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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Absurd Is The Word

*** WARNING: fashion blogger made chatty by cold remedies. Regularly-scheduled mostly-outfit posts will resume shortly***

So the amazing Wendy Brandes has written an article and a blog post about wedge sneakers, her blog post featuring the phrase "a woman in her 40's" in relation to this trend and other things. Taken together with her philosophy of "Never is the next new thing (tm)," I was compelled to revisit what in the heck happened to me this spring when I suddenly ended up with not one but two pairs of these things.

I first thought it mostly had to do with coming across them on clearance (75% off) and at a thrift store for $9 (the latter pair being just the thing to summer-ize a favourite outfit while simultaneously satisfying the matchy itch in a not-so-secret corner of my brain). However, that didn't fully explain the shift in me from "Oh dear!", "Ew!" and / or "Nooooo!" to "Interesting shape!" "Try 'em on for the heck of it!" and "Coming home with me!"

scarf: Charming Charlie
sleeveless trench coat dress: 
Cynthia Rowley, Marshall's
chicken: egg
t-shirt and skirt: Joe Fresh
wedge sneakers: thrifted

a sleeveless trench coat may be as pointless and non-
functional a garment as wedge sneakers,
but I couldn't argue with the back detailing. 
What happened to make the very kinds of absurdity which so repelled me in the past now freely available to me to enjoy as I please?

The sweet relief of not needing to take myself so seriously.

A greater disregard for being judged as caring too much about appearance: a ridiculous judgement, really, considering all of the effortful, boring, repetitive, painful, and expensive labour which often goes into performing that which we assign to "femininity" - and about which we must also apparently perform a certain nonchalance.  

I felt pretty neutral about turning 40, it didn't seem like such a big deal. I had a really fun party, to which everyone wore a unibrow.

Sometimes changes are subtle, like a bit of chill on the breeze. Other times they are unmistakable and joyfully absurd, like wedge sneakers, or chickens.

There is this idea, and please please please tell me if you know its source because I so wish I could attribute it properly. Was it Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes? Jane Fonda? The Style Crone? They said, specifically of women, that it is a good thing  we continue to grow in courage and wisdom as we age, because each stage of our lives will demand more of these things than the one before.

Does your experience bear this out?

I am bleary with a summer cold, and glad I did my photos of today's outfit yesterday, because now my nose is even sadder and redder. I most wanted to wear my new Fluevog Guides with the trench coat dress, but needed to talk about wedge sneakers first, as Wendy B has put a call out for pictures of bloggers wearing them and I haven't been blogging long enough to have any pictures on hand to send. I figured that if Sheila can wait until next month's capsule to wear her new Fluevogs, well, I can wait a couple of days.
hair: DIY
glasses: Oakley
earrings: Lollapalooza vendor, early '90s
necklace and amber pendant: Lando's, Progreso, Mexico

What was it about the early '90's that my earrings and
wrist-wear have remained constant since?
Something in me fixed in place?
A bit of my heart left behind? 
A bonus fall preview outfit to show you my other sneakers.
sweater: Gianni Bini, Dillard's
necklace: Tradewinds (local shop)another chicken: another egg
shirt: Cotton Ginny Plus (ancient)
pants: Dalia Sport, Winners (10 years ago)
wedge sneakers: Gianni Bini, Dillard's 
These are two of our seven hens. Poor Maryjane Frystack's foot needed tending, but it looked much better today when we changed the bandage. Though they may disagree as to quantity, all fowl models were generously compensated for their labour with sunflower seeds. 

A distinct advantage of doing outfit photos in just a few minutes - before or after work or at lunch, and without animal friends - is not ending up with too many photos to choose from! Out-takes are below the jump. I hope everyone is well, and thanks for listening! 

See you over at Patti's for Visible Monday