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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Grit and Mettle

You know that the forces of Chaos are strong in you when you find yourself stranded at a small-town bar with a sick chicken and it's not even noon. And you can't just pull up a stool because they really-really need you at work in 15 minutes. This happened to me yesterday. 

Who would you have called? 

Western shirt: Susan Graver Style, thrifted
obi belt: Elizabeth Kelly London, etsy, last worn here
skirt: Joe Fresh
tights: Calvin Klein, outlet store
Browns I.D., Holt Renfrew, last worn here, story here

Luckily, the world has some extremely kind-hearted people in it, including ones who also laugh at me even as they are "helping." Though I didn't make it to work on time, I did eventually get there, and the only other wrench in the works was that I forgot my lunch - but wouldn't have had time to eat it anyway. 

scarf: Gabii (Texas), last worn here
denim jacket: Bluepower, last worn here

trench coat: Bebe, My Habit, last worn here

Turns out that our feathered girlie-girl, Maryjane Frystack, likes shiny things - her mid-digestive system was impacted with grit and tiny bits of metal. She needs some labour-intensive care (with the hope that we can encourage it to pass), and if the next few days do not turn out well, at least I can know in my heart that I have done what I can for her. Thanks again for your good thoughts. 

articulated cicada pin: Ricky Boscarino of Luna Parc
Self-chosen 40th birthday gift - I associate my birthday with the sound of their singing, and as a child collected their discarded exoskeletons. Cicada re-birth / transformation / life-cycle journey symbolism has taken on even greater personal meaning in recent years. 

Hardcore hen-tending is the tip of the iceberg of things on my plate at the moment, and I am already missing posting frequently, responding to comments, greeting new commenters individually (Hi!!! Thank you!), and especially commenting on your blogs. 

Know that I'm not far away, will be back around as I am able, and that I'm thinking of y'all with such appreciation in the meantime. 

I hated to miss Visible Monday this week, but I'm linking up to Show Us The Brooches! over at Une femme d'un certain age. Hooray! As is usual, I couldn't choose a favourite, because they are ALL my favourites! Links back to original posts with details below.