Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Big Turq

I'm late for Megan and Keely's Fashion Challenge! Wait! Wait for meee! 
I'm still on Monday's colour, teal. I'd probably call this cerulean, hot blue, or turquoise - my idea of teal has more green and brown in it - but I'm also calling it "close enough" for Fashion Challenge purposes. You will be seeing plenty of "close enough" colours here this week.  

scarf: gift form The Divine Aunt M, last worn here, see also here
coat: Point Zero, local discount / overstock store (off-season score couple years ago, $35)
sleeveless grey shift dress: Joe Fresh
grey/black mini checkerboard tights: Calvin Klein, outlet store
shoes: Fluevog Mini Dollface, last worn here

Bell sleeves make me so happy. 
Why don't more garments have them? 

cracking up - couldn't decide what to do with my hands as the timer ran out

I also love this coat because a couple of layers fit underneath. The construction is exceptional - except for the buttons pulling hard on the woven fabric. 

wrist stuff: detailed here

I've got thread and backer buttons ready to go and have promise-promise-promised myself to attend to it before I wear it again, but my mending pile and I - well, I guess we do see about eye to eye, given how tall it is. Hmm.

jacket: George, thrifted (shh, I know)

Not one of my body's preferred silhouettes, but I do not care about 'figure flattery' every day, and the last thing this outfit needs is a belt. I like this dress a lot - it's lined heavyweight stretchy jersey, super-comfy, and well-seamed. 

necklace: thrifted bracelets, likely a necklace to begin with, DIY re-strung

Stay tuned for a fall colour-themed post pile-up! In the meantime, check out the other participants who have their acts way more together and are already on the correct day. Big love to my new (AND less-new) readers, followers, and commenters - y'all turn a tough and scary lady right into melty mush.


  1. I do love the color and texture of that jacket! Mending? Qu'est-ce que c'est? I never can seem to get around to it....

  2. Whatever colour the jacket is I like it, and it goes so well with the shoes and the dress and the scarf. I really like this outfit.

  3. I call that teal, so you've ticked the first colour on your challenge list, Amber! I agree, the sleeves are a delightful shape. Interesting sleeves make me very happy.
    You look smart and elegant and warm and stylish and then bam! the red scarf and amazing shoes add some extra funk! Love the close up of the textured tights too.
    I have a coat with buttons that pull a bit too, backer buttons is a really good idea. But also like you, I have a BIG mending/alteration pile, and more hems to fix than I can shake a needle at... Boo.
    Looking forward to seeing you rocking the rest of the colours this week. xxxxx

  4. Fabulous colour mix, Amber! I love the Dollface shoes with this look.

  5. Your coat is so fab, it makes me miss the cold, really! Wonderful color and texture mix, and of course, the shoes to rule it all : >

  6. You completely rocked teal, Amber. I love the gray jacket and dress together, with the super bright statement necklace. Definitely looks like something I'd wear and already own, so I'll be copying you shamelessly soon :P

  7. Whoa! That red necklace is definately "King of the Castle". I can imagine it beating up your other jewellery. LOVE IT!

    Gotta go check out the Fall Fashion Challenge.

    Love from England,
    Rosemary of www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

  8. Fabulous! Love the blues and reds and the squares and checks and all the textures. Gorgeous!


  10. The coat is gorgeous! And perfect way to bring more color into your outfit. Also I may be drooling a bit over the Fluevogs... I've really had some rotten luck trying to buy a new pair of Vogs, however I may have just found an ebay seller in Amsterdam selling off Trippens at good prices and maaaay be buying some!

    While everyone is catching up with posting - I'm trying to catch up with reading all these fabulous posts.

  11. Oh, my do I love your coat! Adorable! And shoes...fabulous!

  12. Wow the teal coat is perfection! :) oh no I cant bare another pair of fluevogs, I want them soooo bad!!! :)


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- Amber