Sunday, 23 December 2012

Edge of the Wedge

It's been a little echo-y 'round these parts! I've lately been hopelessly lost in the foothills of Paperwork Mountain (I share a distinctly similar relationship with Mending Mountain), though I have still been wearing clothes and taking outfit photos. While I will yet be deeply engaged in avalanche-management and forest-fire-containment on my way towards summiting, I'm looking forward to putting together a few posts here in the coming week.

I notice it's a little echo-y all over the place, but I'll also be glad to get caught up on everyone's blogs, and there are a few of us yet holding down the fort (hi Sheila!). Hope y'all are keeping warm, and enjoying - or at least getting through - your holidays and celebrations, as the case may be. 

This outfit was awesome for a day full of very long drives and sitting in meetings: soft and stretchy, plus killer footwear. I previewed these shoes together with the sweater - and chickens! - in a post about wedge sneakers early on in the blog. 

sweater: Gianni Bini, Dillard's
necklace: Tradewinds (local shop), last worn here
long black t-shirt: Joe Fresh
skirt: Urban Behaviour, thrifted, worn here
green suede wedge sneakers: Gianni Bini, Dillard's (75% off clearance, a.k.a. Shoepocalypse)

bracelets: detailed here
watch: face and info here

The sweater also deeply satisfies my enjoyment of unusually-shaped garments

A highly entertaining side-effect of blogging is getting to see the search terms by which people find you - check out the adventures of CurtiseMegan, and Bella (who wrote a stunning poem with hers). As a wee giftie for you, here are my own Butane Anvil favourites. Notice any themes?

wanted to shave my head - yeah! do it!!!
"size 11" feet - you too, eh? Sucks for selection, huh! 
can a 40 year old wear wedge snea - YES. 
but i lump them - I know! Me too!
embarrassed wearing picc line - oh honey, please don’t be. It’s a totally nifty contraption which delivers life-saving treatment. Hope you feel better soon! 
color associated with horrified - for me, that would be ... salmon. 
socks with clogs - but would they work with orthotics or dogs? 
wonder twin powers haircut 
cut off all my hair - go for it! 
work hard look like mature skirt blouse - I do, but I don’t
dana buchman and smelly pants ch - oh dear. 
as seen on t.v. hair grow anvil
dust bunny bondage - man, I hate cleaning too! 
hoser hats green corduroy - AWESOME! 
normal whorl in harsh light
dress flying up
what is the evidence of gauchos - I have some here, here, and hereNot nearly enough, is it! I need more gauchos, MOAR. 
boots winklepickers femme
grama likes to cut my bangs too short - poor sweetie! 
butane anvil love hair - hey, thanks!
bondage nurse clogs
black velveteen gaucho - ooh, those sound nice! 
better off without em - ha, probably! 
how to prepared the pattern of anvil
hoser - YES!!!
nice compliments for your grandma - aren’t you a dolly! 
drawings of farmers hoeing a field - but don’t just be sitting there while they are working, those things are weapons. 
outdoor raincoat bondage
gauchos - and you need more too, don't you! 
charming ladies in red shoes 

I hope everyone finds what they're looking for. 


  1. Awww! I adore that sweater! How awesome is the fit and flair. I also love how simple but chic this look is. The wedge sneaks are perfect. I'm starting to want a pair myself.

    I do enjoy looking at my search terms! People search for some scary things sometimes, but also amusing things too.

    I like your comments on yours! Especially the gauchos. I'm especially pumped because I got a pair of bloomer like pants for Christmas that I MUST try layering under a dress or skirt. Need to go digging through your archives for ideas.

  2. Hi, Amber! Good to see you, hon, and well proclaiming your hoserhood (take off, eh!).

    Love the cape-y thing - something I love on others but not on me! Joyeux whatever to you - hug.

  3. Obviously you're living in Twin Peaks, which is known for its delicious pie, new shoes (pfffst), and Douglas Fir. Good luck scaling - but better grab a toboggan for that joyful ride down the other side cause I know it's acoming! I adore your wedge sneakers and that pie-chart sweater (sorry, it's the season, everything revolves around sugar). You look spectacular. The search words make me think that the Mayan calendar was far too clever.


