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Monday, 17 December 2012

Horse With No Name

Thank you to everyone who weighed in on my last post - I love how your comments broaden our conversations. Y'all are so smart and thoughtful! 

And guess what, you guys - I learned a scarf tie. Though my "How To" bookmark list is crammed with scarf-tying tutorials languishing and gathering dust, this video for the Four Corners Cowboy Knot (h/t Sal) is sufficiently adorable and hilarious that I could watch the requisite million times it took to get it done. 

This knot worked especially well for my triangular beaded scarf, which can be draped any number of effective ways - but in the past, try as I might to arrange it with only the soft bits contacting skin, I found the beads to be a quick road to Scratchy City. Of course I've already forgotten how to tie it, but it stayed put over a very long day and the beading was much less of an issue, yay! 

beaded burnout velvet scarf: Lupita's (Harlingen, TX)
buttonflowers: Megan Mae Designs
"I love it when Mr. Cicada says REEEEEE" pin: beanforest, etsy

Okay, it wasn't hot enough for cicadas, but bare knees in December? Perhaps a lingering numbness below the waist is a remnant of Catholic-school-uniform winter survival. Kind of the point, isn't it. In any case, this was a gorgeously sunny and mild jewel of a day. 

green-eyed flat cat socks: Zellers (7-8 years old)

Trying to self-portrait the backs of your legs is humorously awkward - 
I highly recommend it.  

cape: Utex Design, Winners (turn of the century)
denim shirt dress: Bluenotes, thrifted
skirt: Joe Fresh, last worn here with same boots
fabulous cowboy boots: Brown's I.D, Holt Renfrew (2005), legend here

Like my awesome bell-sleeved turquoise coat, this cape is retrieved from Mending Mountain and something I always promise-promise-promise myself to fix before wearing again. It needs reinforcing at the button, and I will give you three guesses as to where it is right this minute. 

excellent for twirling, dashing, and crusading

I remember lending it to my grandma - she was freezing, but stubbornly refused a blanket as beneath her dignity. I personally have no such reservations (as documented in the blanket-head picture of me at the park during wedding photos), but her glad acceptance of my cape that day remains a warm spot right here. 

Sunshine or no, I hope you're keeping warm too - by whatever means necessary, because it might as well be fun. See you over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday!