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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fun With Fun Fur

Thanks for your kind responses to my last post - I'm finally feeling better, but slow to get back up to speed. In addition to kindness, lately I am the grateful recipient of so much patience and good humour. 

vintage grey leather coat: Derbers Voco Leather-Fashions, Netty Vintage, worn here
bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction, shown here
vintage brown fun fur maxi skirt: handmade / no label, Netty Vintage
shoes: Fluevog Pindown Farrah

watch and bracelets: details here
burnout velvet scarf: gift from my best friend, Wales

I initially left this skirt behind in the shop, because how many places can you wear a brown fun fur maxi skirt? Turns out it's entirely practical - my office is cold, this outfit was also excellent on a long day with lots of car travel time (no bunching, yay!), plus it's one of those fantastically funny garments that secretly crack me up the whole time I'm wearing them. Perfect.

I'm glad it waited for me after all. How can the world not be a good place when there has been a person in it who made this skirt? 

I am also very glad to find people going about personal style in similar ways - the hilarious WendyB and her crazy-legs boots, Mrs. D and her new "totally inappropriate looks for the office" series, and Sheila, who just might be as klutzy as me but doesn't let that stop her from being fabulous. 

In my most recent mishap, another highly public episode though fortunately not involving blood or fire, I upset a shelf in the pet store - the one displaying stacked containers of 500 live mealworms. Being a magnet for that kind of thing sometimes has me moving through the world very carefully, which of course makes it worse. For the tightrope-walking days, this get-up works well with these boots too.

rectangular ring: consignment, worn here

Without others' kindness and patience and humour, rather than just cringing a bit, I'd surely be incapacitated by my desperate awkwardness. This week as I've travelled outside my areas of expertise and greatest competence, I have a particular appreciation for the encouragement of highly accomplished people who have retained their generosity toward the still-learning. 

leather and silver teardrops necklace: Gabii's (Progreso, TX), detail here

Sometimes one must simply zip on a fun fur maxi skirt and give'r, eh? I'm off to have a go at linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, ideally without tripping, spilling, or breaking anything on the way.

P.S. too late - just smashed a glass into the dishwater, lol.
*tiptoes through rest of day*

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Blanket Statement

Thank you all so much for visiting, reading, and following! I've got a logjam of outfits I've worn and photographed, so the next few posts may be brief. Or just as likely not, but one can hope. 

This was a snowy day, and I put on some more really old things and layered outerwear. It's all stuff I've had for ages, but haven't combined before. 

wool hat: The Snow Lion / Tibet Shop, late '80s, last worn here
black fun fur jacket: MBasics, Mariposa, early 2000s
olive wool cape: Dem Hats by Lou, a gift from my mother (~15 years ago)
striped wool wrap skirt: Daniel Hechter, Fairweather, mid 90s
thermal leggings: Elita, Sears

shorty cowboy boots: Rudy2, WalM*rt, last worn here

Just about everything I'm wearing has been on the "donation" chopping block at some point 
- but I find myself glad to still have them. 

The green cape which I've lately been keeping at work for when my desk-drawer-stashed merino wool wrap isn't enough (and which goes perfectly with the dress Beary got me for Christmas), light wool sweater with sweet button closure, and the skirt I remember from my undergrad studies. 

black collared shirt: Fred David, Giant Tiger, last worn here
wool pullover with shoulder buttons: Tristan and Iseult, outlet store, early 2000s
ancient camel bell necklace: last worn here

Oddly, a lady at my current workplace has the exact same skirt. The fun fur jacket takes up a lot of space for how infrequently I wear it, but it appeals to my sense of humour.

The problem with developing my outfit-creation skills is that it becomes even more difficult to let go of things as I keep discovering new ways to wear them. 

I have few regrets but no closet space.