Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Tuesday's colour for Megan and Keely's Fall Fashion Challenge is wine, which has always been a favourite of mine. Here is another go-to work outfit, and until writing this post, I hadn't thought about how long I've had some of what I'm wearing.  

glasses: Oakley (second pair of same frame, since '02-03)
earrings: Lollapalooza vendor, early '90s
burnout velvet scarf: can't recall
antique bird pin: a gift from my mother
wool overcoat / blazer: Ports International, Winners, late '90s

I don't wear this overcoat much anymore, but it was my most-worn for many-many years, with its interesting seaming (which you will have to take my word for) and perfect weight wool. It is too big, which used to bother me even less than it does now, and the lining is falling apart, but I brought it out because it is still my favourite way to wear this pin: 

The marvellous Susan at Une femme d'un certain age has invited us to Show Me The Brooches, and this one is especially close to my heart. I'd guess I've had it since the late '90s as well. 

Okay, I'm running out of poses - not that I had many to begin with - and besides being head-over-heels inspired by Miz Bagg's new project, VOGOFF Magazine, I was ready for a good stretch. 

silver and mother-of-pearl teardrop necklace: a gift from my mother, detail here
blouse: Fred David, Giant Tiger, worn here
burgundy suede skirt: Danier Leather (early '90s)
shorty cowboy boots: WalM*rt, last worn here

I remember wearing this skirt when I signed the lease for my first apartment on my own in Toronto towards the end of my undergraduate studies. Though I'm very glad to be with Beary now, I loved living by myself, it was awesome. Is that something you've had the chance to do? Did you love it too? 

I tried out a bunch of different footwear options because I've been wearing these boots a lot lately, but still came back to 'em. 

Thinking on the solid consistency of my tastes and preferences over time, I remembered another high-school-era photo in which I'm wearing a very similar outfit to today's - coloured suede skirt with black top and boots, bunch of gewgaws on my left wrist. Though not at its most profound amplitude, my '80s hair was definitely happenin', and I've included the photo below the jump. 

scarf details - my skirt appears raspberry here, but the colour is more accurate in the full-length shots

See you soon, my pumpkins, with Wednesday's colour, pumpkin! Or, in my case, "pumpkin." 

1987, age 16, receiving an art award or honour roll certificate
giant '80s 'do
naturally-ghostly pale complexion, back then further enhanced with makeup 
black turtleneck
left wrist loaded with watch & bracelets
brown suede skirt
tights & black pointy boots


  1. Beautiful scarf. Lovely outfit. Why don't I ever see people like you walking down my street?
    ps Niiiiiiiiice stretch!

  2. I love this outfit. You layer so perfectly. And that scarf is just gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful outfit.
    I like brooches. i often use them because i wear a headscarf.

    XO Arezu

  4. Beautiful brooch, I have a box of treasured old brooches which I really should get out more often x

  5. BIG 80s HAIR! It was the law to have that hair do! I did too, because I am very law abiding...
    What a beautiful scarf and skirt, I love them, but I am really ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your jewellery, mostly that brooch. You have some wonderful pieces.
    I lived alone for several years, and most of the time I really loved it. I didn't like being ill on my own, that was hard, and I sometimes got tired of bearing the responsibility for the upkeep of the property on my own, but ither than that I found it a great experience. Everyone should try it, I think! xxxx

  6. The burgundy skirt is perfection with black accessories. Suede is my newest obsession. Sheila introduced me to Danier and I am definitely a fan!

    I love how your look, though updated, still works.

  7. The only time I was "on my own" I had two small children. So I guess that doesn't really count. I love my alone time, and actively try to make sure I get it. It's difficult because both hubby and I work from home. He loves an audience for all his creative endeavors, whereas I like to think my own thoughts uninterrupted. Sometimes that's a conflict of interest.

    I adore the older pictures and hope you keep posting them as well. Your Walmart booties go with everything!!!! Maybe when they give up the ghost, you'll be able to upgrade with a similar version. i've never worn brooches, although I love the name!! It sounds so much better than "pins". I must investigate the style potential.

    Lastly, I'm with you; it's time to STRETCH!!!

  8. Yeah, baby, you rock the '80s hair for sure. Based on your artful poses you are definitely Vogoff material. Our people will be in touch.

    Your bird is lovely. I like how items of clothing can be such strong memory triggers - if it's a good memory. I have come across a piece recently, not so good, and a centipede scurried out from the folds (it had been stored in a barn) - as I thought, a portal to hell.

  9. I love your face close up, and that wonderful bird.
    You are so unique, my dear Amber.

  10. Hey, Amber! I love the close-up too. Beautiful! Girl, that pin is rockin! I love that!!! I love the whole outfit. Isn't it fun to go back and see what we looked like way back when? I'll have to dig something out of moi. Ha ha!! I have one that probably no one would even believe. And yes, living alone. I had one year in a bright white, newly painted apartment, where everything worked, there was plenty of space... One year. I am so happy with the Mr. now, but that year of solitude was a year of "just breathe" for me. It was a huge turning point.


  11. That brooch is another winner (not winer..). Your Mom has (had?) beautiful taste in jewellery. I have lived by myself for the last 20 years, and find it to be the situation that works best for me. I have had serious relationships during that time but I've never wanted to live with any of them. Probably stems from so much time spent alone as an only child with two working parents!

  12. Your big bird brooch is beautiful. You know you could reline your coat if it's a loved one, or just mend it with fun fabrics and/or colors of thread.

    Yea, I lived on my own from 25 to 40 and it was always great - during grad school, many, many apartments, moving across state, traveling, grad school again. And I love being married too. Especially at an older age, and having enough space so we can each get lost in our own creative endeavors, and then come back together again.

  13. Amber, there must have been a period in the 80s when you and I had the same hair style, at least from the back. I had long permed hair that I'd poof up as much as possible. An Irish friend called me, "Big Har" :P

    You look so elegant, and I love the unusual pin. Almost all of my brooches are decades old, some of them likely in their 70s and 80s are older, from relatives. I need to figure out a way to work them into my wardrobe more frequently.

    With those poses, you are sure to get the cover of VOGOFF!


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- Amber