moving piece over at The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe, Veshoevius shares how personal and cultural geography, ancestral history, memory, relationships, and art came to be woven together in a sarong. Our symbolisms and meaning-makings associated with how we clothe our bodies are endlessly fascinating to me.

Being that rainy days and getting dressed both fall under the umbrella of "things that might as well be fun," I had to have these boots, which I love for their green soles and rose-bedecked pop-eyed skulls grinning back at me. As is usual, ease of acquisition was inversely proportionate to desire - there were a couple of issues with my order, but Nomad's customer service was top-notch throughout. And yes, it was incongruously way sunny at outfit-picture-time.


These thoughts are inspired by my friend Debbi's aversion to skull-decorated garments: Out of all the increasingly-prevalent skull-motif stuff I have seen over the past 20 years, some of it pretty cool, I can't think of a single other 'skeletal' item I've acquired. No real reason; I'd say my feelings are on the pleasant side of neutral. 

I do associate skulls and bones with the time period previous to that, my teens - loved 'em then! - knuckles loaded with rings, glow-in-the-dark earrings with red rhinestone eyes, (dis)jointed bits dangling from motorcycle jacket zippers and drawn everywhere. I even made myself a bone-shaped hair barrette out of papier-mache, which I'm sure went a treat with my school uniform. 

Other patterns / motifs I admire on others but wear very little of or not at all myself include - for no particular reason other than "don't think it suits me" - animal prints of any kind. My single accidental item is the surprise leopard lining of a trench coat I bought online. 

Also not for me - but with reason - are designs which may have cultural appropriation issues were I to wear them out of context or without specific connection, such as those belonging to Native, African, or other Aboriginal people. 

How about you? Any motif(s) you love, give the side-eye to, wear tons of, or avoid? Why? 


  1. I tend to give skulls a pass for myself, but can appreciate on others. Those boots are fabulous, especially the bit of Grateful Dead imagery going on with the roses. (Still love The Dead.) I'm also usually not into reptile textures or prints, though do have one pair of snakeskin print shoes that won me over.

  2. I never pass on anything, and I love and wnat your boots.
    You have such an eye for footwear, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I LOVELOVELOVE those boots. SO cool. I love stars, of course. I don't wear florals - they don't feel like me. I'm not that girl, whatever flowers mean. I don't really go for hearts or anything. I stay away from anything too twee. I really love cute things though so it's often a balance of is this too cute or just quirky enough?

    I love skeleton prints, but rarely find myself drawn enough to buy something. I have found myself interested in x-ray styled prints, but nothing in my price range has popped up. I also have a recent obsession with fish (namely koi) and other aquatic figures. Which is weird because I'm an Earth sign all around, but maybe my life has been a bit dry haha.

    Even though I have a high precentage of Native American blood - I find myself too Scottish looking to get away with anything fringed or otherwise 'Native American' themed. I have admittedly worn some India-Indian things, but eventually felt despite my love for the clothes, it wasn't my culture and re-donated my kurta.

    Of course, all that said - I still find things from time to time that are completely outside my zone but I fall in love anyway and give it a shot.

  4. Ahh, those boots - they speak to me in the most joyful language: "be mine!" : > Love this outfit, with the striking red obi belt to draw the eye in.

  5. I think your scarf makes the outfit. it is very well put together. I love flowery fabric , or fabrics with birds.

  6. Whoa! Those boots are straight out of someone's nightmare. Very cool.

  7. More amazing boots! I love the color of the scarf against the color of the obi - two of my favorite colors.

    The more I see skulls and leopard print, the more I avoid them just to be contrary. By the time the trends are dying out, I'll probably decide I might as well get on the train. Actually, I already have some leopard prints, but I can't see myself ever wearing skulls.

  8. The boots are very special and you wear them well! The green heels are a surprise; it's all about the details. The obi belt and scarf provide even more details to love.

    I have loved leopard print for years and wear it in some form about once per week. I would wear it if it was a trend or not and love the fact that each of us have our favorites.

  9. I love your tulle skirt and obi belt and those boots are amazing! I am one of those people who avoids skulls though - peculiar as I'm a huge Alexander McQueen fan and don't consider myself deeply superstitious. I am a big animal print fan though! Would love to see your leopard lined trench!
    Thank you also for the mention!

  10. Those boots are just fabulous!
    Love the all black with the wee blasts of red and turquoise, not forgetting the green heels!
    I love a bit of animal print but own nothing with skulls on, nor do I expect to (not me, though great on others...) I don't do logos of any kind, and I am mystified by the popularity of Hello Kitty among adult women! But hey, wouldn't do for us all to be the same! xxxx

  11. I love skulls too and like wearing them to work despite their probable inappropriateness for work. My treasure is my Alexander McQueen blouse covered in skulls and bones. I've only worn it once though.

    I hate anything heart shaped. It's just too twee for me.

  12. Those are THE best rainy day boots ever! I'm drawn to skulls and other dark themed prints, but I tend to favour solid colours for most of my outfit pieces. I do like stripes, polka dots and plaids for tights and scarves though. I had to laugh at Curtise's comment about Hello Kitty, as I was a big fan in my early 30's....

  13. Oh! Thanks sweet queen of rubber boots! You make me so happy!

  14. O, I love LOVE those boots! They're invredibly funky! Wonderful shots of colour into the dark here!
    Logos make me wanna puke, but I adore leopard, polka dots, stripes and flowers...never used to like skulls, but I do now! XXX

  15. I'm really loving that obi belt with the boots. Awesome.

  16. Amazing boots Amber - of course they had to be yours! I love seeing skulls without the Rhinestones like McQueen does it. That's what we see here all the time. I can't wait to see them again soon! Great combination of red obi and turquoise scarf, and green soles!

  17. A bone-shaped hair barrette DIY? You had to have been way, way cooler than everyone. And way to get around a dress code :)

    Every single time you wear these boots, they are all I can see. If we ever meet in person, please don't wear these. I will look very odd staring at your feet continuously. I almost certain it's those green soles.


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- Amber