Monday, 24 December 2012

Cigarettes and Toads

Cheers to those who are farther from their loved ones than they'd like. Une femme has my other favourite Christmas song for you, Megan Mae shares her kittens, and Joni offers a poem. Judith embodies the flow of radiance in sun on snow. And now here are some giant pants: 

polka-dot Western shirt with contrast stitching and snaps: Ariat, Cavender's
stupendous high-waisted wide-leg pants: Spiegel
adjustable belt: Cleo, thrifted
patent shoes with piping and button: Fioni, Payless

Since there can never be enough giant pants, I also encourage you to tap into the motherlode right here via this Tumblr: Giant Pants of the '30s. So awesome, eh?

This outfit has a bunch more of my favourite things - shiny snaps, contrast stitching, polka dots, and piping - it was seriously so much fun to wear, what with all the sashaying and slouching and big flapping steps.

Over the years I've assembled a bunch of looks incorporating Western and retro details - I'd say these boots started it all, and now lookit (plus there are a couple more pairs yet to be blogged, eep!) - today's ensemble has the most in common with those in the posts Dark and Linty Heart and Grit and Mettle

Do you have style themes you're drawn to 
and it's not even like you're doing it on purpose? 

I must tell you that choosing a belt for this was a challenge - I have one with a black-and-white rectangular buckle (my matchy heart goes pitter-pat), and several with oval closures, but all of them teamed up with the shirt pocket "eyes" to become a "mouth." 

You can't un-see it now either, can you?

In case that didn't jolly you sufficiently, did you know that Complete Control by The Clash is a holiday tune? It's my favourite:

There. That's better.


  1. Merry Christmas, Amber!

    I'm also drawn to the Western/cowgirl look - you'll be seeing some suede fringe next month!

    I used to have very similar shoes to those.

  2. Ah, the swishy pants are calling my name! I had a few great pair, then gave them away because (get this) I thought I was "too old" for them. Well, I am re-buying them. You look smashing, I love the combination of Western shirt and grand trousers. cool heels too!

  3. Oh, the big pants, they are wonderful! And I love the "40's cowgirl" vibe of the shirt and the matchy-ness of it all. I'm glad you enjoyed The Waitresses! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.

  4. Hooray for Giant Pants!!! Awesome outfit, full of swish and swagger. I find myself drawn to punk-looks and the 80's, but try not to go full on with any one particular theme. My friend Melinda of the Sentimentalist loves the cowgirl style - I think the two of you would get along ;) Merry Christmas Amber, hope to see you over the holidays!

  5. Yaay! Giant pants! I find myself theme dressing all the time. I'm drawn to many different styles and influences, and rarely force myself one way or another.

    Hope you're having a very happy Christmas.

    I do really love matchy matchy!

  6. Gah, I CAN'T unsee it now!!! Dang!
    These pants are amazing! Very gaucho! I love polka dots and top stitching and black and, I haven't worn black and white for AGES!
    Funny, we're at the end of chrissy day now...and you're all about to star! Weird.
    Have a grand time,gorgeous! XXX

  7. Amber, Great outfit. Polka dots, palazzo pants, contrast piping, shiny snaps...these too are a few of my favourite things! I can see how you would get your sashay on when wearing these amazing pants. Thanks for always adding some humour to your posts. I really enjoy reading about you and the chicks.

  8. You look so groovy, it's as though you could start tap dancing at any moment! You can tell you had fun putting it all together. Happy holiday. Oh, I always seem drawn to kimono.

  9. I actually think about giant pants All The Time. Thanks for the tumblr link. Happy fashionable holidays to you, Amber.

  10. Those trousers must be the best ones I have ever seen.
    Thank you for the present of your inspiration, Amber.
    Merry Christmas.

  11. Giant pants are the best!! Love you much. XXOO

  12. Living in Wichita one cannot not be influenced by Western wear. I've had the cowgirl jones since I was a very little girl.
    You look wonderful in thsi outfit. I like it top to bottom!

  13. Love your outfit-monochromatic yet with so many intersting details.
    I love the pants of the 30's & 40's-so elegant and flattering!

  14. Like you I'm a massive fan of big pants, and those look soooo gorgeous on you! I'm thinking Katharine Hepburn in her prime! Love the wonderful shoes too. What a lovely and unusual Christmas outfit. Hope you had a very happy Christmas, here's to a great 2013 to come...

  15. GASP!! I love those shoes!! Love that buckle and strap. Very elegant and fun! And what pantlegs!! My my. But those are some big pantlegs you have my dear!! I agree with another commenter about your ability to pull in details: you do monochromatic better than anyone!!! You can take one color head to toe and make it pop with interesting details!

    xoxo Lynn

  16. You inspire me to look for the giant pants in my closet. I know I have several, but sometimes I need to see someone like you wear them to the nines to remind me of how wonderful they are. With all of your fine details and the shoes with fishnets. Thank you for the mention as we stroll through the season, engaging in parallel play.

  17. That is so funny, no I cant unsee it now ha ha! But I like it reminds me of Shaparelli! The giant pants are incredible going to check out that Tumblr xx

  18. Oooh, I love your giant pants!! I have one pair of wide legged pants and I love the fluidity and smooth feel when I wear them but I have a hard time styling them because my shoulders are narrow. Classic pear shape!
    You always look so rich Amber! Happy New Year coming up!

  19. You look amazing, giant pants rule! And no, I can't unsee the face now, but I like it!
    Love all the clever textures and details and the monochrome 1930s chic of it all.
    Hope you had a good Christmas with your Beary and your darling hens, Amber. xxx

  20. That is the type of giant pants I've been craving for a long time!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that all is well :)

  21. Hope you are having a wonderful and safe holiday. I love that western top paired with those wide legged pants. You look fabulous.

  22. Ah, Amber you are a feast- and not just for the eyes! I LOL'd when the mouth of the belt showed itself. I love the retro/western flavor of the outfit- and can't help but appreciate how normally pilazzo pants are styled differently but you made yours fit for a Rodeo Queen~

    Wishing you a splendiforous New Years!

  23. Gaaaah, I missed this one. You are a vision in these pants. I have a pair, similar, but must be careful with them in the wind because they tangle between my legs. This is really a smashing outfit!!

  24. Oh this is fabulous! I love the trousers!!

  25. Amber you look so incredibly tall and elegant in those flowing, gorgeous pants.

    I know that I'm repeatedly drawn to sheath dresses - and possibly unintentionally dressing like a little girl sometimes. I think it's because I loved my dresses, tights, and Mary Janes in elementary school.


Thank you for your comments!
- Amber