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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chicken of the Sea

Today's outfit had to function in both the Subterranean Arctic Chill of my office's air conditioning and the actual heat outdoors. I was also happy to don this dress in anticipation of Sheila's upcoming Dress Week of Horrors! celebration over at Ephemera while I figure out my one dress to submit. Which do you think is the scariest so far? 

scarf: Gabii, TX near border to Progreso
dress: Jacob, thrifted, $10
brown belt: thrifted
fish belt: a gift from my mother
flip flops: Joe Fresh

boat neck
I am so comfortable in this dress, with its smooth, matte, quality-weight fabric and perfect fit. It doesn't even have Isadora Duncan tendencies near the wheels of my desk chair! 

This belt is one of my FAVOURITE favourite things - I do still have the missing 6th fish, a little gold one. Yay! 

I did end up using every combination of my layers today - just scarf, just sweater, both, and neither. I've had this sweater for years and years - it was a precursor to the now-ubquitous waterfall cardigan, and is essentially a very long semi-sheer loosely-woven rectangle with sleeves in it. I just fling the one end over my shoulder and can temperature-adjust from there.

net sweater: Le Chateau 

Don't tell anyone, but it's also kind of like a mini-Slanket/Snuggie. I messed with this last picture so you could see what it's about instead of just a black blob with a head hands, and feet. 

Wishing y'all well in your casting and catching, as you navigate depths and shallows - ease with the flow.