Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dot Dot Dot

I always have this idea that I will accomplish so much this time of year, but I'm getting better at releasing expectation as I come to accept that it simply never happens that way. This go-'round, my best intentions have been foiled by more car trouble, dental work, and the need to sleep and sleep and sleep.

articulated cicada pin: Ricky Boscarino of Luna Parc, last worn here (way-better detail shots, go see)

dark grey blazer: Scoop - Amazing and Amusement!!, consignment
grey dress: Joe Fresh, last worn here (still haven't mended
that awesome turquoise coat either)
obi belt: Elizabeth Kelly London, etsy, last worn here
peacock scarf: street vendor, Progreso, Mexico, a gift from my mother, last worn here
polka dot tights: Joe Fresh
red shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction, Winners, last worn here

Good thing I still have outfits I wore to work and photographed earlier in the month to share, because I've barely been out of pjs all week. I missed out on some fun stuff, but resting, re-balancing, and fixing things up are necessarily for the best. I'm trying to think if I have ever managed to grow to enjoy something that has frustrated me so.  

I do love this blazer's lop-eared collar and vents at the bottom front princess seams, and that it came with each size of extra flower-button still attached to the label inside. The seasonal incongruity of grey wool and flowers begs to be amplified with a high-summer cicada and autumnal scarf. 

This outfit was a favourite last winter (pre-blog). Though the greys are more harmonious than they photograph, the polka-dot tights I tried with it this day don't work so well - I'll go back to plain (or a more subtle pattern like these checks or these stripes) next time.

Since it's just not possible to completely hate on dear old polka dots, I will add that they helped keep me from feeling totally over-dressed. Acceptance is a step toward enjoyment, right? And starting somewhere, as long as I start, is all I need to do. 

One thing I absolutely enjoy, no question, is joining all the other fabulous bloggers over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday - and no way am I missing out on that!


  1. I love that fabulous little blazer!
    O,I have always been the type who needs to achieve, often making lists and then beating myself up when I can't manage it all....I am learning, finally to relax! And not fret about it. That's a big achievement for me! So I wisely only aimed to get a couple of things done, and have done 2 of them, so I reckon that means I can have a drinkie poo now!

  2. My favorite part of this outfit was actually the tights. I loved how they broke everything up and jumped out. Maybe it's a recent polka dot obsession or something, but I keep finding myself drawn to dots. I keep having to put back dotted pieces at the thrift store because I love the idea of them, but won't wear them when I get them home.

    I hope you and Beary are feeling better and have gotten lots of rest over this winter holiday. I've been practically hibernating when not being pulled around to various family functions.

    And hopefully you'll feel up to snuff by next month - heads up, I'm doing a virtual party for my birthday~!

  3. Life sure does get in the way sometimes while we're busy doing other things. I think it's suppose to teach us resilience...something like that. ;) I love what Helga says above too about being hard on ourselves and I was just in the planning of a post on this very subject. I'm vowing to "let go" more next year and just let things happen without too much expectation. Now I need a drinkie poo!

    You're lookin' richly gorgeous again Amber. I love charcoal gray so much. The color of stone, strength, earth, got it!

  4. You are the best poser, as in model! Look at that second photo especially. You reek of svelte coolness and beauty. Sleep, so wonderful. I hope you have a fantastic new year, Amber.

  5. Sometimes you just have to take what comes, deal with the urgent stuff, and everything else has to wait. Not much fun, admittedly, but necessary. Hope the car and the teeth are fixed, and the sleep was restorative.
    You look chic and elegant in grey and red, Amber, I love the flower buttons on the jacket, and your additions of the scarf and cicada brooch. What's the problem with the polka dot tights, they look great! I'm sticking up for them!
    I always reckon starting is the hardest part of a process for me. Once I am on my way, I trundle along reasonably enough. Getting going... there's my trouble. Hope the new year sees you getting started on the things you want to do, even if that's accepting doing less! xxxxxxxxx

  6. So many lovely pieces in this outfit I don't know where to start. I love your adorable jacket with that fabulous brooch. The belt and scarf are stunning, and I really like how you added the polka dot tights to complete the whole look.

  7. Immediately what came to MY mind when I first saw this outfit was: a)"Let's go to church", b)"Let's go to tea", c)"Hell,let's have a brewski and toast the new year and all of our well-intended resolutions!" "C" wins out everytime! and BTW....I am not a polka dot lover EXCEPT on other people! <3

  8. What a super outfit! The jacket is formidable! I think the polka dots add an insouciant, whimsical touch, as do the read shoes.

  9. Dental *and* car troubles in one month is really too irksome. Glad you can rest and hibernate some. I too struggle with not "accomplishing" all the time, and need to let go, be more like my cats: "I think I shall accomplish a nap now." Fabulous outfit, I think the tights with the dots are really cool!

  10. I believe in easy resolutions, like "I will paint my toenails once a month" - lol, a true one from me a few years ago. I hope you are kind to yourself and enjoy the happy moments.

    Love the jacket - the collar is adorable, and of course, I was drawn to the buttons and the lovely cicada. I like the dotted tights as well.

  11. Sounds a very good idea to let go of the unrealistic expectations and just enjoy the holidays! You're looking very stylish and graceful in that beautiful outfit Amber, I love the red touches and the gorgeous brooch. Wishing you a very happy New Year and a fulfilling 2013 to come!

  12. Amber I hear you on the sleep. I finally started sleeping this year and I liked it too much. I am being forced out of bed many times now and it was not like this ever before. Times change. So good to see you again, you look beautiful. I bet even in PJ's. :-)

  13. That insect pin is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year!


  14. I've been tired and sleeping more lately too. Maybe it is the time of year that makes me tired with the majority of the day in darkness.
    You look fabulous in gray with the burgundy touches. The buttons were the first thing I noticed and oh how pretty they are.
    Happy New Year to you and Beary!

  15. I am really liking the polka dot tights. Your shoes always make me drool.

  16. I hope your rebalancing has been successful my dear. I wish you a joyous New Year!

  17. Grey is great. That jacket is great. You are epic. Happy New Years, dear Amber. Get your rest- come back charged! the Citizen Rosebud

  18. I love the buttons! They make all the difference.

    The thing about lists is that they are constantly evolving, and therefore, they are never completely finished. The things that are important will eventually get done, and all manner of things shall be well (to quote Julian of Norwich).

    Best wishes in 2013!

  19. Combining gray with polkadots and your cool hairstyle works great, and of course you should listen to your body when it wants rest.

  20. I feel like the polkadots pull everything together! Love it.

  21. That is a great jacket.

    We all need rest some times. I don't know if you have had this experience, but I find one of the most striking things about getting older is a reduced capacity to hurry well.

    Hope the New Year treats you with kindness.

  22. I love this look amazing! The polka dots are the perfect touch and I always love your pictures. Have a joyous New Year celebration.

  23. Amen, blogger sister....The to-do list I started the holidays with has mostly remained untouched, as sleep, and doing nothing took priority. I am sorry we didn't get to hang out, but that will be something to look forward to in 2013. Heres to more awesome outfits, more adventures, more laughter, and good stories, and not beating ourselves up for what we didn't get done - cheers!

  24. Expectations that is what I spend two hours discussing with my 91 year old mother yesterday. She has a lot for her family....
    I love the elegance of grey in this outfit. Cicada pin reminds me of the tons of them we had a few years back. There is a relationship with the amount of sunlight to the moods and level of fatigue we feel. I know I fall prey to it too. Hope you have a happy new year in 2013.

  25. Wow, photos in reserve for just such an occasion. Now that's what I call forward planning. Very impressive in all ways. cars and teeth, can't live with them, can't live without them. heehee. I dread having to fix both and it always seems to be on an emergency basis. Enjoy sleeping, sleep like a cat, whenever and wherever it pleases you. luxuriate. Til next year, then.

  26. So sorry that you had the interruptions of car trouble and dental work, but so happy that you are on my New Year's Day screen in polka dot tights and brilliant red shoes. A festive greeting to 2013! But then you are always a festive greeting, with your gorgeous photos and thoughtful commentary. Happy New Year Amber!

  27. Very simply, I think you are ALWAYS splendid. I hope the nagging stuff abates. As far as overdressed? You look amazing in anything you choose, over/under/up/down!!!!! I love it all. Happy New Year. XXOO

  28. Love the polka dot tights! and red shoes~
    Happy New year~

  29. What a gorgeous cicada brooch! I love your combinations, always so imaginative. I never worry about being overdressed, as I have no casual style. Everything I wear I could wear to anything.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from


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