  5. haha - love the search word poetry! I shall have to give that a shot sometime. Love your cape sweater and the wedge sneakers!

  6. LOVE! This outfit is fabulous and I want to wear it today, and tomorrow. "Bondage nurse clogs" . . . Curious mind is curious! Have a wonderful Sunday - I too just emerged from under Paperwork (aka Treatment Plan) Mountain : >

  7. Wow those sneakers are amazing, you look like a very glamorous caped crusader!
    Have a very happy and well dressed christmas Amber!

  8. Hmmmm, bondage nurse shoes. Did I miss those, or is that just a super weird troller?

    What size are we? Because I'm wondering if I can teleport over there and swipe that sweater. I saw someone in a secondhand shop trying on a similar sweater, and it was so hard to be nice (but I was) because I wanted her to take it off and walk away from it (she didn't).

  9. I never thought I would actually use this expression, but you look *uber cool* in that sweater and those shoes! Love the watch and bracelets, too. The search terms are pretty interesting. Makes me think I need to be more introspective when I search for things myself. They are anonymous, though, right?

  10. I don't think my previous comment went through in which I actually used the expression *uber cool* to describe this outfit. The sweater and shoes were made for each other in every way - color, style, texture. Just perfect!

    I also wanted to add that I just (finally) looked at the cowboy foursquare knot video. I love the music and the accent together! And I wished I had looked at this video yesterday, because it works great with a scarf I wore last night. I had it tied in a very ordinary knot, and I could have had a foursquare knot!! Damn! Well, I've watched the video 4 times now and made sure I mastered each step so I can use it next time.

    Happy Holidays!

  11. Thank you for the great laugh. Where DO you find those searches? (I'm such a naif it's embarrassing, but I'll risk the exposure because I'm so curious!) We definitely share a love of oddly shaped garments. I would like to be first in line when you decide to pass it on. It's one of my favorite colors, too. The sneakers set it off perfectly. This is one of those outfits that totally changes attitude/character depending on the footwear. Imagine it with a pair of conservative pumps!! Totally different.

    I like your version. :-) It's nice when you can wear what you want, isn't it? XXOO

    1. Hi Jean, sorry I missed your question! I'm not sure how the blogging platform you use (WordPress) might do this, but on Blogger, you go Dashboard-Stats-then the "more" beside Traffic Sources. xoxoxo

  12. Oooh, another thing we have in common - an intense affection for oddly shaped garments!! I am so in awe of the sweater, and those funky wedge sneakers. I haven't done the search engine check yet; I'm kind of afraid to. I love the comments you made on yours. Gauchos rule!

  13. How utterly matchy match are your capey sweater and your wedge heeled trainers? Excellent!
    Oh the joy of the bizarre searches... A constant source of amusement and bewilderment!
    Hope you have achieved the summit and are ready for a wild ride down the other side, Amber. I'm around, it's not echoey over here!
    Enjoy the festivities, however you celebrate them, my dear friend. xxxxxx

  14. Whoa! Those wedge-sneakers are hyper-hip. And the shape of the sweater is chic beyond measure. You select really interesting pieces. Merry Christmas!

  15. Love, love the sweater. I love interesting details on clothing.
    I checked my search terms and man are they boring! Nothing interesting at all. I may have to start writing some spicier posts or something.

  16. Yes, you do look like a super heroine in your ensemble, ready to take on anything that comes your way. Stylish, yet practical and cozy. What every woman wants. I know the keywords from searches are often so weird, I wonder how they can be connected to me/my blog. Yours are great and I enjoyed your added comebacks.

  17. Where did you buy this wedge sneakers. I also saw the same one at, did you buy it there?

  18. Unusually shaped garments intrigue me. A great sweater with the wedge sneakers!

  19. Now I need to know what bondage nurse clogs are?!?!? ha ha xx

  20. Holy cow, I love you. I adore your clothing, your style and your wit.


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber